Progress, hairline and art!

So another month went by and some stuff is moving!! Can’t talk about it, sorry.

Monster high Electrified. i wish i could take credit for this design

Question, do you know about “Monster high”? Oh, do you remember when “Bratz” were all the rage and then they suddenly disappeared? My hunch is that whomever made that brand was sued by Barbie or someone and they had to reboot the franchise… so. “Monster high” was created. I’m a huge fan. I saw all the webisodes i saw all the movies.. i think i saw all of them at least. The last one i saw was from 2017 called Electrified. I loved it and their 3d really improved i have to say. I loved the new designs. Why am i blabbing about it? I want somehow in the future that they will make Alice dolls. People remake Monster high dolls into Alice dolls anyway. We can’t actually do it now, something legal something but i wish this will magically happen.

Botanical Garden, Denial realm. Joey’s work with my tweaking

I’ve been working with Norman, jennifer, joey and Alex to make the best art we can for Alice and we almost got Denial down. We have the locations but maybe some new locations will get added, like Madame Pricilla’s oracle booth something. I can’t stop my head going to Pricilla the queen of the desert movie. 

priscilla the queen of the desert

Things are going well and i hope that everyone on board is happy with our results, i just try to sync everyone. I’m painting! I bought new brushes two days ago and I found out that for all these years i was using the wrong brushes for oils! No one ever corrected me although I always asked in stores “does this fit oils” and whoiula! Painting is much faster and cleaner! I got some new designs i need to tweak before painting them… but this series will, i think, be my best work yet.

Btw i am creating another project, a photography project but until it’s not exhibited in a proper gallery no one will see it. Including online anywhere. Next week i’m going to get my hairline done, my hairline is heart shaped, i’m going to get a hair transplant to make it square. It’s in Istanbul, never visited there…. I don’t.. i prefer to visit somewhere else for a vacation but it’s not a vacay it’s getting shit done to my face trip!

Left – Before understanding the “world” right – After tweaking.

Not my first time going to the dr, had my eyesight fixed, nose done, i had braces for 4 years. Acne until i was 28, so lots and lots of money went to taking care of my skin and getting rid of acne scars. I got some injections in my cheeks- i lost a lot of weight and they looked deflated, so I bounced them back. When my hair wad long it was dyed and chemically relaxed, i’m a curly. Oh and botox on my forehead! So doing stuff to my physic isn’t new But this is the last procedure! Other than that I’ll get a facelift when i’m old but i think that’s it. Getting liposuction on my fat stomach is impractical- it grows back.

So wish me luck and that the turkish people won’t harvest my body for kidneys and lungs. I’ll try to get some photos for next month!