July- too much of Me, Nuerva Comic and Paintings (:

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HI! i’m going to pass on the Alice update this time because frankly i got Instagram for that and i don’t have stuff that i can share too much currently. So instead let’s talk about something that is on my mind and on my head for the last two months. this corona business really make me take a look on what i want to do. and there are personal stuff like i want to learn archery and i want to learn to dance like a hoe on a pole, ride a horse once, make a song! but i also-

want to make stuff, Physical stuff. Specifically i want to make two lines of stuff, i want to make a set of pendants with simple necklaces, about 4 designs. and Shirts which i think i’ll start from that … but i honestly don’t know where to start. perhaps i uploaded this already, i don’t remember.

I like prints. i don’t feel it’s me tho. so i’m thinking about a design based in material, like pearls/gold/ i donoo. but something else then a print. OH my hair is bugging the shit out of me, i’m a curly but i’m losing hair so my hair isn’t dense and pretty. it’s like gramnda curls, next month i’m chemically straightening it so here’s the BEFORE:

Stupid face, hate this fucking hair. thank you.

I’m painting a lot, i finished “Money” originally i wanted to paint Kylie Jenner as the model but i found out that i work better with my own characters. there’s something that works better with my wonky proportions then going fully on realistic.

omri koresh, painting, author, artist, omrikoreshart
Money 2020

I’m really happy with how she came out, i learned a lot from Marco Bucci, if anyone wants to take some courses from him- i’m SO FOR IT, i learned a lot from 2 courses, each cost me 30$. it’s really nothing. I’m planning to paint “Inflatables” next, Digi sketch:

and i finally understood my world when it comes to painting

finally. FINALLY i’m happy with these two. the pigs and Bears. Also a jewlery company, Marohh, approached me and i modeled stuff for them in exchange for the products,

marohh jewlery
marohh jewlery
marohh jewlery. I love these tits.

I want to be actually paid once, Money, to model clothes for a catalog (not live or video, i can’t retouch that) also not too tight, too fat. OOHH also last but def not least i’m working on the Prelude comic for Nuerva, i also sold all the copies. and i’m looking for a model for the 3rd part. it’s built with 4 parts and for the 3rd part i need a guy that looks like a walking wall.

Lana, the black city of Nuerva, Omri koresh

this is a cap from the 4th part. it’s not spoiling the actually book but Explaining WTF is happening in it- IN a way that is Hinted If you read the book so you’ll need to read it After you read the book. But if you read the comic first you’ll be basically “wtf” i want this to be only digital and to put it on Amazon but 2 friends already were like “are you kidding me? this must be printed” i donno. i’ll need to think about it but i got Lots of work to still put into it so i’ll think about it. parts 1,2 are done 4, is being made now and 3 needs that male model. when i’ll finish this comic i’ll start to work on my second book. i got the outline done, i just need to write it but i KNOW that this comic needs to be done first in order to write the second book. i don’t want plot holes…

I want this corona stuff to be over with already, i want to be able to go out and get drunk! i’m sending you a virtual alcoholic beverage, Le’haim!

Thanks for reading, i hope that this time isn’t very hard on you and i hope that everything is well. please take care of yourself and wear masks and wash your..well.. everything.

May 1 Update! Alice, Oil paintings / Fine art / Marco Bucci

HI! how Corona are you? are you guys going crazy?

Before anything i only got 2 physical copies of my book. if you want to buy a copy as a present or you thought about it, whatever. Buy it so i can wrap it and ship it and prance around and say i sold everything. i don’t think i’ll be printing any more anytime soon. so just write me.

omri koresh, art, digital art, oil painting, sketching, artist, author, omri koresh author, the black city of Nuerva, alice 3, alice asylum, alice madness returns, american mcgees alice, hd pack, nuerva cover
Nuerva, Omri koresh, Black city, the black city of nuerva, physical copy

for me, corona, personally it meant that i’m painting more, working out (in house) more and going slowly mad like Queen. like every time something annoying is happening because i’m locked up the song starts in my head “I’m Going Slightly Mhaaaaddd” anyway for Alice i worked on the latest poster and tried to help everyone to do stuff as American is working on the re-write of Denial. when i’ll get a goddamn story i can assign tasks to everyone and we can build it properly. although most of the art, i think is done for denial, but we will need storyboards and specific new things for the specific story. Fun.

omri koresh, art, digital art, oil painting, sketching, artist, author, omri koresh author, the black city of Nuerva, alice 3, alice asylum, alice madness returns, american mcgees alice, hd pack, falling apart
Falling apart, Alice 3, Alice asylum

Secondly me and Tim and Kyle helped with creating the AMA upgrade pack. there’s a new HUD, we found a way to create “Anti-aliasing” and “Field of depth” and we are currently working on upgrading ALL the textures, What i made texture-wise will be available but now it’s Everything, i didn’t upgrade everything, too much work for one person. Kyle just got 3 weeks off work so Maybe maybe he’ll be able to rework Alice’s model a bit. it’s just giving her a bit more soft edges, besides her i personally think there’s no point in reworking the models in the game, it does look good enough. so soon! i hope that by the 15th i’ll be able to launch it.

omri koresh, art, digital art, oil painting, sketching, artist, author, omri koresh author, the black city of Nuerva, alice 3, alice asylum, alice madness returns, american mcgees alice, hd pack, preview hd pack 2020
american mcgee’s alice, HD pack, 2020

The rest will be MY Personal NEWS. i always wondered why people in their 30’s 40’s become “good artists” and why people before that are kinda… Meh. well, I think it’s because before this age, for most people, you don’t have a real opinion on the world. also you Or get to a point in life where you are kinda “fuck it” and go towards and do whatever you actually want, fuck the consequences. OR become a total wuss and always try to please others and never change. i’m the first option tho. I found my inner world that i want to paint in oils, also i finished the latest but i haven’t got a chance to take a proper pic so sorry for the quality.

omri koresh, art, digital art, oil painting, sketching, artist, author, omri koresh author, the black city of Nuerva, alice 3, alice asylum, alice madness returns, american mcgees alice, hd pack, unicorns
Omri Koresh, Unicorns and Virgin

I’m continuing with painting the next one! and i had two triangular small canvases that i wanted to paint/use. AANNDD i’m taking 2 courses by “🔗Marco Bucci” I’m So recommending him to everyone who wants to learn how to paint well. i’m learning so much about, well, everything. he’s teaching digital but i apply it in oils as well. and it’s like 30 bucks for a course.

omri koresh, art, digital art, oil painting, sketching, artist, author, omri koresh author, the black city of Nuerva, alice 3, alice asylum, alice madness returns, american mcgees alice, hd pack
Untitled eye01, 0mri
omri koresh, art, digital art, oil painting, sketching, artist, author, omri koresh author, the black city of Nuerva, alice 3, alice asylum, alice madness returns, american mcgees alice, hd pack
Untitled Eye 02, Oil painting

omri koresh, art, digital art, oil painting, sketching, artist, author, omri koresh author, the black city of Nuerva, alice 3, alice asylum, alice madness returns, american mcgees alice, hd pack
First Layer
omri koresh, art, digital art, oil painting, sketching, artist, author, omri koresh author, the black city of Nuerva, alice 3, alice asylum, alice madness returns, american mcgees alice, hd pack, money
TBA “Money”
omri koresh, art, digital art, oil painting, sketching, artist, author, omri koresh author, the black city of Nuerva, alice 3, alice asylum, alice madness returns, american mcgees alice, hd pack, bears
TBA “Bears?”
omri koresh, art, digital art, oil painting, sketching, artist, author, omri koresh author, the black city of Nuerva, alice 3, alice asylum, alice madness returns, american mcgees alice, hd pack
TBA “Full Of Air”

I’m also taking an Anatomy course and i’m sketching new concepts and i’m learning on how to create more complicated (yes more complicated!! it’s never too complex!) compositions and ideas, and i really have to say this Marco, HELPED! there’s 9 you-tube videos you can see 🔗HERE that helped me a LOT!

omri koresh, art, digital art, oil painting, sketching, artist, author, omri koresh author, the black city of Nuerva, alice 3, alice asylum, alice madness returns, american mcgees alice, hd pack
TBA Poppy

I don’t remember if i did or not, but I made a new video, you can see it on 🔗youtube here or below if you are on site.

So again. going slightly mad. i want to go out of the house and stop working!! but i’m kinda digging the results LOL. i did start on God of war and i do see a LOT of TV. but i want to go out and get drunk with friends who don’t have babies. BTW the comic is on hold, i need models for the frames so i when i can, i’ll do it! and update you duh.

Thanks for reading this month’s mess! i really want to be rich so i can get my eyes lazered to a blue color. YUP it’s a real thing, talk next month!

Big order from Avraham, Advertising & marketing. Ads for Cannes competition!

Big order!

Hey! sorry for the lack of update last week but as the title says, i had a big order in from a company named “Avraham, advertising and Marketing” they wanted to enter a competition at Cannes for advertising by creating several “Golden Fish” ads. It means that these ads are not real they are created with the approval from the real costumer/company and it’s suppose to be very artistic.

Did you watch Madmen? if so, you Def remember the sketches,

I made some:

big order, omri koresh, avraham, seat, Volkswagen,

this ad was approved! later you’ll see the final outcome. This is an ad for Volkswagen.big order, omri koresh, avraham, seat, Volkswagen,

also approved! but they changed the angle of the “shot”. Ad for Sony, their headphones block sound.big order, omri koresh, avraham, seat, Volkswagen,

This is an ad for an Israeli company “Shilav” who sell baby clothes.big order, omri koresh, avraham, seat, Volkswagen,

An ad (i think) for Seat, For their safety breaks, wasn’t approved but something else did.


This was a BIG ORDER. Big big order. One of these took me 30min-1h and i made total of 10! and also there were the

Actual ads that were approved, 3 in total.

big order, omri koresh, avraham, seat, Volkswagen,

They told me that they prefer the cars to be in the Same height and have “Space” around them. I wanted the cars much larger and in different heights, something that will resemble more a Carousel then this really clean illustration. I might change it to what i wanted if I’ll decide it’s good enough to go in my portfolio.

big order, omri koresh, avraham, seat, Volkswagen,

This is the complex image from this big order. The mimes from Sony. Yea i used stock images from shutter-stock for all the people but i still had to paint all the background and all the outfits and at the end paint on top of everything to make it seem like it’s a “Painting” they wanted me to push it towards Painting and not a clean illustration. Originally we put a guy sitting at the red chairs with his back to us, the client didn’t like it so we ditched him.

big order, omri koresh, avraham, seat, Volkswagen,

Last one! yup, big order. Seat’s break system something, the tattoo has elements of death and well, more death. the concept is that if you’ll use Seat’s safety thing, you’ll avoid death. i hate Hebrew text on tattoos /: English has swirls and it looks so sexy! Hebrew can’t have swirls, it doesn’t work well with the fonts. In Hebrew you don’t have capitals but you can have like “manual” writing and “print” these fonts are “Print” and THEIR graphic designer wanted me to put my own twist on the Print version. Swirls and stuff on the text just-doesn’t-work. It might work on Manual writing but again, in Hebrew you don’t connect the letters (unlike English and Arabic) so it just looks like a jumble.

New painting underway:

big order, omri koresh, avraham, seat, Volkswagen,

didn’t have time to paint on the candy and her palm looks so bad right now. She’ll be great when i’ll finish it though. I’ll give her some texture on the shirt and i want her to have fingernails that kinda look like candy. I like her features.

So this is the update for this week, got some more but i always pick one topic to update you guys on!

Thank you for reading, you can comment back on this email OR ON SITE HERE.


sketching, Starting a new path, Obsessions, paintings


Hey! I’ve started sketching more ideas for my oils,

I understood something critical that i just missed for the longest time, I need to sketch MORE in colors. Only now i have a cintiq, so sketching in color is so much simpler. I hated to sketch with the wacom tablet, it wasn’t comfortable.

I decided that i want to sketch things that i just Randomly like, Girls with hats.

sketching, omrikoresh


sketching, omrikoresh

(not done)

sketching, omrikoresh

and I re-vamped the Unicorn-world. I decided i want it current, trendy and fresh.

This is just too Old-school. It reminds me of Legend (1985) I loved the movie but it’s just… things change.

sketching, omrikoresh

It’s so detailed that i’ll might need to go bigger than 1 meter for the painting. I still want to keep things small. it’s easier to sell smaller art and to ship it and to exhibit it in small galleries.

I’ll just keep sketching, i’ll try to update you on paintings and all my process.

Do you have a favorite topic you like to see painted?

Thanks for tuning in! you can comment directly back to this email or ON SITE here


Obsession, New Painting series and Life!


Stuff happening lately

Hey! i didn’t update last week, I’ve been under the weather. But i did get the chance to work a bit and do some soul searching. Well, now it’s all the jewish holidays back to back, it’s annoying and redundant and everything is basically closed. So i figured that if i’m locked inside my house i’ll start working on my new sketches for all my paintings. You already know i make everything digital first and then translate it to oils.

Oil paintings- Obsession

I just hate the smell, the dirt and overall, i hate materials- i love concrete. Walls, bridges, tunnels- overall things that are just really graphic.

Anyway, i digress, one of my main problems with painting in oils is that my paintings are censored by me- not only sexually, also about what i think of the world etc. I have this stupid basic fear that if i’ll paint what i Actually want, it won’t get the spotlight. That conclusion came to me with the help of my best friend Michal Kalinin, she knows me from one year before high school. I just got artistically blocked and i didn’t know what/where to go with this new series.

“Obsession” will have elements:

  • I want it sexy (my sexy is actually slutty)
  • I want it about fake merchandising
  • I want electronics
  • I wanted it like Classic art, but it changed into Current trends.

So i started to sketch, You already saw some of the older sketches,


i like him! but i just.. that leg! the arm looks odd also- WHO is he? I wanted originally to capture a “boy” youth/on how I was a boy but there’s nothing there. The first thing i did was to fix his pose a bit and i started to soul search inside… what interested me?


Stuffed animals! My little pony! D&D She-Ra’s sword, so much shit i LOVED when i was a boy and then- cock (Eggplant) funny, but true. But this will… might be, the only Boy i’ll paint. I always preferred Burly men, give them to me with some thickness and manly! (must come with a beard!)

Opening up with art

On this process I discussed with Michal that block i constantly get- With oils it’s like i want to paint master pieces so everything looks Meh to me. I put too much pressure on myself, that’s why i don’t have many oil paintings and most of them are not very good.

In digital i don’t mind doing stupid stuff/experiment/sketch- it’s digital. But this stupid paralyzing fear- stupid because i’m totally aware that i’m a fucking good artist. It tells me that the public won’t get “it” and won’t take me seriously as a Painter. I know it’s stupid, but i’m working on it.

The next day the big store i needed OPENED *insert hallelujah here* so i pretty much ran there, and i bought materials i needed for a new dress (image lower) and fill up with shit for the studio, i bought a small canvas, just a bit bigger than the palm of my hand. i’m going to paint:



I’ve been wanting to paint a stupid eye on a canvas just like everyone else does, but with my own taste. Also yup, i LOVE the Japanese language (text) i don’t know a word, i’ll just use a friend to translate for me. in this one it’s says “sex” look at the image and get the symbolism of the elements. Not telling you shit.


For this “head” i want to design a Bluetooth headphone, right now this is a real copy of a real-being-sold-at-amazon headphone. i don’t want to copy other people’s designs and i want it to look like something i’d buy, so it’s still being designed, the rest is There.

This is the new dress / doll design


So i’m going to keep pushing myself to be MYSELF with my art and say Fuck it. I don’t want to relay on stories/fanart/opinions. I want my art to be ME, that’s what i did with “freaks like me” and the feedback on that project was astounding. With FLM i actually created the art for ME. I just need to be me and it’s fucking hard not to lie to myself or block myself on the fear of looking like a moron.

Nuerva Update.

On Sunday i’m suppose to get all my feedback from you guys. Over the next week i’ll create a sketched out “finished” version and i’ll pitch it to Dark Horse. I doubt they will write back to me (they write only to those who they want to publish) but, i need to finish the art 100% and i need to create the campaign with steps. So i have a bit of time to burn until the beginning of 2018. I don’t want to clash with Christmas etc.

thank you for reading my weekly blog, I hope to be the best artist I can be. i want to make you proud.

Write me a comment ON SITE or back directly to this email (:

Giveaway Promotion, Obsessions and FLM updates



Hey! i’m going to do a promotion for this wondrous blog of mine, i’m doing a small giveaway! IF you are a subscriber you are already IN the contest, so don’t worry.
for the next three weeks i’ll try to get as many people that like me to sign up! and after that i’ll do a random picking of 3 people that will get these cute dolls! Right now we are at 94Subs!
giveaway, sketches, omri koresh

I like these girls, i wanted to make small dolls for myself, just for fun. But than i decided that i love them but i actually…. don’t.. have a place to showcase them. So i’ll let a fan enjoy them!

Obsessions, Oils

Update!! I called the inhouse model Shelly, (Left to right, Shelly, Me and Ofek)

giveaway, sketches, omri koresh, ofek muse art, ofek birenbaum

you are going to love this:

giveaway, sketches, omri koresh

i photographed all the poses i need for the sketches, you’ll get to see everything first and Then i’ll post things on social media. I’m so excited to get these sketches out! i got Lots of more work and some of these will have small clips of painting.

giveaway, sketches, omri koresh

I also finished one of the smallest paintings yesterday, I call her “Mona Lisa Smile” as she’s based of an old painting that i love. I thought of remaking the character, but fresh.giveaway, mona lisa smile, omri koresh, painting, oil painting, fine art, contemporary, gallery, exhibition

Small, FLM Update

Hey! So, you guys remember that i talked that i photographed Nona? the AMAZING Drag Queen superstar in israel?

nona chalant, giveawayWell, I talked to Nona about if She has some kind of, i don’t know, connections OR some sort of suggestion for me on WHAT to do with FLM. I wanted it to be featured in a Magazine. Anyway, She LOVED the project so much she said that she thinks it needs an exhibition, She said it should be Projected on Buildings in Telaviv, be a part of an event, create something more than an art exhibition. Also that WE need to work on a lecture about sexual-defining-things, (don’t know how to call it in english) and she gave me some great ideas. NOW i need to talk to the Gallery about it to get their OK and hopefully this isn’t just talk and something amazing will come out of this.

Updates on Nuerva

Working on this book, it’s like i can work on a single painting a full day. I hope i’ll get the 60% target in the net few months, but it’s coming along great. I have NO idea on how many paintings should go in- it’s a small book! so just wanted to let you guys know that i’m painting a LOT and it’s in process. It’s not like one of those things in the air, it’s literally being processed right now.

You are awesome. Please suggest to a friend to join in my blog! she/he might get a doll!
and remember you can always Write back to this email OR On Site

Love and kisses, Omri.

Wake Up Alice, Wake Up! wallaper (:

Wake Up Alice, Wake Up!, omri koresh, alice madness returns, ea games, wallpaper, hatter, cheshire, cat, alice, american mcgee, cards, keys, bumby, creepy, doll, dark wonderland, wonderland, alice in wonderland, alice in underland

wake up alice,

Wake Up Alice, Wallpaper

hey! busy week! I had some time off, the gallery owner went on a small vacation and combined with being unemployed i actually had some time to wrap up some stuff.
For all of you who came to get the wallpaper and for my loyal subscribers, 1920X1080px “Wake Up Alice” is the title


Wake Up Alice, Wake Up!, omri koresh, alice madness returns, ea games, wallpaper, hatter, cheshire, cat, alice, american mcgee, cards, keys, bumby, creepy, doll, dark wonderland, wonderland, alice in wonderland, alice in underlandHope you’ll enjoy and use the wallpaper wisely.
model: Nina Naurielle
This was a great experience and i really enjoyed painting this one. i thought of merging the two game into one crossover-world style thing. “Wake Up Alice” is, well, in my opinion, one of my best work on Alice madness fan arts.

A while ago i saw this

wake up,

and i LOVED it. I wrote to the artist and asked if i could re-make it, totally S T E A L the art… surprisingly, she said yes! so i did!

I just loved the overall concept, i wanted it to be Alice in her bed but with Dr. Bumpy watching over, giving the impression using shadows that he’s grabbing her. But with the classic dress, like when she wakes up in the game wearing it. This will be my last Alice fanart for a while, i need to focus on oil paintings and i got now a real chance with this gallery which i hope will work! i need to fucking soar with this one.

Wake up Alice! Wake UP!

Now i got 2 projects.

  • Obessesions (Oil paintings 8%)
  • Need 20 full sketches, Photograph models, Digital Sketches, START PAINTING! (Of course you’ll get updates, everything will be online)
  • Nuerva (My Art Book 25%)
  • the book is 3 parts, i need to do a “run in” with the art, i’m at the first one, at the middle of the book (I need to do 2 more and only THEN- render the art fully)

Not including this blog and online promotional stuff like videos and selfies with video. Maybe, It’s more like 2.5 projects.

I have a question for you,

When i was a student i posted every time i worked on a painting… first layer, up to forth, sculptures etc all on FaceBook. I got about half of my likes that way, but it means posting 4 time a week… should i do it? won’t it be too much?

you can answer me back to this email OR on site

Have a great weekend!! Omri.


UPDATE: American McGee himself asked if he could use this art for this Alice3 Pitch for EA games. I’m so honored and i really want this image to get as much exposure as possible. I love this “Alice wake up” wallpaper and i think it rocks. If you didn’t know the model is actually German and a German Gaming company mentioned the pitch and showed my work, It’s so awesome!

I’ll write about it this week or the next one. Make sure you sign to the blog! thanks for supporting the arts!

If you want to sign up to American’s List go HERE

” September 2017 – Fresh off the success of “Out of the Woods” on Kickstarter American McGee will start work on a proposal for the next chapter in Alice’s adventures, tentatively titled “Alice: Asylum.” This proposal will include artwork, design outline, and financial/business model. When this proposal is finished (and assuming all the numbers and constraints make sense) it’ll be sent to EA. You can show your support for this effort by signing up to the mailing list below.

Let’s show EA how many people want a new Alice game!

Follow American on YouTubeTwitter, and Facebook for updates on project development. Join the weekly live-streams on YouTube to give direct feedback and suggestions to American and the pre-production team!”

Painting, Camera and Circus Freaks



HEY! i got my own video camera, finally, now i don’t have to loan from my work. Means that i’ll be able to paint MORE in oils and capture it for cool videos. I can do more videos of me talking about topics that bug me and do more stuff more fluently. It’s pretty cool.

ALSO, i just finished THIS painting (CLICK FOR VIDEO)

painting, oil painting, fine art, gallery, exhibition, beautiful

i LOVE the way she came out but i got a feeling that the rest of the images of this series will be better. It’s like she’s almost TOO sharp and the colors are not gray enough. Like i’m detoxing from my earlier series of “We Are Human”


painting, WAH: Save the Beauty, Oil, 39"x39"

The next painting will be the boy. I love painting, i wish i had more time to do it. I need sponsors, Is Pepsi available?

Conart Magazine, Circus

Remember the Circus concept i told you about? well, i wanted to give you a sneak peek into the work itself. I’m not going to give my personal opinion on the photographer or why this project didn’t work. I’m just going to say i’m humbled to work on something with this much potential and it’s going to be awesome.

Anyway- I got about 10 images per concept. A very large mix of all of them, the example here isn’t finished yet, hopefully i’ll finish it by sunday…


These are the materials i hand picked from a HUGE pile of images.

I created a mockup- every green circle is an image that i used. just to clarify the amount of images used for YOU.


this is the half baked goods. i still have to work on it, i need to remove some of the clutter, tone down the colors, give them more expression. i need to make the girls a bit different. You can clearly see it’s the same girl over and over again. I want also to add more HAIR in the image, don’t know if it will fit but i can try. I’ll update you (:

Freaks like me Update

TODAY i’m photographing number 19/20, number 20 is Me. So i finished photographing my series BUT there’s a hold back, why? one of the models’s agent didn’t approve him to sign the contract. ALL my models sign contracts to keep my butt covered- YES even friends. As an artist you NEVER know who you are dealing with financially so i keep everything orderly and written, nothing vocal, TEXTUAL.

so i have to re-do number 18. Re-sketch the concept according to the body type i had in mind and redo the shoot. Had the same problem with the earlier series when i model didn’t stop moving super-fast.

BUT because i can’t actually use the image in the series i can show you guys the sketch FROM the photograph

painting, matan lavie,

Too bad, the image works, i could of made something so awesome from it. Oh well, NEXT VICTIM!

Thanks for tuning in, If you want you can write back to me, directly, to this email. (:

Paintings, sexy squares and Freaks like me

lounging woman hot sexy

Paintings? well, IF you and you probably watched me for a while you know i was zigzagging with all my paintings and what i want to paint! Well, hopefully no more.

remember 2013-2015 paintings?

My earlier paintings were very dark and dramatic and realistic-

lot's wife turning into salt paintings

And then i tried forcing myself painting with tons of vibrant colors, with lines that come naturally to me (without models).

save the beauty paintings


I didn’t connect to them, at the time i thought i did but after a while, I just couldn’t connect. in my arts degree it was such a pain in the ass and i didn’t learn jack shit there. A total waste of time and no feedback. The teachers thought i was a smart-ass because i’m not a YES man. Yes that still pisses me off (: one day i’ll get over it, probably with the first big check.

After a while i just stopped painting and i had to figure out What/Who i am, to what do i emotionally connect? well, first of all i found out that Yup i love painting sexy images but it always looks pornographic. Apparently i love pastels and grays (who knew) and i love lounging people- men, women, dogs etc.

lounging woman hot sexy paintings

Her first layer. finally got the time to do it, she’ll look at the end like:lounging woman hot sexy paintings

No idea where this new artistic path will lead me but i started it and i’m planning to go for it this time. I also recorded it so hopefully i’ll get a cool video out of all this.

I like lounging and sexy with old-classical outfits from the American fashion of the 40’s and 50’s (with a twist of course). like this dress and the girl under her mixed together. there’s something fresh about it.

paintings paintings

Freaks like me

Right now i’m booking models and i got such a good response from everyone i meet, it’s super flattering. For me i’m just a guy stuck in a studio without day light. Which is fine because i don’t like daylight, trees, birds… anything, i like cement.

photography paintings

Me and Alina right after our shoot, my camera started to act up and my next session it became even worse and now it’s suddenly fine. i have no idea what is going on there but i hope it’ll hold on for at least 4 sessions that i already have scheduled. My beautiful models are actually humbling me by volunteering in my project for free. It’s a big deal.

the reason i’m not actually placing the actual  photos- as in the future if i’d want it to be published it’s a problem when it’s online (:

My Bimbo portrait


I always wanted to be a blonde knock-out. instead i’m a boy and i’m brownish, which is totally fine. Anyway, this is with JUST makeup, taken with my phone.

photography paintings

i like how it came out, it’s funny and i kinda look like a character from GTA. But one of the hookers.
photography paintings photography paintings

If you want to see the video process of this nonsense that i had so much fun creating

Click here (:



Omri (sorry for the double emails, i got a bit of a mix-up)

BFA Project

i don’t remember if i posted my full BFA project- all the oils in one place so i thought,
why not? so i’m uploading it now!
The Pied Piper repufs sleepingbeauty_omrikoresh_150x120s
ariels_omrikoresh_150x120s beauty-beast150x120s red_omrikoresh_250x150s thedeathofsnowwhite_omrikoresh_250x150s