Remake: Children of Malkav

so i’m redoing my Children of Malkav,

i think they are just so BAD! they are SO not Insane!

….i just have to finish up a piece for my friend Pedro first! images to come…

so i’ll give you a little teaser of these new Malkavians

Ash: Omri! you are pissing me off, take the damn photo!!

see the BIG difference? SHE’S NUTS!
isn’t she cute? (say yes or she will rip your fucking head off)

and yes there is a boy on the left part of the picture, it has so much more work to go into it, and i need to work badly on her hair,
now i decided that i needed some kind of “history” for both of them so, let me detail this,

her name is Patricia, Trish was the nickname, but as she was Embraced she changed it to Ash.

she was raped at the age of 11 by the Priest of her hometown catholic Church, she never believed in god anyway, in response at the age of 13 she seduced him and poisoned him while they cuddled in his bed, the plan was planned by Adam, her brother. since then she played with men to get whatever she wants, at the age of 20 she started to study Law in a University and at the age of 23, at her birthday, she was embraced. and she has a thing for cats.

she started to have violent outbursts due to her maklavian power but in time she learned to control it, she’s physically powerful and easily annoyed only Adam can calm her down.
it’s just general enough and specific enough to get the important stuff.