Giveaway Promotion, Obsessions and FLM updates



Hey! i’m going to do a promotion for this wondrous blog of mine, i’m doing a small giveaway! IF you are a subscriber you are already IN the contest, so don’t worry.
for the next three weeks i’ll try to get as many people that like me to sign up! and after that i’ll do a random picking of 3 people that will get these cute dolls! Right now we are at 94Subs!
giveaway, sketches, omri koresh

I like these girls, i wanted to make small dolls for myself, just for fun. But than i decided that i love them but i actually…. don’t.. have a place to showcase them. So i’ll let a fan enjoy them!

Obsessions, Oils

Update!! I called the inhouse model Shelly, (Left to right, Shelly, Me and Ofek)

giveaway, sketches, omri koresh, ofek muse art, ofek birenbaum

you are going to love this:

giveaway, sketches, omri koresh

i photographed all the poses i need for the sketches, you’ll get to see everything first and Then i’ll post things on social media. I’m so excited to get these sketches out! i got Lots of more work and some of these will have small clips of painting.

giveaway, sketches, omri koresh

I also finished one of the smallest paintings yesterday, I call her “Mona Lisa Smile” as she’s based of an old painting that i love. I thought of remaking the character, but fresh.giveaway, mona lisa smile, omri koresh, painting, oil painting, fine art, contemporary, gallery, exhibition

Small, FLM Update

Hey! So, you guys remember that i talked that i photographed Nona? the AMAZING Drag Queen superstar in israel?

nona chalant, giveawayWell, I talked to Nona about if She has some kind of, i don’t know, connections OR some sort of suggestion for me on WHAT to do with FLM. I wanted it to be featured in a Magazine. Anyway, She LOVED the project so much she said that she thinks it needs an exhibition, She said it should be Projected on Buildings in Telaviv, be a part of an event, create something more than an art exhibition. Also that WE need to work on a lecture about sexual-defining-things, (don’t know how to call it in english) and she gave me some great ideas. NOW i need to talk to the Gallery about it to get their OK and hopefully this isn’t just talk and something amazing will come out of this.

Updates on Nuerva

Working on this book, it’s like i can work on a single painting a full day. I hope i’ll get the 60% target in the net few months, but it’s coming along great. I have NO idea on how many paintings should go in- it’s a small book! so just wanted to let you guys know that i’m painting a LOT and it’s in process. It’s not like one of those things in the air, it’s literally being processed right now.

You are awesome. Please suggest to a friend to join in my blog! she/he might get a doll!
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Love and kisses, Omri.