Interview At the cuckoo’s nest Jaffa, Skutz

HA! i finally go the chance to write about the interview i had on the 24’th of july.

It was an amazing evening- NOPE still don’t have the video materials but i’ll get them soon. But i’ll tell you how it went.

skutz, house of nona

These are the “Working Souls”

  • Me, the artist, duh
  • Nona Chalant, the amazing drag queen who interviewed me and it was awesome.
  • Roy, my friend who Owns this Artistic line called “Skutz”

House of Nona

Nona was really awesome, he made sure that we’ll have cool materials for the ending and beginning of the video, i just hope the sound quality isn’t rubbish. right now i saw him in an amazing feature video, i can’t wait for the whole thing to come out. It’s Embed under this paragraph OR if you see this through email, CLICK HERE

He’s just fabulous and very sharp. He understood the crowd as he interviewed me with all pre-prepared questions.


Roy’s Artistic line is somewhat of a new concept for israeli people, he mixes the gallery’s current exhibition with Performances. Like Last time he had a small scene that was played by two actors, like a small theater. Each night there’s an interview of someone from the local art industry and there’s also like mixes of more mainstream stuff like- a lunch for a new magazine called “DNA”.

So i’m very fortunate i could be a part of something that is fairly new but has a growing fanbase.

In the pic- a Facebook friend’s exhibition wall from my night

skutz, house of nona

How Was I?

honestly i have no idea but people told me i was great. I was really nervous at the beginning, i took a glass of wine to relax… But as my ass touched the chair and i saw 50 people looking at me I felt at home. Honestly, i love being in front of a crowd and jam my opinions down people’s throats. OH BTW the picture above, it’s actually AFTER the interview, i took off my makeup and extensions and pulled my hair back. It looks so 80’s! it’s funny because it already looks like an old photo of “the artist” blah blah.

More stuff

On Monday i’m going to get my picture taken by the amazballs photographer Guy Danieli, in the pic an image he created for SWAROVSKI.

skutz, House of Nona, Guy DanieliBut my shoot will be “Beauty” and i hope that the makeup artist will be able to totally make me look like a girl. so i’m pretty excited towards it.

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