WTF how did a month pass by?

HI! so this month went through in a blizzard of heat. If you read last month’s babble you know i got a hair transplant to change my hairline, it came out GREAT! i can’t go outside to the sun which is fine by me because i don’t like it anyway.

Red line is my heart shaped natural hairline, the green is the transplant.

Work – Alice, has been going wonderfully! so much new art and concepts. If you know (if you don’t shame on you) M.C. Escher’s work, he created “Non-Euclidean Worlds” which means by going left you are actually going right and up. it’s a “mess” which is frankly pretty wonderlandi.

we made some new concepts for the location of the vorpal blade for picking.
vorpal blade “attraction”
the ride towards Queensland
the Moon

these are all for Denial. there’s so much to explore it’s stupid. we need so much art to do for Queensland- that’s the next realm. right now we only now Moved there, and i got some more art that’s new but it wasn’t shown yet… so you’ll have to wait. NOW! my trip! to Turkey for the hair thing.

the first day i went to the doctor for a final examination, (the next day was the procedure) afterwards we went to a nearby mall. which we found out is “old”
LEFT- VR which was hella fun. i’m really good at it apparently.
MIDDLE- a tiny, closed squared wooden room inside the mall showing that it used to hold wax figures of celebrities, in the image a poor and horrible version of Angelina Jolie.
RIGHT- the back “view” of my hotel, it looked like a shithole, i had to share.

VR, Angelina HOLI, Crap view

so this mall is so huge it had 5 floors and 3 minus floors with TONS of old and cool contraptions. a carousel, 4 roller-coasters integrated inside the mall! a pirate ship. a LOT of stuff. i didn’t really take a lot of pictures, i’m a person that prefers to be in the Moment than that with my phone. so in the picture below it’s just the bottom floor… but believe me you, it was packed with rides.
TOP- Bottom floor
bottom LEFT- a shiny pillar that was all over the mall. so shiny.
bottom RIGHT- a shark mouth as an opening to one of the roller-coaster rides.

Bottom floor, Pillar shiny, Roller coaster

So i literally felt i was in “Denial” for Alice, i felt like i traveled there to do homework. i didn’t go on the rides because my friend with me didn’t want to but we had a lot of fun at the arcade there. the rest of the days weren’t as interesting it’s just procedure and stuff. BUT i did buy a small carousel that i wanted for a long time and it was kinda cheap.

it plays a sad song

I love it, i’m going to recolor it of course and add pearls and whatnot. so hopefully next month you’ll be able to see the finished work! Also this month I had a blast with a friend who is a comedian, she wrote a book called “how to find your husband” which has a lot of conversations with perverts on Facebook and dick-pics.

HaChora “Israel’s number 1 sex symbol”

it’s 4 images in total but i’ll show them all only after she’ll publish them. it’s suppose to look very pop! the sand/sea/towel/umbrella are planted, i didn’t want it to look “natural” plastic is good.


i finished a new dress! my printing machine is a bit fucked up.. i’m so tired of it breaking apart. i’m actually considering perhaps there’s a service that i can print dolls at? maybe shapeways or something? i LOVE making the dresses.. the dolls not so much. but i got some more looks on the way, so next month another dress.


“Silk” she’s still wip but i’m pretty happy with how she’s turning out. the colors are wrong because of the camera but i’m so happy i’m back to painting, it’s such a relief to go back to painting! My photography project IMI is at it’s final stages, i decided to add 3 more frames and i’m waiting for stuff to come in the mail. after i’ll finish it i’ll give you guys a sneak peek, i hope you’ll like it.

Thank you for following my work here! i hope that next month won’t be a train wreck!