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Hey! I’ve started sketching more ideas for my oils,

I understood something critical that i just missed for the longest time, I need to sketch MORE in colors. Only now i have a cintiq, so sketching in color is so much simpler. I hated to sketch with the wacom tablet, it wasn’t comfortable.

I decided that i want to sketch things that i just Randomly like, Girls with hats.

sketching, omrikoresh


sketching, omrikoresh

(not done)

sketching, omrikoresh

and I re-vamped the Unicorn-world. I decided i want it current, trendy and fresh.

This is just too Old-school. It reminds me of Legend (1985) I loved the movie but it’s just… things change.

sketching, omrikoresh

It’s so detailed that i’ll might need to go bigger than 1 meter for the painting. I still want to keep things small. it’s easier to sell smaller art and to ship it and to exhibit it in small galleries.

I’ll just keep sketching, i’ll try to update you on paintings and all my process.

Do you have a favorite topic you like to see painted?

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