Malkavians: Ash & Adam

***drumroll*** YES THEY ARE HERE!

so i finished those two bastards- Finally- so  now i’ll re-give you their Bio, (BIO after the Jump!!) as well as a Wallpaper at the end.

i’m quite happy with the outcome, post me a comment of what you think of the wallpaper.


And the wallpaper 1600×900!
Bio is After the Jump!

on a side note i wanted to do the tutorial that i promised and i wanted to do it in flash because i saw a lot of people doing that and it’s so comfortable to use flash with a tutorial! so i tried, no success but a friend of mine Will make me the basic thingie so i’ll just insert my images so you could flip them (:

and another thing!

yes about the Guy on the left!

a model named Jason Aaron Baca sent me an email saying
that he wants me to paint him so i will, working on it right now actually, it will be finished soon so stay tuned.
oh, and he’s hot.

like really hot!

You see that “Read More”?? GOOD CLICK!!- For bio.

They are brother & sister*, they were embraced by a Malkavian Sire, as children they were raised in a Catholic house.

Trish/Ash: 23 yo, 1.75, 55 Kl

Trish* was raped at the age of 11 by the Priest of her hometown catholic Church, she never believed in god anyway, in response, at the age of 13 she seduced him and poisoned him while they cuddled in his bed. the plan was created by Adam, her brother.
Since then she played with men to get whatever she wants, at the age of 20 she started to study Law in a University and at the age of 23, at her birthday, she was embraced

She started to have violent outbursts due to her maklavian power but in time she learned to control it, she’s physically powerful and easily annoyed, only Adam can calm her down.

* her Real name was Patricia, her nickname was Trish and after the embrace she changed it to Ash in claim that Trish is too girlie for a Vamp.

And! she has a thing for cats.

Adam: 27 yo, 1.83, 75 Kl

Adam was always the shy one, kept to himself, when Trish confessed him the rape she went through, he stopped believing in god and he gave her a plan for the murder of the priest.
As a grown up he started studying bio engineering at a different university and although he was at the top of his class he dropped out and did a tour of the far east and afterwards of Europe while maintaining a steady relationship with Trish, which when he was 24 he told Trish by phone of him being gay while having his first boyfriend in barcelona.
he planned a visit to the US for Trish’s 23 birthday.

He can see the future and he is the one that makes the plans and has the patience for both, is hardly annoyed but when annoyed he is dangerous. after The embrace he stopped being so shy and became extremely Vulgar.

The Embrace

they both were drunk and their soon to be sire seduced them both and he embraced them, with the permission of the Camarilla. he needed two people, a man and a woman in order to test and experiment on their malkavian powers.
he was planning only to embrace her and a different guy but at the last minute he saw how they are so close he decided to embrace him instead of the original guy.

after a some years they decided they both had enough for working for their sire so they made a plan of escape, didn’t work, so they made a complicated plan of how to frame their sire with something so the Camarilla will execute him, it worked, they got all of his estates and his money.


This bio is kinda Partly because i didn’t go into the details just something in general so For Me it will be easier to understand their personalities in order to paint them better (:

hope you like Cheers (: