oh my dear god life is hectic

black city of nuerva, omri koresh, art director, comic, free to read, dark goth

HI! so what’s new? A LOT. A Company from Poland called “All In Games” asked me if i’m available to be an Art director for a small game they are creating. We discussed terms and i said YES but of course- Alice comes first. So i started working… at a second job! i’m so tired it’s ridicules. But i love it, i LOVE being an Art director, i love that i can create worlds and create experiences.

black city of nuerva, omri koresh, art director, comic, free to read, dark goth

i always thought i’d be a classical painter with a studio and shit but you know what? it bores me. it’s boring for me to go to exhibitions and see mediocre paintings or at best such amazing paintings- but not in israel, no one here actually paints, it’s “taboo”. So, see amazing paintings that you stare at them for 10 minutes and move on. Games Last forever. Games are the future, being an Art director is really amazing. galleries die because they are boring AF, usually the art is crap and it’s overpriced.

But being an art director? i know how to lead a team and i know what i want- so there’s no real zigzags and “let’s explore” when i envision a world i understand how to communicate it- well, i hope i do. I also never shut up so i’m good at explaining shit. Either way what i did is i stole Dario and Norman from Alice to give us some designs and atmospheric images, we are creating a vertical slice for December. we needed really small stuff and they are friends so why not give them a few bucks! Dario and norman felchle

I can’t really say info about the project Or show you anything so instead i’ll post images from the finished comic. it’s really fun and hard to design a world but if you have a vision and you know when to tell people to shut up and that their idea is bad (which happens, deal with it) you’ll be ok. the idea is to LEAD not to boss around everyone around you, take the good but know when someone is stepping on your toes to tell them to back off. I had an altercation with one of the guys in the team who is NOT part of the art team. he started giving “me” ideas on how the game should look like etc…

dude, not only that is NOT your job, as an art director i get to listen but if your idea sucks, i need to tell you NO.

like the guy wanted an Arena that is a spider web? you know what’s the problem with that idea? a spiderweb is sticky.

Alice? we are working our butts off, Also started doing Oz stuff. i wish i could show off stuff! i can’t! LOL goddamit. I do can say that i worked with Roman on Alice’s 3d head and he did a good job on it. People remarked that her nose is odd (like not pointed up) and her eyes are still too big and her forhead is alien. All true but i also think that those traits make sense and give her that personality of Alice.

her forehead is actually anatomically correct, it’s just large. her eyes are suppose to be big and her nose shouldn’t be tilted upwards, she’s not swedish. i’m happy most people agree with me that she should have the long hair and that the general face is spot on, i just really want to see this face move and talk and whatever. if i compare This model next to the Madness vertical slice? wow, that’s just a different level.

Last Notes- Nuerva will now, hopefully, be published on “Smashwords” and the audiobook is done, Published on “findawayvoices” ANNDD the Comic is done!

i also published it on Smashwords and it’s FREE. but i think it will take them a moment to authorize everything for me to actually promote it. So audiobook, Comic, Book are done and i’ll need to figure out how the hell to promote them.

I’ll be writing a second book and i know how to start it, so wish me luck, Going to need it.

Alice HD 2020 mod and LIFE

HI! i’m so tired! this month was hectic but i did manage to finish some projects. One of them of course is the Alice HD 2020. i hears some morons complain about how we should of done the maps and that the models look bad and that we fucked up the gameplay. Nope.

DECIDED TO MOVE TO NEXUSMODS.COM i prefer their platform.

we are trying to upgrade Alice herself but honestly the game just won’t allow us to import her back into the game. it’s like it doesn’t like us! but we will figure it out eventually, maybe, hopefully. honestly this game Needs a redo. like my dream right now is that we’ll get a greenlight on Alice Asylum and then we’ll get somehow a deal to remake the original Alice. this can be so awesome.

don’t get me wrong, it’s not like my brain will stop thinking on how to mess and maximize this pack, it’s STILL ON. but it needs a total redo from scratch with a new engine. otherwise it will NEVER look good. as i understood the maps are not actual 3d models so they literally can’t be upgraded like a 3d model that you can extract and use.

Other things? i got a big, local publisher here asking me if i’m available for commission and i did 3 covers for “Old Man’s War by John Scalzi” i’m attaching crops, not the full image because i’m not doing the graphics and in books you need to keep spaces with “nothing” so the text will be readable.

i have never really painted in this style and i never got a chance to paint landscape! so it’s refreshing and i could apply all the stuff i learned from Marco Bucci’s courses, it really paid off! HA! Also i redesigned Lani Lenore’s Nevermor covers and created another cover for her “Needle Eye”

i told her i hate painting curls (which it 100% true) and that because she’s white she thinks curls are beautiful because all my life only white people told me my natural hair is beautiful and it’s not and if there was an injection to make me blonde i would- she didn’t laugh! i’m not racist goddamit lol. i’m just really pro wigs. if i could wear wigs all the time i would. it was so hard to paint the hair i had to merge in stock images, i just couldn’t figure it out but i like how it came out.

why do i do memes? first reason is because my brain works in Memes, like “Karen” “Chad” “Shaniqua” “Becky” “Cat that says no” all of these horrifying Memed characters, i can relate, i also don’t see a Karen as white, i see her as a personality, a man can be a Karen. i have met Gays who were Karens. I met women who are Chads, i have met white ladies who are shaniquas. we are ALL the cat that says no. All of us. Memes are Personalities, not color. Please insult each other equally. fyi “Boomers” are just Downers, not actually people who are 70.

Also it’s hella funny.

COMIC! i got a model to fit the last part, the “Leader” for those who read the book. so i’m merging him in the comic, i’ll finish it soon, this corona business put a hold on everything. i’m studying Anatomy, properly, for the first time in my life and it’s boring like hell BUT i started to apply what i’m learning and it’s really awesome. AUDIO BOOK is coming for Nuerva, i want to learn animation to make clips too. i’m going to get surgery on ly left arm on the 17th and it’s With general anesthesia and i want to get this over with already. you probably saw that i’m wearing a cast in all the videos, it hurts all the time. i wish that after this surgery it will stop hurting. Also i’m on a diet, i got to lose some weight. agh.

so i’m really swamped, really tired and i need a vacay. so i’m going to close Commissions for a while, i haven’t done that for YEARS. i’ll rest and play “outer worlds” more. Thanks for listening to my babble! I hope this corona thing didn’t screw you over, LOVE (:

I need your help! Not money!

the black city of Nuerva

HI! so updates updates. AND i need your help! I want to start out with Nuerva. If you want to purchase the digital version it’s finally LIVE! you can get it here:

The black city of Nuerva – Amazon, EBook

If you want to i’d love some feedback/review on the Amazon page even if you didn’t buy it- you can still leave a comment! it will help me a lot! ALSO If you have:


Go there! write me a review! and you can copy the same review on:

Google Books

it can be the same review and again, not asking for you to buy anything, Write a review on how wonderful the art is and just make something up. i really don’t care, as long as i do get reviews. On other news i’m currently famous in google.

So hi! i’m famous now. google actually sees me as a person and sees my face and knows who i am. i’m very proud of google getting to this conclusion and i think they made a wise choice.

I’m slowly going mac over this corona thing but i painted a LOT.

omri koresh, art studio, israeli artist, oil paintings
Studio, oil painting

I did a Harley quinn boy cosplay video with some questions i was asked about Alice and stuff, you can watch it here

Cosplay, makeup stuff
no photoshop yes corset
leaning how to finally use an eyeliner, not retouched.

AND Alice! A LOT of work. i wish we would of had the budget for 5 more artists.

how fine you look when dressed in rage, Cheshire cat
falling apart
American mcgee patreon
alice3, alice madness returns
alice 3, alice asylum

I’m working on the comic i wanted to make for Nuerva, it’s a small story that doesn’t fit into a format of a Book. it’s a prelude basically that goes before the big book. underneath is a sample.

Nuerva comic, graphic novel

And lastly i’m working with a guy called Tim Massing and we are working on the upgrade of American Mcgee’s Alice. we found a way to upgrade ALL the textures, not just the ones that i made. Also we found a way to place more models and with the help of a friend, Kyle Ross we upgraded the HUD. BUT i’ll show stuff and make a new video and stuff when we Finish this upgrade. my plan is that at the end of this month we will finish it and upload it for everyone to use and let this bitch rest. there are stuff i’d love to change but it’s literally unchangeable.

So yup. going slightly mad but with all of this spare time i can do a lot of stuff i wanted.

Kill me.


DEC 2019!

So what’s new? A LOT. i had the busiest month i had ever had. 1. i few to Bucharest at the beginning of the month to celebrate a friend’s Bachelor party 2. I flew to Barcelona at the 2nd for an art project, i visited the Dali museum and i had my cards read! 3. Alice! i helped with hiring a new guy! Dario! who is pretty awesome! so i’ll try to show you guys stuff from my trip and highlights from, well, everything without this turning into a mess OH, 4. Comic!?

So how can i describe Bucharest? you see this picture of an almost naked dancer, pretty blurred and with a fat guy on the side? yup. that’s how it is travelling with 3 straight guys to odd places and strip clubs. BTW in one of them i went to the bar to get us all drinks when one of the strippers stopped me and said “Can i ask you something” so i was “YES! I’M *hair flip* GAY!” she laughed ans said, “Not that. i just think if you’d have long hair you’d be a pretty girl” so i showed her my makeup stuff with all the many wigs and she laughed her ass off. another one joined in and they invited me for shots on the house, it was funny and fun. so a lot of Booze, parties and just hanging out. it was fun! will i do it again? NOPE. i had enough steamy straight activities for a lifetime and i honestly prefer geeky stuff With booze.

Barcelona?! Ohhh shitty coffee. i live on coffee and fat fat fatty love handles. but seriously i need caffeine regularly otherwise i get dizzy as my blood pressure is very Lowww. All food portions are tiny, people don’t talk in english, as i said, coffee NOPE and tiny.


but i met a girl named Eduarda, she will work at the place as a fortune teller and i asked her on a whim if she wanted to come with me to the Dali museum and she said YES and we went!

I took a million pictures, this is one of the installations of Dali, if you don’t know this lady- shame on you. she’s pretty known. we went through the whole building, we went to lunch. at the rest of the days i worked at the project with two lovely ladies named Shai and Li. who are the artists that will build the lobby for the place as i’m more in the project side than a working artist. i gave them instructions and guidelines and a lot of materials to go through.

Shai and Li

so a LOT of booze, and we had tons of fun and we worked our ass off on the location. hopefully in Februar the place will open and i’ll be able to boast that i did this thing in Barcelona and hopefully my hair will grow it looks so fucking short in this image meh.

there will be tons of work to do there and we are in daily communication about the steps/design/thought process on what and how to do things. it’s a lot of fun and i think i’m good as an art-director. i hope i am! i want to go towards what i like most which is more game-related projects and art-galleries. let’s cross our fingers.

ALICE! so we hired a new guy, i never interviewed anyone but i did go through so many interviews in israel. i hated them. you ask why? well, i know i’m a good artist, you also do otherwise you probably wouldn’t subscribe here! so anyway, companies here told me that i “don’t have enough experience” bitch please. i’m an independent artist for years and i created a lot of stuff, i know my fucking worth and KNOW how to run a team! but it’s like a catch 22. they want you to work at a different company as an art-director etc and then come to them but again, no one will hire you if you didn’t do that and to top of it all off they don’t have Junior jobs because they export those abroad to china/russia/whatever. Lastly it’s mostly casino and cats/dogs games.

Dario’s work!

SO! after that rant. the process was that i usually got a test with NOT general guidelines but actual specific designs and with a request to make something on that line. At the same time when i did make something ON THAT LINE i was told it’s not what they wanted and it’s not good because it’s a copy. if you didn’t want me to copy then why give me a specific example? don’t give me anything, i’ll invent, tell me what emotion you want me to embody. Luckily with Dario we needed the Queen’s castle and he made it awesomely. I’m more of a render artist, i can render anything and we needed someone like him, that can make sketches and use COLOR. something i’m not strong at.

Tragedy, Next print!

i’m happy it worked out and i’m happy (well i hope) that our team is happy with the progress and how i take care of things. American yells at me from time to time to relax and be more chill and less anal. besides the pluses in anal i’m very organized and a stickler for details. it’s good a lot of the time but sometimes it does get to be tiresome to the other person.

COMIC. I want to make one from the materials from Nuerva. i’m looking for an Agent, people said that they got back emails of NO, i didn’t get emails at all which is far worse. but i had some small stories on how and who the main characters are but it doesn’t work in Book form. so i thought, why not make a comic?! I never made one! it can be a learning curve and it can be just… fun? so i’m working on it,. you can see the top there. the text is honestly a placeholder, i’ll write it AFTER i’ll finish painting the pages. i’m going to start with 6 pages. I don’t believe it will be viral (i wish) but it can be fun. why not. If it will i’ll do my own Patreon… because why not.

I hope next month will be a bit more easy breezy and hopefully i’ll loose some of the weight i got from all this unhealthy diet from this last month! thank you guys for supporting me!

Alice! Dolls! Exhibitions! Barcelona and Romania!

HI! here’s your monthly update! some stuff is happening artistically and some stuff is happening at work on Alice! so let’s begin with Alice. American said on the stream it took him a bit to get the MEME. i think only if you are a meme user only then you know Memes. friends of mine didn’t get the joke either, it’s funny as it’s my most Favorited image on IG! i love memes, love love love love them.

i found this cool cosplayer from Russia, @whitenoise_ai_cosplay and she is a really good seamstress! she made this dress for another cosplayer, it’s so amazing to me that people literally sit for hours to create something i designed- for me it’s a big deal! i love to sew but if you’ll see those dresses that I MAKE you’ll see that i’m not really good at that, i just know how to make it look eventually good. but it’s not sewn well! so to see someone executing something so well and exact, wow, i’m humbled.

i’m considering perhaps to revisit the dresses again when we will continue with Alice: Asylum. it’s like, the Denial dress and the Red Dress are mega popular. i didn’t see a Chaos dress or a Harvest dress yet but they are, i think popular by design. i don’t know if they were not created because they are too complex OR they are just not interesting enough? Either way, it’s clear that some of the designs will need to be revisited. so i think this can be fun and Also i really want a bunny onesie but it’s not on our pipeline to actually make those yet, perhaps in the future. i want to see a cosplay of that already!

still from all the Art we did on Queensland, this is the art that i liked most although it’s not in that realm. i really like the hands, i like how they came out, i can’t wait to get to depression to see how everything will click in that realm. i want to get my hands on the crying statue!! we are looking for a new Atmospheric artist, we needone but i Honestly, can’t find someone that i know their work, they need to work fast and be at mine and Joey’s level, every artist that i saw… didn’t really make the cut. so i’ll keep you guys posted, i wish we can get a good artist, we need the boost!

Now my news! After i finished the big painting “Silk” i thought that i needed a break and i thought to paint Marlin Monroe in another triangle canvas that i had and, well, it came out pretty horrible to i changed her face into this:

i don’t like the Old, Classic makeup, there’s something not slutty enough. i don’t love this painting but it’s cute, i think that when eventually i’ll get 20 good paintings to exhibit it’s cool to have some of them not masterpieces, although it’s preferred… DRESSES!

3 new dresses! and i thought YAY i’m almost done with them… nope. a woman called “Kesem” wrote to me on facebook about that she had TONS of jewelry and she thought that i can use those materials, in the pic it’s only 50% of what i got, it’s an ikea bag!! so remember these images! they might CHANGE.

So now i thought…. you know, i can 1. upgrade all my dresses 2. i have to make a dress that’s made of jewlery! so wish me luck! Overall with the dolls i will get in touch with a 3dPrint place that i got my eyes on and get a quote, OR fix my goddamn machine, it broke.

IMI: the last update, as i wrote before, the photography project was closed, i contacted a woman, Shlomit, she’s a Dr. in something academic, she wrote the text for the exhibition in English and Hebrew and i contacted a curator and we are actively looking for a gallery! i’ll update you guys when there will be news.

Barcelona! remember that i wrote that i’m going to create a lobby for a company? it should happen this month, so next month’s update will probably will be all about that. hopefully it will be a pleasant experience and i won’t want to kill everyone.

LAST ONE I SWEAR. i’m going to a small vacay, a friend is celebrating his bachelor party at Romania! so i’m going and it’s going to be fun, so again, next month, if there will be anything funny and interesting i’ll share. i’m planning to go to the strippers and take selfies with them and hashtags them “Photo-shoot!” so it will look like i’m actually working in Romania but i’m just at a strip club. LOL. straight people are odd.

How has it been a month already?

this month flew by, i would say literally but i don’t think time is a physical element. so Some stuff that i wanted to do last month were made! American kind of came back from his vacation with his newborn! who is adorable, mixed race babies are the best.

so he Finally showed some of the new stuff we have been working on! so now i can show off! HA! there’s so much so what i’ll do it just i’ll put them here, they are all going towards the realm of Queensland besides the last two. We have a lot more work to put there. i’m so fortunate to work with everyone, we got a kickass team.

Throne Room v1
The Sun
Gameplay, Hallway2
gameplay, Hallway1
Courthouse Exterior
Madame Pris’s tent – this is for Denial
Halloween poster

Sometime in this new month i’k suppose to travel to Barcelona to build/design a lobby for an escape room company. it’s suppose to be very artistic and creepy so i’ll make sure to take lots of photos, so expect next month to see them. i HOPE there won’t be a problem and it will happen this month. cross your fingers.

finally finished this art-piece (silk 2019) and now i’m off to the next one, it will be (below, Rabbit girl) and i might change the rabbits to something else, i found out that i really enjoy making up animals but eventually they need to look cuddly. my original idea for this series was to invent themes that actually talk about day-dreaming, drugs, alcohol, food and overall euphoria that you get from being high. for now it’s still very very preserved, i don’t know if eventually i’ll get what i had in mind but i go with the art, with the passion, not what my brain dictates.

Rabbit girl
Soft 2019
Dreaming 2019
HaSh’hora, Israel’s sex symbol

this wonderful comedian, “the black one” finally published the images i took of her, i really like them. Below here i’m placing video links to my facebook, if you are getting this through email you can’t see them to press the links for the Carousel and my New Dress!

IMI, my photography project is almost done. i have one image that i’ll probably take on Wednesday and that’s it. so i’ll wrap it up pretty soon and i’ll start gallery fishing. i think this will be a local exhibition. the oil paintings- i want somehow to manage to show them abroad in a solo exhibition. no idea how, but i feel that Israel doesn’t/won’t fit this art.

lastly, i’m considering a new tattoo, i want to place it under my left ear, about 5 cm. this is stuck in my mind for the last 3 months, i think i’ll sketch on my skin with an eyeliner to see if i feel like doing it. i’m still thinking about it. thoughts? and BTW my hair is growing great, i’m waiting for it to really grow and then i’ll show you how the transplant changed the frame of my face.

thank you for reading! don’t forget if you want to comment back write directly to this email! X

WTF how did a month pass by?

HI! so this month went through in a blizzard of heat. If you read last month’s babble you know i got a hair transplant to change my hairline, it came out GREAT! i can’t go outside to the sun which is fine by me because i don’t like it anyway.

Red line is my heart shaped natural hairline, the green is the transplant.

Work – Alice, has been going wonderfully! so much new art and concepts. If you know (if you don’t shame on you) M.C. Escher’s work, he created “Non-Euclidean Worlds” which means by going left you are actually going right and up. it’s a “mess” which is frankly pretty wonderlandi.

we made some new concepts for the location of the vorpal blade for picking.
vorpal blade “attraction”
the ride towards Queensland
the Moon

these are all for Denial. there’s so much to explore it’s stupid. we need so much art to do for Queensland- that’s the next realm. right now we only now Moved there, and i got some more art that’s new but it wasn’t shown yet… so you’ll have to wait. NOW! my trip! to Turkey for the hair thing.

the first day i went to the doctor for a final examination, (the next day was the procedure) afterwards we went to a nearby mall. which we found out is “old”
LEFT- VR which was hella fun. i’m really good at it apparently.
MIDDLE- a tiny, closed squared wooden room inside the mall showing that it used to hold wax figures of celebrities, in the image a poor and horrible version of Angelina Jolie.
RIGHT- the back “view” of my hotel, it looked like a shithole, i had to share.

VR, Angelina HOLI, Crap view

so this mall is so huge it had 5 floors and 3 minus floors with TONS of old and cool contraptions. a carousel, 4 roller-coasters integrated inside the mall! a pirate ship. a LOT of stuff. i didn’t really take a lot of pictures, i’m a person that prefers to be in the Moment than that with my phone. so in the picture below it’s just the bottom floor… but believe me you, it was packed with rides.
TOP- Bottom floor
bottom LEFT- a shiny pillar that was all over the mall. so shiny.
bottom RIGHT- a shark mouth as an opening to one of the roller-coaster rides.

Bottom floor, Pillar shiny, Roller coaster

So i literally felt i was in “Denial” for Alice, i felt like i traveled there to do homework. i didn’t go on the rides because my friend with me didn’t want to but we had a lot of fun at the arcade there. the rest of the days weren’t as interesting it’s just procedure and stuff. BUT i did buy a small carousel that i wanted for a long time and it was kinda cheap.

it plays a sad song

I love it, i’m going to recolor it of course and add pearls and whatnot. so hopefully next month you’ll be able to see the finished work! Also this month I had a blast with a friend who is a comedian, she wrote a book called “how to find your husband” which has a lot of conversations with perverts on Facebook and dick-pics.

HaChora “Israel’s number 1 sex symbol”

it’s 4 images in total but i’ll show them all only after she’ll publish them. it’s suppose to look very pop! the sand/sea/towel/umbrella are planted, i didn’t want it to look “natural” plastic is good.


i finished a new dress! my printing machine is a bit fucked up.. i’m so tired of it breaking apart. i’m actually considering perhaps there’s a service that i can print dolls at? maybe shapeways or something? i LOVE making the dresses.. the dolls not so much. but i got some more looks on the way, so next month another dress.


“Silk” she’s still wip but i’m pretty happy with how she’s turning out. the colors are wrong because of the camera but i’m so happy i’m back to painting, it’s such a relief to go back to painting! My photography project IMI is at it’s final stages, i decided to add 3 more frames and i’m waiting for stuff to come in the mail. after i’ll finish it i’ll give you guys a sneak peek, i hope you’ll like it.

Thank you for following my work here! i hope that next month won’t be a train wreck!

Progress, hairline and art!

So another month went by and some stuff is moving!! Can’t talk about it, sorry.

Monster high Electrified. i wish i could take credit for this design

Question, do you know about “Monster high”? Oh, do you remember when “Bratz” were all the rage and then they suddenly disappeared? My hunch is that whomever made that brand was sued by Barbie or someone and they had to reboot the franchise… so. “Monster high” was created. I’m a huge fan. I saw all the webisodes i saw all the movies.. i think i saw all of them at least. The last one i saw was from 2017 called Electrified. I loved it and their 3d really improved i have to say. I loved the new designs. Why am i blabbing about it? I want somehow in the future that they will make Alice dolls. People remake Monster high dolls into Alice dolls anyway. We can’t actually do it now, something legal something but i wish this will magically happen.

Botanical Garden, Denial realm. Joey’s work with my tweaking

I’ve been working with Norman, jennifer, joey and Alex to make the best art we can for Alice and we almost got Denial down. We have the locations but maybe some new locations will get added, like Madame Pricilla’s oracle booth something. I can’t stop my head going to Pricilla the queen of the desert movie. 

priscilla the queen of the desert

Things are going well and i hope that everyone on board is happy with our results, i just try to sync everyone. I’m painting! I bought new brushes two days ago and I found out that for all these years i was using the wrong brushes for oils! No one ever corrected me although I always asked in stores “does this fit oils” and whoiula! Painting is much faster and cleaner! I got some new designs i need to tweak before painting them… but this series will, i think, be my best work yet.

Btw i am creating another project, a photography project but until it’s not exhibited in a proper gallery no one will see it. Including online anywhere. Next week i’m going to get my hairline done, my hairline is heart shaped, i’m going to get a hair transplant to make it square. It’s in Istanbul, never visited there…. I don’t.. i prefer to visit somewhere else for a vacation but it’s not a vacay it’s getting shit done to my face trip!

Left – Before understanding the “world” right – After tweaking.

Not my first time going to the dr, had my eyesight fixed, nose done, i had braces for 4 years. Acne until i was 28, so lots and lots of money went to taking care of my skin and getting rid of acne scars. I got some injections in my cheeks- i lost a lot of weight and they looked deflated, so I bounced them back. When my hair wad long it was dyed and chemically relaxed, i’m a curly. Oh and botox on my forehead! So doing stuff to my physic isn’t new But this is the last procedure! Other than that I’ll get a facelift when i’m old but i think that’s it. Getting liposuction on my fat stomach is impractical- it grows back.

So wish me luck and that the turkish people won’t harvest my body for kidneys and lungs. I’ll try to get some photos for next month!

Finally got something right

HI! this month i’m going to talk about Alice later.. i got some personal stuff to share and talk about.

I have been going to therapy these last few months, never went, never tried to resolve stuff with someone’s help really. i learned very very early to kick out people who were terrible or dumb from my life YES including family members. and i built over the years a good steady family and good friends and i was the queen bee in highschool and had and still have Tons of good friends. Plus my husband for 8 years this august!

i’m very lucky but l also built this good and nurturing world around me, i took responsibility over it. I had a terrible childhood which fucked up things in my brain and that’s something i couldn’t “fix” and it does affect my life. Like, last month i talked about being a workaholic and that i work constantly and never take a proper break. so yes to your question, i get burned out a lot, every 4 months or so and i have times that i can’t do anything but stare at the wall a week at a time.

5 girls

I want to resolve anger issues and really understand why i’m afraid to really stop doing things. Anyway, I talked to my therapist and i resolved some smaller issues that actually have some major impact on my work. I thought about it, you know, i don’t enjoy creating dolls unless it’s for the fun of it and also Photography, I love to photograph and have a skinny pretty model in my studio, but again. Only for the fun of it, not to do it for a project.

Freaks Like Me: Billie Jean

so i decided not to do those things anymore, that is, If i want to photograph/create a doll I’m doing it for the FUN of it, not to make an exhibition. I want to get back to my true love which is to paint in oils. Now there’s another story there, perhaps just in my head but i hope you’ll get it. I used to paint dark images, a lot of black, dramatic and sad (obvi i was there mentally).

The Death of snow white, 2013

Eventually i was so fed up with those dark colors it made me want to puke so i tried to go 180 degrees to vibrant and colorful. That didn’t pan out either. I mixed it with instead of using models actually to sketch out ideas- from my natural hand the lines that come out are usually bizarre and surrealistic. so i tried that too, Didn’t pan out.

Israelsex Pride

I tried more poster styled art,

Omri artist

and than i tried pastels and it finally felt OK. Like yes this is the direction but “Not It”.

Dreaming Omrikoreshart

I am honestly trying to figure out who i am as an artist. Who and what do i like to paint, that is something of a mystery still. BUT i got something right. My latest painting “Soft” got something right.

Soft, Omri koresh

I don’t like colors all that much and i don’t like black and white images. i love a lot of light, i love beautiful girls, Lolitas preferred (which is odd because i like burly men LOL). i like, well, not positivity but more of a calmer tone? and with NO “But behind the mask” stuff. I like my images a but flat, i like the flatness. I’m still searching for that thing that will make me feel like a traditional artist and hopefully i’ll be able to pouch a good gallery to exhibit my work after i’ll have my style defined.

Silk – next painting

NOW (short) Alice news.

There are a lot of stuff i know that can’t talk about. i do have to say i was so suprised about the love that “Perfectly unbalanced” got. i had a discussion with a good friend of mine and she said it’s a masterpiece and i told her that i just wanted to paint those dresses pretty with a yin yang. She laughed at me and said that she doesn’t understand how I don’t understand what i painted.

Perfectly unbalanced, Alice asylum, Alice3

I fucking designed from scratch the Chesh plush, i mean who would of thunk that me, a HUGE random fan will create a cat that people from around the world will squish and love?! this is so cool! i made a physical item and it worked really well. American told on his stream that i’m helping out with organizing stuff and it’s true! we created the first draft for Shock and Slumber and we are working on the first draft for Denial. We got so many characters in this world, i hope it will feel rich as it should. I hope i’lll get a key role in designing the game. I don’t know how much American has faith in me but i hope that the next game will be even mroe amazing that the last.

Cheshire cat plushy

i want it to be DARK but not like a stupid 13th friday massacre thing. i want it psychologically dark and artistically None-Deviantart dark. anyway cross your fingers, thank you for reading (:

“Workaholic” isn’t a bad word.

What? Me a workaholic that doesn’t know how to stop and actually do nothing for a change? SURPRISED? i hope not otherwise it means you weren’t paying attention. But i have to say i LOVE my job, it’s amazing. i literally get to doodle stuff and make creepy things for money!

You know it’s not only that, it’s ALICE centered AND i get to coordinate everyone on the team! which i love doing because i’m a control freak! so it’s like this is the job for me. You know i hope that one day i’ll have enough resume that the gaming industry in israel will be forced to hire me and i’ll have a HUGE salary. Right now they tell me that i don’t have enough experience and i hope that after Alice… in 3 years? i donno… I’ll be king.

First i want to show you some of the new stuff i made for Alice, you can check out American’s Wiki this will be our “Blueprints” for Asylum.

Alice in Slumber

When i talked to him we got this idea on how to build it. We will do a first run on the realms and THEN on the Sub-Realms. After that the second run will be like a second layer, making more specific art for stuff. like let’s say walls or gameplay.

liddell House in Slumber and Shock

I imagine that we will have like a huge clock or huge wall that is a picture of the family, burning. so specific stuff like that.

Shock Atmosphere

We agreed on the White and Cyan because i told him, we need to stay away from Warmth. IF Alice is in shock it’s like she’s frozen and unable to comprehend what’s actually happening. and i imagine her moving crawling and doing stuff. what i missed most with Madness returns is that her movements were kinda limited.

Bunny Onsie

Besides i’m really having fun and i have so much stuff to do that it’s ridicules. But i’m finally getting the time to actually paint in oils. i hope i’ll finish my next image soon so i’ll be able to show it off.


I tried to make a storyboard but for the life of me i can’t do comics and i’m not a natural illustrator. I had so many people over the years asking me to create strips, comics, illustrations. I’m a classic painter/artist. YES my brain sees everyone as stick figures. Probably if this idea of the Mines will go forward Joey will revamp and totally recreate the storyboard.

Shock, Family portrait

the bitch is so talented. she always thinks outside the box, sometimes it takes a baseball bat to her head to keep her inside of it but it’s totally worth it.

Besides that my life is really great, me and the hubby are celebrating 8 years in August, I’m finally so close to save up money to get something I’ve been dreaming of for 10 + years… don’t laugh at me. a hair transplant! all of my pictures since i was 18 are PHOTOSHOPPED, that is not my hairline, i got a large forehead. i got a nose job, my glasses removed and this is the last Big thing. Probably when i’ll turn 40 i’ll get lipo on the pouch that is my stomach but until then… i got time. But not a lot! 7 years. I might look good but my back and arms and legs and everything is been hurting for the last 4 months, doctors can’t find why. I’ll try swimming soon, after the hair thing (: perhaps working out will help.

“Soft” still wip!

OH last thing, i decided a while back that i really don’t want to be in front of the camera unless it’s like for my own personal stuff. Not exhibitions but stupid Facebook profiles and stuff. Well, a good friend of mine convinced me to actually model for a clothing line. there are two more guys that looks SO much better than me and i’m afraid that i’ll look like a twat next to them. OR… or feel like the short and fat person that i am, which is never sexy. i’ll show you guys a picture or two next month if it will be possible.

Thank you for your support! Omri.

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