That was one CRAZY Yom Kippur!

Religion? really? a book that tells me how to live my life? i don’t need a manual.

i think i’m with that book written by Tora K. Bib so i think i’m suppose to be with the one that’s about that guy that walked on the water, made water to juice? and then split a sea to two and then climbed down a mountain with a brick of some sort and was named muhammad? right?

i told my boss to let me work on the holidays because we don’t celebrate them, when he asked me why i said “because it’s stupid” the truth is actually far more complex, besides being stupid- i’m an atheist, not because i don’t believe in god, but actually because i believe that if there was one he or she- well, maybe more of an “it” or a combination of a “heshit” maybe JEHOVAH! GOD! ALLAH! ELOHIM!… anyway- wouldn’t care less about us. the dinosaurs fell, so will we.

all that praying? all those costumes? remembering all that crap and stupid stories while our preachers and rabbis rape kids? really? why go all that trouble when we perceive the OLD African Tribes or the awesome Native American tribes as barbarians? isn’t circumcision a barbarian ritual? ESPECIALLY THE FEMALE ONE! and in the jewish department- those funny hats and beards? WTF man? why do they all look so duplicated and in here i can’t fucking get married because of those dickwads with my husband? fuck’em.

SO! really? Jewish holidays? really? we didn’t celebrate “Rosh Hashanah” it’s like the Silvester that the whole world celebrates because we try to outlive the cockroaches and we succeeded for another year to our goal! my sister (+ small family)  couldn’t come and we didn’t feel like doing anything so my dad and me ate dinner. 10 minutes -back to work and painting.

so i was surprised my sis+ came for Yom Kippur- according to costumes we are suppose to feast…. ahh… fast for 24 hours and not to drink to make the body “suffer” for our sins so god will be OK with us for showing remorse, so the Christians have Yehosua or as you know him, Jesus, that suffered for his people and we have to do it ourselves, fun.

so this doesn’t mean were ok between ourselves, it’s just between us and GOD.

WWAAAIITTTT!!! who again?

my personal ceremony is to actually EAT as much as i can to show remorse i didn’t eat a lof of junk for the passing year.

anyway my sis+ came and we celebrated “Yom Kippur” which is actually not a holiday were suppose to celebrate and no one in my family really fasts, and personally i’m great with my sins.

i eat too much junk
i take it up the ass
and who ever i pissed off or fucked up- he she it JEHOVAH! probably deserved it. so fuck’em.

and i vote to make the holocaust day into a holiday- really! in all that book? the one with that whale that ate up this guy named.. can’t remember anyway in that book it says constantly

“They tried to kill up and failed- LET’S EAT!”

one has weird ears, one was a pharaoh and there are LOTS more, i can’t believe that jews are still thin! so Hitler tried to kill us and has a weird mustache- we can make squared black candies and make a book to tale the story of the MASSACARE of our PEOPLE through a STUPID BOOK like the rest of that stupid book Tora K. Bib wrote!

now you get i wasn’t serious? if you didn’t now you do.

now you get why i hate those stupid books? if it’s fucking history teach it as history or stories, literature- but not as something that should be stuffed into people’s throat i will never believe what other people will TELL me to believe in.