painting project + Oil painting progress

Hello again! you will see when i’ll finish the oil paint you’ll see a video of it on UTube, not me painting but the actual process, here’s where i’m at right now (left) my work progress is combined several steps:
1. concept sitting on my mine for at least 3 days
2. pencil sketching/other to get the “Vibe” and overall design of my painting
3. find a model, take a picture, create from it the digital sketch which suppose to be 80% done like the final image, no need for extreme details.
4. projection of the image on the canvas (notice the aspect ratio!!) and trace all the details possible using a pencil and print in color the digital sketch.
5. paint an acrylic layer for color testing and to save oils (THIS IS THE STAGE I JUST FINISHED)
6. paint in Oils big brush to tiny tiny tiny brush

now let’s put aside good art and focus on the shit i’m doing for school, you wanna read?

this year’s big painting project will be made from small paintings. i’m suppose to create 25 small paintings with acrylics and guasch mixed with metallic colors and here are the first 10! now i’ll just babble till the end. you don’t have to read anything basically i just hate blanks.

i’m basing the images on a book i made called “7”
for photography class in my first year which a different teacher called it “shit”

and next year i learned photography with him and not my likeable teacher in my first year and i learned a

lot of new things like for instance i hate photography,
“Artistic” photography because mainly i LOVE photographers like David Lechapelle and Merkley??? who create, well “Magazine” work kinda style and i love all the glamor and the celebs and what not, i mean Warhol totally understood me! so that idiot made me understand why TONS and TONS of Israeli photographers don’t get jobs in their profession.

because they make uninteresting “Conceptualizm-Meaninizm” work instead of taking care of it’s visuals.

i heard about a lot of people that want to be photographers but to tell you the truth 90% of them suck.

these pics aren’t very good and there is some metallic colors here and there so the light plays a factor in these works so take notice!

when i’ll finish the other 15 or 10 if i’ll get lazy and i’ll stop caring i’ll take proper pics of these and the exhibition so you’ll see (:

one time this guy told me he wants to take some pictures of me and he asked me what i’m studying and i said “Arts” and then he showed me some of his stuff and he asked what i think so i said “they are just fine” and he was “fine? what does that mean?!” so i said “Fine as in good” and then he asked again “what do you mean exactly?” so i said “They are not shit and they are not professional looking they have

potential and overall good measures in contrast…”
and then that son of a fucking bitch said “hmm. i don’t want to take your picture” and i was thinking to my self YOU FUCKER!! I WANT A NEW PICTURE! I LLOOOVVVEE THE CAMERA!

well, he’s gone now. i’m waiting for my Alice book so everything’s all right in Queerland.

HAVE you NOTICED the NEW layout OF my BLOG?! do you like it? i grew tired of the black, it reminded me of porn blogs.

which i like but after reading awhile your eyes hurt that’s why it’s for porn, you don’t read,

one hand in your pocket and the other on the mouse.

now i’ll just write something to fill up the gap.