Campaign Rewards, Give me your opinion

Campaign Rewards, Give me your opinion


Hi everyone! We are at march! Today i finally posted one of the first videos, one in Hebrew, one in English.

Today i’m building the campaign rewards! I wanted your input on it.

I still don’t know exactly how much a book will cost, but i think around 50$. So that’s the number i’ll use. Everything is “+” so it means whatever reward before AND.

  • 1$ a special thank you (Video with me and my models thanking every single one and drink wine)
  • 5$ Video + 2 wallpapers
  • 10$ +2 unseen sketch panels
  • 20$ + PDF of the early sketches (full) Only for Campaign.
  • 30$ + Postcard
  • 40$ + PDF version of the book
  • 50$ Printed Book
  • 60$ needed?
  • 70$ needed?
  • 100$ Should i make an option for 2 books?

Single Stretch Goal: 10 more pages of just Sketches/unused art from the book.

Tell me what you’d change!

Thank for reading! You can write me back directly to this email Or on site here

2 thoughts on “Campaign Rewards, Give me your opinion”

  1. This is going to be so cool. I can’t wait for the campaign to go live!

    For the reward tiers, I’ve seen other artists for books do reward tiers that include merchanise. (Like the 30$ tier) Maybe if you made the tiers more money, you could include shirts or prints or something? Maybe instead of 60$,70$, etc. It was $80,$90,$120 so you wouldn’t lose any money in sending additional stuff.

    • I prefer to focus on ONE product, the other stuff is too complex and might up the campaign funds so high the chance this campaign will be successful might drop, perhaps at the next one though

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