HEY! i don’t have Good news but GREAT news, i just confirmed with the gallery about having my own solo exhibition and i got the green light! this exhibition is for…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE..

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Freaks like me, my new photography project!

The gallery is 3 floors, and it’s not HUGE but it’s big enough! so what i want to do is to photograph for you everything and show you guys some process work. I got 2 meetings this week about How to promote the exhibition and i need to close some corners with the gallery owner but overall, this is some amazing news.

Honestly i didn’t even think about making this into some kind of exhibition, as you well know i’m not the photographer… i’m a painter! even this project is 50% painted on top of the photos. I had the great luck working with some amazing models and people and i’m so honored that this project will be exhibited and Hopefully, accepted.

about the project

“Freaks like me” or FLM, for me, is about body image, sexual and gender definitions, separately. I tried to show my inner thoughts on how I perceive people and how I think other people think about other people. kinda confusing, but it’s like math,


I always find interest on how Other people look at themselves, we all have our own problems with how we see everything but I always think that we should celebrate the fact that we are not perfect, because that just doesn’t exist.

About the new exhibition

As i said it’s 3 floors, The third floor is THE place for the exhibition, i’m going to print the images on a canvas BUT not stretch them, just hand the actual fabrics on the wall. I think there’s something So sexy about how the fabrics hang, there’s something about the material and the way the fabric hangs.. (image not mine)



I also think it can give it a feel of almost Oil paints, the background of the images isn’t flat, i kept some digital brushes in..

The second floor is connected by stairs, i didn’t make a normal sketch but i doodled something simple enough,

i want to print crops of the images and turn them into boxes with a light in their middle, put them in piles. Close the entrance of the floor, (single room) besides a hole for a full head and put a projector in there with music. In that way the audience will get to experience the project as more than just images on the wall. i’m thinking about also adding lights/arrows, don’t know. I need to photograph the hallway to create an exact concept, that’s why the doodle is so.. crappy /:

Blog Promotion

YUP, it’s still on. We got another week and then the list will CLOSE. So tell a friend to sign up,


My girls are waiting!!


Thank you for sticking with me, we are at 111! thank you everyone for believing in my art, and remember

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