The technical marvels of M. Hatter… and other machinations

recently i had another interview this time at DZ Magazine at their Nu. 7 edition! SIN!
you can download for PC

SO!.. Howdy y’all! so how have you been doing?? great great! you’d be happy to be informed that American McGee’s Alice is getting another wallpaper named “The technical marvels of M. Hatter”
so how this began? well! there is this Israeli “Artist”… really, so annoying calling them “Artists” … anyway i saw forced to see his lecture in my school and this guy started talking called “Miki Carmi” and this guy is an ArTiStssts and he paints…


simply horrid…. WTF MAN?! so he inspired me to paint the hatter as a protest to show that Norman Felchle is SO MUCH BETTER! because he designed the Hatter!
about the process of this image, i really wanted to thank the people on the AMA forums for suggestions i couldn’t of thought of a proper back without you (:

and in this one i copied the original new concepts of the new AMA game and i do hope they didn’t change the hatter’s design, besides him being creepy it’s just so fucking darn cool he is so grotesque i really love him!

and of course a Zoom in (:

about the future Alice work, i’ll make a Movie made-up poster, (after i’ll make another Vampire Chronicles “Armand & Marius” paint) just because i saw so many ppl doing just that, so i want one too, i’m thinking of the cast on the front and how should it look like and then i remembered the underground comic of AMA and i thought it could be so cool just to copy the front because it has a very good concept and just change it a bit and i saw the 

new Alice Poster and i thought that i could merge them both into something unique and cool and about the poster

i personally didn’t like it so much because it’s too Anime and the characters are SO SMALL like HELLOO?? they are the main fucking thing here and they are tiny?? and WTF with the pink? is it the queen of the Red or Pink hearts? did i miss something? where are her pores? she had them in 2000 so in our time (ten years later!) shouldn’t it be easier to make a cool 3d poster?? i just realised how (sick and perverted i am as well) Old i am.. 😛

and the right is the Comic front of AMA but i didn’t understand why they made the cat look like a dog, he isn’t hairy and has a flat face, how can the designers not notice that!?

and if you want you can make suggestions on the cast, who will be featured on the front, i thought about Daniel Emilfork – Hatter, Alexis Bledel – Alice, Roseanne Barr – Duchess, Miranda Richardson – queen, in the comic it’s hatter, jabberwock and white king or duchess?? not sure yet, but i’m thinking of making it (left to right) Queen of heart, Jabberwock and then hatter, Alice like in the new poster with the wind like the comic and with the cat
behind…. cat not dog. i hope they upgraded the Jabberwock on the new game, his original design is a tad lame.

besides, all is good! just god back from a sex shop, i went with a friend he said he has to see that store because they renovated the store! i tell you they had some huge dildos there.

see ya for now!