I am an Art Lead / Mid Level Art Director with 13 years of experience in 2D art and 6 years of experience in managerial creative positions. I am seeking work in a managerial position in a small to a medium sized team or a 2D artist.


Art Director
Art Lead
2D Artist


13 Years Freelancer
6 Years Team Lead


In Israel

Shortened Portfolio

I picked my TOP 10 images that I thought would showcase my versatility.

Assets / Character Design / Promotional Art / Concept art.

Below you can check my full portfolio according to PROJECT.

Experience / Projects

“Alice: Asylum” Mysterious for American McGee, Shanghai, China. Pitch document for EA Games

  • Supervised a team of seven 2D artists.

  • Created an “Art Bible” for “Alice: Asylum,” a third installment of the game franchise “Alice Madness Returns” and “American McGee’s Alice.”

  • Created high end, atmospheric art, character design, posters, and physical merchandise design.

  • Employer: American Mcgee

2020 - Published my art book
The black city of Nuerva (Sold Out)

Psycho Game: Pitch Document

A production of a vertical slice “Project Raise” [Ironbird Creations], Krakow, Poland.

    • Supervised a Multi-functional team of 9 people from ideation through final project – with VFX/3D/2D/level art etc.

    • Created art guidelines and female character designs.

    • Incorporated and explored client suggestions and directives, resolved questions and concerns, coordinated, and built a vision with the art team.

    • Employer: Ironbird Creations

Mobile Gaming Companies

Advertising Company

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