RED + Linkin Park Concert

so you saw my latest Digital pic, RED, the wallpaper itself

so here are some details that you don’t see on the actual wallpaper

now! the model was my cosine Shlomit, she as well modeled for me “Rebirth of Venus”
a.k.a which in this one, i used as much photos as possible, with as less painting, hence the weird look.

and various hands, and body parts, and on RED i tried to make the character look as much like her but it didn’t work! she’s too pretty! sorry coz! i’ll paint your face some other time (:

and on another note, i was yesterday at Linkin Park’s show in Israel and it ROCKED LIKE FUCK!! AAHHH!!! and i was with my Friend Maya and i kept laughing at her for being a Fan-girl, which she IS but not that much and i kept whispering in her ear “OHH KAPSER” in a high pitched voice and she always corrected me “CHESTER! CHESTER!” (the lead singer of LP)

it was fun to bug her while the crowd went totally nuts and everyone pushed, we were at the fifth row, and it was awesome!


the opening band, or how you call it was a rapper, named Kuami or something, which in the show sucked like hell because his lyrics are just so bad, he had this song that he said “wanna go home, home, home” so the crowd yelled bad “GO HOME YOU WANKER!” and in his whole show no one moved, i felt like i’m in a crowd made of candles and after every song the crowd BOOed him and some clapped. it was horrid.

NOW! who IS this guy? play the video, i dare you.

and a taste of LP!!

and i remembered how the Stupid Israeli artist is called!!
Moshe Gersoni with his bad bad bad taste of art, “Soldier! Soldier!”
like WTF is that?
no, really!
wtf is this shit?
oh please people!
don’t call it art.
i don’t.
and i don’t give a crap if that was IT in the 70’s.
signing out, someone with eyes that isn’t afraid of using them!