Artist, March 19 2022

Artist, hey! Sorry I haven’t updated for so long but i have some great news and some general updates to cover.

i released a song with a singer, it’s a poem from my novel that my sister composed for me, it came out a 7 honestly but I don’t mind. For me it’s an art project!

Will never ever make a project like this again. Thank you world.

Artist, Link below!

my pitch Xoa is available to read:

the funny part is that I asked American if he can just give me some pointers on it, just so I can elevate it and he liked it so much he placed it with the pile of pitches of the studio 😗 will it see the light of day? Probably not, but it’s very flattering!

Opened a store in my site! I have prints finally and t shirts. Also, I want to design more shirts and buy from myself 😂 but the idea is to sell art to make art. I want to raise enough to print my book again. Finally a second print run and hopefully on a thick cover!

i’m right now actually on vacation! I’m in Holland Rotterdam enjoying coffee and listening to the cat babysitter, I didn’t have a proper vacation for the last 3 years!

i signed with a gallery on a SOLO exhibition in June 2023. With proper promotion and I keep painting! I got my mojo back to paint now that I got a date I have a REASON to push myself

alice work should be finalized in December. I wish we had the budget to get more artists but we can 100% do it on our own. And I’m versitle enough to mimick any style if we need some spice! I’m kinda terrified honestly. What tf will I do afterwards.

novel and game?

I want to write my second novel and it’s building up slowly, the first book took me 10 years. Learning how to write, finding an editor and making the art. So I hope with my current experience it will take MUCH less time, and I want to learn animation and finish my anatomy course. I think it’s important to at least dabble with formats of art.

so a whole lot of movement. I love being an artist and I just wish that I will always be able to 1. have artist to boss around 2. make money from being an artist. This year was good to me, let’s hope I’ll be a great art director for a big project next year!