Alice: Asylum and Personal projects!

Alice: Asylum and Personal projects!

Alice: Asylum

HEY! American is extremely busy with trying to pick up Alice 3 from EA and i thought you know-

i want to help out. I really want this game and i CAN help. I already helped with “Alice Wake Up” image, so i thought i’d make another one- and made up a logo.

alice: asylum

I don’t know how people will react to it, because mainly, i just uploaded it to FB. Today was a slow day, got so much to do i can’t find time even to myself. But with that said, it’s really all good! BTW to paint this image i had to really paint the Liddle family first and then do the frame and flames. So i still got the image itself, black and white, i can actually print it and frame it like it’s a real antique family photo LOL.

Also if you noticed i upgraded “Alice 2014” face in one of my wallpapers

alice: asylum

and after i saw what i did, I had a hunch people won’t love her, and i was right!

I don’t like the original and i don’t like the revamp one. both for me are a no go, but people still seem to like her because, well, ALICE. perhaps i’ll delete it from the portfolio, but the important thing is that she kept people talking!


alice: asylum

it’s still not done. i need to cover the pictures of the plastic bees. I thought of making a girl with flowers without making it too cliche. this is the sketch i’m on right now.

I actually painted her because i thought she’s randomly cool, no special reason.

and lastly for today… DRUMROLL… i finished

Loving Him, 2017

alice: asylum

I think i dig it when you can see the canvas on the wall itself. what do you think?

Until next Saturday, perhaps i’ll have some news of another project by then (i’m in talks).

Write me a comment back directly to this email Or on site HERE

thank you!

2 thoughts on “Alice: Asylum and Personal projects!”

  1. Great newsletter update- I really enjoyed this email-
    I dont like either of the Alice wallpapers but the new one is definetaly better- I think the nose to eye ratio needs a tweak- eyes are tooo big and nose is too straight and small- looks like a “grey” alien and not American mcgee’s Alice!

    Love girl with Flower and the other Girl… and love the Boys background its soooooo good
    Actually I dont like the boy so much as the background is just genius!!!!
    Miss you !!!

    KC Mussman
    CEO Nocturnal Designz

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