My new nose & Art + Process shots

YES! i admit it. all of my pictures are photoshopped you never saw my real nose. no you di’ent *hand gesture saying “Oh No you Bitch”* well i’m here to reveal the truth but before that some rabble ’bout art.

so people ask me how i paint in Oils so i thought why not just show it! so there you go
(soon i’ll get some proper pictures of new work and upload everything to DA and my facebook)

The final product (almost)
Sketch! i sketch my idea first, i was thinking of a woman that looks ghostly flying above a dark city of some sort, with an abstract dark background
 i project the pic onto the canvas: take a picture of it and edit it to have as much contrast as possible (right)

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i project it and draw it on the canvas of course, on this canvas there was an older painting which i disliked so i covered it.
i usually put the basic tones, here is pinks blacks blues and whites
i smudge everything a it should be blurred and very general
and from here i just keep defining shapes and colors, i’l take a good picture of the final product after i’ll steal my friend’s camera.
so i’m working on some miniatures i’m making two chairs and a table and some other stuff you’ll see process shots and other stuff soon, i just don’t have enough interesting material to show right now, and on other news i bought a new doll! i’m making my own Alice doll! look! she’s slutty no doubt but her features, besides having blue eyes she has the characteristics right, i’ll paint her face to resemble Alice and make her a dress and i have to point out, HER HAIR. she’s bald, like really, that hair is an allusion, i took out the ponytail and apparently she’s suppose to stay with it because she’s bald, i had to glue hair extensions (that i used to wear) on her head, and surprisingly it’s at the same color. and that thing that pops out of her hair? factory defect apparently. next up! Vampire Diaries, don’t know if you are aware but i painted “Vampire Touch” which i just hate and apparently the composition of the heads that i liked so much was taken from this poster, so i decided to just paint the poster, with some minor changes that makes it so much better. it’s just a WIP so don’t go all “they are missing pores” on me.
Ivy and Quinn, just a WIP, you’ll get it shortly and for your screen too.
now! my new nose. in chronological order.
real one!
how it REALLY looked like
right after the surgery!
at home, healing
after taking that thing off my face
it’s Swollen!
my birthday invitation poster i made from this pic.
after a month of healing, a lot of the swelling went away but i understood that it will change..
final comparison, left with sleep right without much sleep, hence black around the eyes.