Vacation to Amsterdam, faceapp and Gallery updates


Hey! next week there won’t be an update because i’m going to Amsterdam with the Hubby! a vacation! this will be the first time we are going abroad together, we are together for 6 years and going strong. He’s an amazing partner and one day in order to marry we Will need to fly over to… somewhere.. perhaps Copenhagen to get Married Legit. We are married but because Israel is too primitive and religious it’s not Legal here. Fun. There will be Someone In the house- if anyone thought of breaking in! and two frightening cats!

vacation, bad apple, doll

(pic me, pre-nosejob and Pedro) Last time i was on a plane was when i traveled to London, I met a friend of mine, Pedro, which we Surprisingly didn’t have sex and just traveled around London and bought shit we didn’t need! I bought my first AppleDoll there, Lanua

vacation, bad apple, doll

Eventually i started modifying her until she basically broke and I decided to bury her in the forest.

If you want to see the Videoart that came out of it CLICK HERE Or Go on site and see the Emmebed version HERE:

A friend of mine helped me with the project, it was extremely funny and YES she’s actually Buried in a near-by forest. One day, someone, somewhere will find that small coffin and wonder WTF. Hopefully my Cross symbol will be so recognized that it will be sold by the millions LOL.

Do you know #faceapp ? I can’t stop laughing.

vacation, faceapp

this is so disturbing and funny at the same time!

vacation, faceapp

I can’t stop laughing from looking at my paintings and dolls smiling like idiots. I wish i was their app’s spokesman or something, i could do this All day. This is so funny!! and horrifying!!

Also I had a small exhibition at the gallery

Basically the space/gallery was empty! so she said “let’s do an exhibition” because why not?! we had 5 days, so we just went for it. It’s called a “pick up” exhibition because it’s super short, but it’s mightly cool because it’s still going to my resume! which is always a good thing… I got 2 more exhibitions coming, i’m thinking on getting my video camera and record everything, like some sort of host. i don’t know if it will work but of course i’ll keep you updated.

Hopefully i’ll have some good news about more Selling art, my workplace actually closed it’s doors so now i need to search for a new job and I really wish Orly will be able to sell my art so i won’t have to get a regular job. it’s not easy to work two jobs…

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