Berlin exhibition, i got the dates!

Berlin exhibition! i got the dates!!

first, thanks for feedback on last week’s design C is the winner! I agree, it’s the Best. So yup i’ll be exhibiting my work on the 10’th of march to April in Berlin. The 10’th is a day before my birthday, so it’s a cute present!

I thought about travelling to Berlin for 4 days but honestly, we are So tight with money this year that it’s not possible. As you guys know, we are going to buy a 3D print machine for my dolls.. materials. So much stuff that we need to buy and get for my career… I honestly don’t think we can afford it.

IF you remember I’m supposed to give them 2 art pieces, i wish i’ll manage to create 2 new dolls from 3d prints.

BUT i don’t know… Paintings OR Dolls? 

Art Updates



Surprisingly the first oil layer came out super close to the digital sketch. I have this weird tendency to give all my characters child-like faces with TINY noses and i lower the eyes and make them larger. I do it Automatically, I literally CAN’T control it. but besides his face, i’m surprised how FUN it was to paint this one. I have lots of details and skin and stuff to do, but it will be fun…. and just now i noticed i forgot the tattoo on the thigh- pinning that, will do.

Wonderchest 2017

berlin, wonderchest

Remember it? I was never happy with this design, it seemed not elegant enough, i didn’t like the general shapes OR the doll parts. it felt forced for me and the “Drawer” in the middle… something was a miss for me.

I re-did some parts.

Inside the drawer i made a small Wonderland Library, Alice in wonderland books, Alice objects, on the floor it’s written “through the looking glass” this was made with my phone, so when i’ll do it proper with a camera, you’ll be able to see more details.

I re-did the back and cleaned the top from the large construction that was there (took time but i managed to re-do the top) NOW, i’m happy with it.

I don’t know if i’ll add the swing OR objects on the top, it’s still getting dry from varnish, so only AFTER that i’ll be able to see it fully.

In conclusion

So, Berlin, i don’t know If i’ll want to show my dolls Or paintings, and i don’t think we can afford to travel. It saddens me that i just can’t get a job AND do studio work! I need a sugar-daddy LOL! no not really, it will be fine.

You can write me back directly to this email OR ON SITE HERE

What would you like to see? my dolls or paintings? if you had to choose one for this.