The last "Hiloni"

Mobile Game

The app was requested by The Gamers for a political party “Green Secular” for the promotion of voting in Tel Aviv. The app is suppose to raise awareness of the religious state of the country and let people remember to whom to vote.  I was given to design the gameplay and to design the UI.


UI design
GamePlay Design
App Brand


Juno Group


3 weeks

Final Design


A low budget, That meant that the tools that I could use were limited. Less particle effects, less everything.  Secondly this app is to raise awareness of the religious state in TLV, so make sure that the message crosses well.


The Message is the priority. Making sure people will vote for this specific political group. Secondly, make it fun!



A metaphor for light.


Repeating concept


Having Fun!

01. Story

I wanted the backdrop dark so when you play the “ball of light” circle will pop out. There are things I wanted to add but- Budget. The idea is the more you vote the better the city becomes.

The segment in the concept is Tel Aviv painted.

02. Over and over

You keep seeing the voting paper, you memorize it and you will know next time what to vote. The levels don’t have the best animation going to and from but I was unable to feedback on those. I was only responsible for the look.

03. having fun!

It’s a cute game, used for a limited time for the voting time. I wanted to make sure it’s on one hand elegant and the other fun for a mobile game. It’s not “cut the rope” I didn’t want to go pastel and childish, it’s not the place. I believe i found the balance.

Final Design

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