Interview, Artist: Alessandro Della Pietra

The winner of the recent fanart contest conducted by ME! on Fine Art America, Alessandro Della Pietra, is an artist from Italy. In the interview below, he shares some details about his life and art.
Alessandro, please introduce yourself: where are you coming from, what is your background?
First of all thanks for this nice and pretty opportunity to speak about me and art, I’m really glad about it. When I was a boy I dreamed to be an illustrator, I’ve always loved to draw, I really liked watching the movie posters, I wished it to be my job one day. I started working in photocomposition and publishing field when I was about twenty. Across the years I’ve paid more attention to image editing and creating images for advertising, but in that case I had to execute the client’s desire, untilI began to do what pleases me and looking the world through different eyes, proposing a metaphysical reality but keeping a bit of childhood in my heart.
What kind of art do you make? What medium do you use?
The medium I prefer is surely the digital one, mixing drawing, photomanipulation, photography… people frequently think that artists choose digital art because they’re not able to freehand drawing or using brushes, but  it’s actually just the opposite. You cannot do digital art worthy of this name if you are not previously passed through the classical techniques.
When did you first realize you wanted to become an artist?
As just said, surely in front of movie posters, but also watching the movies themselves. I used to draw little comic stories… I understood creating something was my deep wish.
What inspires and motivates you when starting a new work?
It always starts looking around me, following the emotions passing around, and then looking inside me, how these feelings moved into my soul. So I close my eyes and imagine … Then I always draw a little doodle that is the basic ideaon which beginning to work.

What is your favorite FAN ART character?
There is more than one. One of my favorite is surely “The Crow”.
Which artist had influenced you the most?
There are so many artists that I like, I think art must be lived it all, from classical to modern authors. I especially love Salvador Dali.
What is your favorite motto or quote?
Nothing is impossible!
Do you have any hobbies or interests other than art?
I love music and playing guitar, and even cooking for my guests, using as ingredient also a little bit of art, always. Thank you very much. 
Thank you!