yes! another clan in the making

here’s the full WIP on the left,
so a good friend of mine modeled her face but she doesn’t know it yet.

this will be a matt-paintingXmixed-media something in between that, i’m not sure about her design i don’t know if she’s Lasombra clan enough

i’m basing this character on my friend’s personality, like if i take her only make her wicked and manipulative like Lasombra, how she would pull it off
i think in real life she couldn’t do it but in the fantasy world everything is possible

they are SO COOL! they can control shadows and shit! too bad they weren’t pickable in the game don’t get me wrong it was fun to play the nutty Malk but i would of loved playing a Lasombra.

and on another news i changed my ID on DA and that is actually a preview of a fanart pic of Adonihs/ Dan LuVisi’s- LMS and it will turn into a movie as well oh and the hair IS painted but that is my current hair color, i bleached the bottom part, i’ll dye it again to platinum in two months from now.

it’s a partly preview and not the finak design, i just kinda finished the face although i don’t really think it looks like me, mostly because i gave myself a nosejobe that hopefull i will do next year, and my skin is so smooth! and of course i lightened the eyes.

this one has to be at A’s level if it won’t be it will look SO BAD!

oh and on the bottom part,
i’m wearing a corset.

until next time.

go have sex.