Process: Mad as a Hatter

hello all! i finally finished this bitch,

it all started with a costume that Nina made for me for Purim, it came out AMAZING! see it here
so it got me thinking! why not make something out of it!? i’ll post in a while some of Nina’s work, one day she’ll be a great fashion designer, that girl has it going on!

some people asked me how i paint things so i thought i’d start by showing you first not a painting but a photo manip/mixed media. a lot of people don’t understand that i don’t always paint, some stuff is actually photos that are mixed with paint and what not, click the image for a larger view.

i loved Depp as the hatter and i loved his looks and i thought about making a fan art of it, but i wanted it to come with a twist so, i hope it’s fucking twisted enough!the background was already prepared actually from a different pic i made for a contest which i didn’t win because they are sons of bitches.

to make this vid was a pain in the ass and i hope i managed to keep a good quality of picture for you to see, if you have any questions just ask.