Uni Work!

so new stuff on the Uni-shit work!

the first thing that i actually like that i painted for uni is this

this is the process shot, the first is the Digital version, made of pictures, paint and was made roughly to get the overall feel of the finished work, then i project it onto the canvas (with my projector! i have one) and then i trace it and make the acrylic paint and then i cover it up using oil colors, i didn’t try to make this one look so smooth and cool because mainly i wanted it to look like paint and i wanted it to be different from my digital work, here’s the finished work

you can always click the image for a larger picture!

so here’s the finished one, with some of my dirty wall, the concept for this one is that i wanted to show in an interesting way the importance of imagination and the contra work for this will be a copycat work of a stupid israeli artist that i can’t ever remember his name, the work is names “Soldier! Soldier!” and it sucks like hell. like HELLO there is no “Israeli art” there are israeli artists and israeli subjects but who the fuck said who’s israeli or not? what makes a person israeli so his art will be categorized as israeli art? it’s a fucking bogus! it’s a fictional abstract idea!
and about the earlier post, She LOVED it, i have no idea, i presented it in a book, just because it was more comfrtable,
that’s it..
it’s so lame.

this is the sketch for print (above), so not exciting and the left one is suppose to be in a “Gala mala” or “prima luna” something i don’t remember, it’s like painting VERY fast in three layers… ooh… yes.. i feel like i’m getting wet from excitement… o. h. h. h. well, it’s shit and i fucking hate it.
and that circle thing, it’s a present for a friend that i just wanted to show.

well! that’s it for now.

i’m working on a new wallpaper, you’ll see it when it’s done and hopefully use it on your computer because it will be fucking RAD!