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updates… stuff is moving slowly but it’s still moving.

Updates: Bat Mitzva

My niece had a Bat-Mitzva, that means she’s 12. my sister lives at the edge of nowhere in Israel so we drove there and stayed the weekend, that’s why i didn’t update last week. It was fun but also… i pretty much helped her with.. well.. anything besides taking care of her 3 small girls. Kids are not my forte. I love those girls, they are so unique but i also really dislike children. Until- usually, when people turn 23 i usually find myself like “ew, you’re still a kid”. Yup 23, why 23? no clue.

DOLLS! + Berlin

I won’t be coming to Berlin at March as we just can’t afford it but- it’s all good. I’ll present two dolls there and hopefully there will be some kind of noise around my work.

Also btw, the exhibition is in 10th of march, my birthday is the day after- i don’t want to spend my birthday on a business trip, alone in a 2 star hotel, not cool.

good news- the 3d is coming along, I work with Kyle (Hi!) he totally gets what i’m asking. I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with people that understand your trail of though. When i worked with companies, there was usually like a graphic designer or a retoucher or someone i needed to work with. and apparently, there are so many dumb people in the world- you tell them A they do B. Why? no clue.


i’m dying to start sewing my first doll-corset. her waist-line is so tiny, i can finally do it!


Thank you guys for your amazing feedback on the book, i refined it and readjusted the whole thing according to your comments.

I also pitched it to Dark Horse Publishing. I don’t know if this is even their cup of tea but i always loved Dark Horse’s contents and books, so i figured that It’s OR doing it independently OR doing it through them. They only write back IF they want to publish it, i honestly don’t believe i’ll get an email back but i just don’t have anything to lose.

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Also Thank you Lani Lenore the AMAZING Author, she pretty much re-wrote the pitch to perfection- as you know English isn’t my first language. It’s important to sound like i don’t have tourettes.

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What i need to do next is Pretty simple, Render the Art to it’s completion and start campaigning! this is so overwhelming, i can’t believe this is so close to the end /:

Hopefully, i’ll show you my new oil painting next week! it’s not done! i’ll show you updates.

anyway even if you just want to say hi! write back to this email Or on site