Happy Christmas! Nuerva, Art and Alice

HI! so Happy holidays! Hannuka, Christmas, Satanic rituals whatever floats your boat. it’s going to be a new year in a few days and honestly it’s a nice number, 2020, like my eyesight- after the lazer.

  1. Some cool stuff with Nuerva, i’m working on a 6 page comic, i was told to put more pages but i think 6 pages to begin with it’s totally enough. i got the first 4 pages down! lemmi show you.

i have two more pages to create, i might go back to these frames and balance something out later on or change but i think they are consistent enough. are they though? do any frames look odd to you?

i decided that the correct style for me is realistic with touches of paint. i hope that when i’ll published the finished product with text and everything people will love it enough to share it without me begging! NOT KIDDING. it needs to be interesting enough to do that. but i think i might do more even if it will flop, it’s a cool exercise. Second thing, so i got this listing for Agents to go to with the book proposal, as i understood it takes YEARS. i need to understand how to write a proposal and then to submit it to as many agents that i can… i’m terrible with that but i so so hope that i’ll manage to pull this off.

2. I want to make video content but OF WHAT? got an idea for me? i’m good with shading people but doing it funny and i’m good with criticism. the problem as i see it- i’m not interesting, my art is. I need to be interesting because that’s how i can build a proper youtube channel/ a bigger following so when i will go to agents i will have people to “sell” to. although i’m fucking 34 in a minute i still have to compete with 21 year olds meh. tell me what you’d like to see!


3. i had a great photoshoot with a singer/actress Ruth Almog, the image above isn’t done but i thought why not merge photography into the oil project thing. i can see this being sold as prints, something more commercial. Also it’s a great way for me to meet people and other talented people that i love.

4. Alice. So American got his vision finally. so we are wrapping the Hatter’s domain and doubling back to Denial to revamp it. Which frankly, it’s going to be awesome, i thought from the beginning that Denial is the more interesting realms and shock and Slumber feel that they can be something else. no clue on what will happen to them. Also working on a single poster at this time so i can’t show it, sorry. Hopefully next post you’ll see the final version!

5. OHH I got a new tattoo, it’s the Golden Ratio. it’s a bit of a shitty image but i think it’s enough to show it off. i’m really happy with it!

These are all the updates for now! thank you for reading and again, write me if you have an idea on what to do in a video!

Israel and Got the last Quotas, Calculations are Done, Nuerva is coming on Schedule!

Hey! first of all, i changed the comment option, now you can comment using your Facebook, it’s much easier or, again if you are sign up directly to this email. I answer everyone.

israel, nuerva, omri koresh, painting, orgy, art, digital art, painter, amazing, art book, smiley, mask, smily

NOW! amazing updates on the book. So, after calculations and everything, the whole chabang, it’s- not cheap. But it’s done. I won’t write publicly how much it costs to produce but let’s say that after all, i won’t be swimming in dollar bills any time soon. As i wrote you, AdMagic are doing the creation of the book, (suggested by American McGee BTW) and ShipBob are doing the Shipping.

israel, nuerva, omri koresh, painting, orgy, art, digital art, painter, amazing, art book

I decided Nuerva must have a promotional Party (correct term?) a book launch, and the books are printed in China actually so they’ll be shipping directly to Israel to my place.

Israelis will have a different price then the rest of the world.

I don’t have answers exactly how much because i still need to talk to people in Costumes, it’s a bitch here.

Usa people will probably have free shipping! so that’s cool (:

OK! after talking to some of you- Rewards, for now:

  • 1$ Thanks, Digital Sketch
  • 10$ wallpapers OR Unseen Sketches
  • 20$ PDF sketches (+addon option?)
  • 35$ Wallpapers AND unseen sketches AND PDF + 1 more art
  • 55$ PDF book
  • 65$ Printed Book
  • 90$ (will probably change) Printed Book + Israel EVENT
  • 100$ Signed Book From Israel (25 Slots) + shipping
  • 120$ 2 printed books
  • 4,500$ Patron, Inner painting of book + poster

So these are it for now.

I’m still rendering some of the final art for the campaign video (image as reference for UNFINISHED) but Tomorrow you’ll get to see a new video of About the book. You don’t need to sign up to this listing again! i had people sign up multiple times. It really is enough once.

israel, nuerva, omri koresh, painting, orgy, art, digital art, painter, amazing, art book

I’m still confused about Indiegogo’s platform, it’s odd. Also i still have to do things at my bank and do things for the campaign like Mockups and stuff but it’s really, everything is one time. I’m just SO WORRIED that you know, it’s not going to happen. I need 500 people to make this happen, BTW after the actual launch, there won’t be a place to buy the book, THIS IS IT.

So remember you can Comment back directly to this email OR ON SITE HERE (using your facebook!)

we are at the 08/10 Week and at 192 Subs! <3

Campaign Rewards, Give me your opinion


Hi everyone! We are at march! Today i finally posted one of the first videos, one in Hebrew, one in English.

Today i’m building the campaign rewards! I wanted your input on it.

I still don’t know exactly how much a book will cost, but i think around 50$. So that’s the number i’ll use. Everything is “+” so it means whatever reward before AND.

  • 1$ a special thank you (Video with me and my models thanking every single one and drink wine)
  • 5$ Video + 2 wallpapers
  • 10$ +2 unseen sketch panels
  • 20$ + PDF of the early sketches (full) Only for Campaign.
  • 30$ + Postcard
  • 40$ + PDF version of the book
  • 50$ Printed Book
  • 60$ needed?
  • 70$ needed?
  • 100$ Should i make an option for 2 books?

Single Stretch Goal: 10 more pages of just Sketches/unused art from the book.

Tell me what you’d change!

Thank for reading! You can write me back directly to this email Or on site here

From what country are you? care to tell me?


Could you do me a favor and tell me from what country you are from?

HEY! OK good news, i finally found a fulfillment company that i liked with good prices.

I’m going to use ShipBob  I keep remembering their name like “SpongeBob” but instead of cleaning it’s about mail. They have a great Back-end program that will let me insert information and also track my goods! Admagic will be printing the book, a US based company so if you an American Shipping will be the cheapest. Indiegogo is the platform!

Tomorrow i’ll shoot my main video for the actual campaign, so wish me luck!

Some of you i know your country origin but some i don’t. I’ll write you individually in April anyway but i’d still like to know!

So! i really hope you saw my mum’s image/video, if you didn’t you can watch her HERE Or On site below.

She was the one that supported me throughout the years, the one that bought me paint & canvas. Everything she could afford. Basically she acted like a single parent as my father didn’t really help her financially, no alimony when i was little but when i turned 13 he started paying a small “fee”.

Next week’s images:



Running Out of the city

I hope you like my newsletter, we are at week 5/10

I really want my book to launch successfully, i hope that by the 15th of march i’ll be able to ask you about Goals stuff in the campaign.

You can write me back directly to this email OR ON SITE HERE

Animations, story and new art

Hey! so i’m going to do this one short. If you notice this isn’t Saturday. We are at week 4/10 and i only now finally finished the cover + book spine.

nuerva, book cover, omri koresh, digital art, painting

took me a few days to get the gold right and the face. But i’m super happy with the outcome. I’ll create the back later on. I made a small animation with cool narration from my friend Aviv Gavra. She’s a british singer and has a deep blues voice. She recorded herself in a minute on her phone, she just nailed it. Watch it here or embedded ON SITE

Did you like the video? give me your opinions, tell me what you think about this campaign. 

There will be four more, Let me show you 2 images that will have it.

nuerva, book cover, omri koresh, digital art, painting

She is the mother of the protagonist, It’s also my literal mom. I painted her! But the main difference is that he.she is reminiscence her.his mom because she actually died in the story. (Mine is Alive and kicking!) I’ll write about the scene later on. Second imagenuerva, book cover, omri koresh, digital art, painting

after being seduced. Waking up finding the main woman in the story smoking while leaning on a pillar of crystals. I think this might be one of the posters i want for this book- But censored. this is the full Butt Image.

I’m getting in contact with Amazon about delivery stuff and Amazon UK is giving me trouble. I think i might go with the more expensive delivery “blackbox” they are the creators of Cards Against Humanity, which is the best game. Ever. I prefer to get things DONE instead of being yelled at by amazon.

Thanks for reading! this is week 4/10 you can comment back directly to this email OR On Site here

how’s it going? Got updates and personal experiences.


I’m going to create a list specifically for people who want to know when the book is launched. (April) So i’m adding you to the list.


hey! i’m trying to create interesting ideas to promote the book, next week i’ll have a simple animation to try out. My hubby will do some narration as he has a soft voice. I really wish to get some exposure for this project. This is the image for the animation:

how, omri koresh. nuerva, art, book, painting, digital art

Also it’s been decided, I’m going to use Indiegogo for the campaign.

Kickstarter only work for people who are on their specific list, which is the same list as Amazon. I’m still hopeful that i’ll manage to pass the threshold for minimum of 500 books. I think it will be around 12k of a campaign /: that’s a lot.

how, omri koresh. nuerva, art, book, painting, digital art

Personal experience in writing

I wanted to share with you my experience as a writer this week. It’s not something that came to me very naturally, I talk and tell stories about my life etc, but never thought that i could write a book!

I told you last week, my friend Amit Bobrov, sat with me and literally gave me lessons in writing. He said that there are techniques, like giving your main characters a list of attributes and things i didn’t know about. At the beginning i was, not scared but embarrassed. I know it doesn’t make sense but being embarrassed that i don’t know how to do something or to do it well, i think it’s universal. But you know, i worked on it for a few years. It went through another literary editor after Amit, Tom Berco. She was great, she understood What i needed to push scenes and adding more volume to the characters. It’s like, i almost finished the book but then she told me like “wtf man, i know nothing of your narrator” I had this tendency not to write how i imagine.

how, omri koresh. nuerva, art, book, painting, digital art

So i had that dream i told you last week, i wrote it at 4am really fast, i wrote from that like 10 pages. Amit taught me and we turned it into a book and then, i started my BFA. So for 5 years i didn’t touch it after i got my degree I added two more parts to the story and took writing lessons from Amit. now i’m pretty happy with it, it’s not perfect but i’m cool with it. Even if people will tell me it’s shit i’m totally fine with it. I know this is my story and it’s all cool.

We are at week, 3/10 and if you want to unsubscribe please write me directly. I just now saw that there’s a technical problem with it, i’ll have to do it manually.

Thanks for reading, if you got a clue on how to promote this book, write me!


How did my book,”Nuerva” Began? I’ll tell you!


First, I got an important question for you

Would you pay Double for shipment if you’d knew 100% that there won’t be any troubles with it? Please write me an answer, this is important!

I got an option to use Amazon but i know from experience that they don’t ship All over the world. Like for Israel and some parts of the world like Russia. The guys from “Cards against humanity” created a company but they cost TWICE as much, but i kinda trust them More. Would you pay 9 dollars instead of 5 for US shipping for example?

how, Nuerva, omri koresh, painting, digital

(Censored version will be on FB, this is the full one!)

NOW for today’s topic, How this book happened + weekly art.

The dream:

When i was 24 or 23, i had this Really long dream, ridiculously long. I was at some kind of park, just sitting there with a book, don’t know which one but i was really focused on it. There was someone there saying there’s some sort of Killer out there, something very strange. Screams came from a far and i was taken suddenly to a slave ship. You know that there’s a lot of weird unexplained things in dreams? so yea it was like that, like strange cut-scenes.

So this “killer” was a slave trader, i stood in a line with all of them, shackled. The captain just sat on a big chair on the deck, i eyed him and he took me as a personal slave. We got to a city, a Black circular roof above it, inside a pier with brown docks and small hotels/restaurants/pubs. Everything almost in total darkness with tiny orange lights.

Taken to his apartment, I saw it was odd like the outside, it was dark, creepy, everything was black, after a while i met a cleaning lady who helped me escape. I met a man with a metallic melted smiley mask on his face. I met a woman named Amanda who was some sort of a trap for people who tried to escape.

how, Nuerva, omri koresh, painting, digital

(Who would you rather? Don’t really care about the outcome, just trying to make some noise online)

I ran on the main street of the city, i saw that on it’s edge there was sunlight, i ran towards it. I saw a bridge, three kids were running with me to get the hell out of there. There were soldiers standing at the edge of the bridge, they shot those kids down and when they were about to shoot me, i woke up. I honestly don’t know IF they shot me, i think i woke up because i was so stressed out, not because of the gun.

what i did

It really is MUCH LONGER than this, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Somewhere in the middle of this dream I realized that i was dreaming but i was so fascinated by the story i just decided to ignore that. I woke up at like 4am got to my computer, wrote down EVERYTHING i could think of, kinda came out stupid for not sketching out the schematics of the place and buildings so i don’t remember EXACTLY how they looked like. But i remember more or less.

how, Nuerva, omri koresh, painting, digital

(The Journals of Raymond Brooks, by Amit Bobrov. Amazing book, really. with my art.)


I decided to write it, create for it some art, nothing big. Gave some people to read it and they honestly really liked it! They wanted more, they told me it’s too short. Eventually, I met a good friend, Amit Bobrov, who pushed me into turning this into a book! I re-created the part of the dream and after some more feedback from friends. They told me that it’s still too short.

Amit gave me some writing lessons, techniques, how to build a character properly, how to create action schemes. So, i added 2 more parts, and i’m looking at the book in “Volumes” because each art piece is a thousand words!

So this is a BOOK BOOK. a lot of people think this is just art, NOPE it’s a BOOK BOOK with ART ART.

This thing became a monster, I wish this Campaign will be a success, i wish every one of you will want a book!

I need 500 orders to make this happen.

I hope you found this interesting, you can write me back directly to this email OR ON SITE

We are at Week 2/10 at 179!

Nuerva Updates, Campaign schedule and Promotional Photos of me!


FIRST: Kickstart Goals

Hey! i’m still building it but I got a question, IF you’ll get the book from Kickstart

Would you mind paying extra for a Postcard or a Bookmark? you need to pick one.

General updates

Listen this week i finally focused and wrote down everything i want/need for the campaign. i was a bit burned out for a week, i couldn’t do anything or think of anything, i’m juggling so much stuff at the same time i’m just constantly tired. I took a bit of a time out, recharged my energy and now i’m SO ready to go full on with my art-book campaign.

Ok you probably know this but last week i said i want it on the 2nd of April. So WE have 10 weeks until then, i’ll try my very best to get the word out and get people to put interest in the book. So each week i’ll publish HERE 2 images from the book, you’ll get the First, and on their own week, i’ll publish them.


first, nuerva updates


Luz thanks for the feedback on the font and Elad, It didn’t work, but great feedback!

I still have to actually Paint it, the whole frame, gold it and make it perfect but this is the final design, Personally i love it. I’ll make a mockup of it, like a book on a table.

Most of the art isn’t actually done, i still have to render it Fully, let me give you an example, (this is a crop from the image of last week)

first, nuerva updates

So i got 3 weeks to fully render everything, i’m not creating Everything sharp, just the parts that i want to pop out, i like the “paint” feel.

Next week i’m planning to promote two images! The picture of My Captain from the story

first, nuerva updates

and one of the darker themed / dramatic images from Vol1 (separated to 3 parts)

first, nuerva updates

Of course i still need to render everything but it’s there, i really love the outcome of both.

Last Thursday

i had a photoshoot with Tali Bakum, she’s a really good photographer. We did promotional pictures of me holding a cake, holding the N book, Holding a book i really like (the book of nod) that i’ll transform into Nuevra and the actual letter “N”. i still don’t have the images but i’m suppose to get them tonight or tomorrow.

that woman is a riot, she’s hysterically funny and we had a blast. She looks 17 but she’s 35! Smokes like a, a… in hebrew we say a “train” but a lot anyway.

We Got 10 weeks to make Nuerva Happen, I’ll also do simple animations and stuff, i’ll show you of course.

So, we are at 177, week 1/10

You can write me back directly to this email OR ON SITE HERE


kickstart, Nuerva Cover and How This process is going to work

Kickstart and Nuerva Cover

HEY! So, as titled, i’m still trying to figure out the Cover for Nuerva. Thanks for all the feedback on last week’s images, from that i gathered that i needed to merge two images together. So i came up with this design:

nuerva cover, art, omri koresh, painting, art book, LMS, dan luvisi, last man standing

My protagonist in the middle, the “box” around tells the story visually, and the Logo at the bottom and YUP It’s titled “Omri koresh’s” i think it’s important to have my name at the front.

But for the life of me, i’m not very good with typography /: so what font/look? pick one or give me a direction. Personally i like 3, but is the font better on 2?

Kickstart campaign (I want the 2nd of April)

I supported kickstart stuff but I have never created kickstart campaigns, this is the first one. So i started to search like WTF, how the hell am I going to do this. I actually asked American like How, he suggested to talk with “Ad Magic” They are a POD (Print On Demand) company, they printed his “Alice: Asylum” book and they are super nice and apparently The shipping is through Amazon! they work well with them!

I still need to become a seller through Amazon to use their “fulfillment” (which is basically shipping) but i’ll do that through a company i work for. I talked to the boss and he said it’s cool.

I need to create the PDF, which unfortunately costs LOTS of money, But i’m lucky as my friend Guy Danieli, the photographer, apparently can create books! the idiot never told me he could create stuff like that. He worked as a graphic designer for years but i thought it’s more web-based, not actual books and stuff, so he’ll give me a good price but i’ll still try to create the baseline for him as i already know what i want.

Look! a Pretty picture from the book!

nuerva cover, art, omri koresh, painting, art book, LMS, dan luvisi, last man standing

I got two friends, Daniel and Viki, they are helping me create the Bullet points for the kickstart money-steps-thing. Of course you’ll get a say on what’s cool and what’s not. Also they will help me calculate everything as i suck extremely bad with math. Imagine how good of an artist I am? right? got the picture? reverse that with math.

So the list is:

  • AdMagic – Printing the book
  • Amazon – Shipment
  • Guy Danieli – PDF for printing
  • Daniel & Viki – Counselors + Math!
  • YOU – Advice and Promotion.
  • Me – Everything else!

I created a Video about what i told you, Art-Book critique. I picked “Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter” by Dan Luvisi, one of my favorite books. You can watch the video HERE Or Embedded Below if you are reading this On Site!


Thanks for reading my blog, this book is going to kill me.

you can write back directly to this email or ON SITE HERE

Nuerva, Fantasy-Art-Book Campaign is NOW activated!


hey! i hope you had one amazing week, let’s cover my hectic life once again! (also why can’t i be normal?? why??) So as stated in the title, Nuerva. Yup i’m finally after what? 5 years? 8 years? ready to FINALLY start campaigning my book Nuerva. I was told it’s better to have a contract with a publishing company but honestly, i don’t know, it’s not like i’m expecting this book to earn me money, i’m doing this out of passion and because I WANNA MAKE A BOOK. it’s a goddamn good story too!

anyway. I need your help. You know that i make Book covers for clients, like ALL the time, i get orders in, people like to work with me, it’s awesome. But silly little me can’t decide what the hell i want on the cover of my own book. One of the designed i already showed you, but you’ll just going to have to see it again! They are mockups, not finished in anyway!!


Nuerva, art book, fantasy, book, art, omri koresh, cover

This is like the… artistic with hints of story and with christian inspiration. Something like a holy book


Nuerva, art book, fantasy, book, art, omri koresh, cover

Meet my main character, The main character in the book is written in Male and Female (apparently it’s called queer writing) and this is him.her! i designed the face as if me and Andreja Pejic had a baby and it looked like Ruby Rose by accident.

Nuerva, art book, fantasy, book, art, omri koresh, cover

Don’t know IF you noticed but I put this “N” Book in some of my paintings:

Nuerva, art book, fantasy, book, art, omri koresh, cover

Girl with wolf, oil on canvas.

With the N in different designs, but is it too bizarre for a cover?

anyway, Write me what you prefer for the cover?? A.B.C!? i’m busting my brain over this thing.

OH! She’s done

Nuerva, art book, fantasy, book, art, omri koresh, cover

I REALLY love her, i think i’ll start with oils next weekend, i think i’m ready.

WRITE ME, make me feel not alone in this cold and dark gloomy world!! (hence emotional manipulation)

Directly to this email OR ON SITE HERE!

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