Exams mean Paintings.

Hello all! so right now i’m studying for a cinema exam, i actually have two courses at that, mainly because it’s easy and i get to watch movies.
it’s shit, i saw so many “Intelectuallism-ich” movies that i want to puke, like 8.5 of Fellini like WTF man?! why are you SSOOOO suffering!? stop it! you are hot, rich and life is beautiful stop crying you moron! so i always paint while watching these movies so here are some of the stuff i made:


painted on my headphones, unfortunately it will peal off eventually.
 i like this pic (:
 two packs of cards, one normal one TINY!
 a box for my necklace!
this box, i already made but i took a better pic of it (:
a box for the Alice Casebook,
the cover you actually see isn’t the original, i scanned it and printed it,
then took the print and glued it to a strong plastic and put some matte varnish on it so it will protect the book inside the box
yes i’m terribly bored.
but when i’ll finish those tests i’ll be able to paint again (: