Facebook block, Exhibition gifts and invites


facebook blocked for 3 days.

Why? because i said “Lol i look like a TRANNY” i wrote once the word TRANNY and because i can’t write it on facebook i’ll write it here! TRANNY! TRANNY! here me roar!!!! T-R-A-N-N-Y. Now that that is out of my system, i tried to use the actual block for my promotion of the exhibition. I got some images for the online invites but i’m not sure IF to make one from ALL the photos or use 6.

there are 19 images, should i create from each an invite?
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I talked to Nona and he said to use the actual FACE not a crop from the body. He said it’s more communicative and i agreed. Also i want to create some kind of Gift for the exhibition. For the last solo exhibition, 2015 at Hankin Gallery i created some cute bottles with stuff in them and labels. It was cool, cheap and people loved them, it was 100 pcs, so i want to do something like that with this exhibition that’s a Taste of the art. I want to print the art on boxes with candy or something. 

facebook, freaks like me

It can be cute but i’ll need to see Costs, i gathered it’s expensive and IT IS!
On Sunday i’ll meet my cousin, Shelly, the in-house model and i’ll make some kind of outfit for her. She’ll be going around at the exhibition and she’ll be giving people the gifts and cigarettes. i created a tray and stuff but you’ll see them only after i’ll finish her outfit. I don’t want her to be a waitress, she’s not going to clean OR hand people drinks, she’s the Gallery/cigarette girl.

BTW Ever since i changed my profile image on facebook- to that heavily retouched image of mine with Big lips and gray-blonde-hair i got a Million friend requests- and not only from old pervy men! so it just bumped my friend requests! magically! super strange, it’s not the first time i put an androgynous image of myself so i don’t get why.. but i will enlarge the lips in actual life soon, hopefully i’ll get the funds.

And I remembered one thing too, i know i said i’ll do proper art videos, I WILL but first i got in the mail the Black tooth paste and the black mask- i tried both of them, i’ll do a short video just for my personal facebook profile. hopefully it won’t be too boring, i made it very simple, without a lot of content.


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This is the last week, next week i’ll declare Who are the winners!! I’ll pay for shipping unless it’s mega expensive and i’ll ask for 50% for it. but i don’t think it will be too expensive.

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If you got like, insights on what you’d like to see from the backstage part of the exhibition write me! if i’ll get cool ideas i’ll do them!

Write me a comment OR back to this email OR on site!

Hugs and kisses!