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hey! how are you? personally i’m working my butt off to make my photography project come Alive. I had some trouble finding some specific models for my project but luckily i found alternatives. For this Amazonian look i needed a Bodybuilder:

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I needed a VERY muscular woman / bodybuilder for this one, i want to make her into a warrior-like plastic toy. Her skin and her whole design should look more or less like in the sketch. I also wanted to tell you that i bought SO MUCH cheap junk from Aliexpress, those fingernails!! and the model’s finger-long-things. The two whole sets were  7$ each! wtf?! how the hell is it so cheap? i’m thinking about doing a video tutorial about how to shop there! i think i’m on to something with this online shopping!

Please, make me stop buying shit I don’t need.

sculpture, aliexpress, buy, shop, deals, cheap
I also bought several wigs that i’m so going to use on myself and everyone else. The one in the Pic is SUPER long and cost around 8$. I modified her and now it kinda merges with my natural hairline. so i pushed it back and i’m going to do a Jesus themed image of myself. No idea what is going to be in there but it will be cool. Also i have a lot of leftovers from jewelry so i’m making this shoulder piece to include in the Amazon’s Design.

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About my sculpture / Dolls

Don’t know if you remember but as i said, i’m not going to continue creating new dolls OR sculptures. It was a lot of fun creating furniture and cute stuff but honestly- It’s not my passion. It’s more Fun than Art for me. I want to focus on my photography Project “Freaks Like me” and my new oil series which i still didn’t title. Also the fucking book! I want to paint!

I gotta sell my dolls but i’m utterly clueless on what platform i can find for Art. Because, RedBubble is cute but it has nothing to do with Art. Maybe, I thought of Ebay or Amazon? but i’m not sure on if it’s even relevant to sell my girls like that. They are more than just random objects and i want to give them a proper stage.

sculpture, adrianna 2016, doll, art, artist, omri koresh

Someone told me that i should create a background-story for each girl, like a “Bad Apple doll” -used to own one btw. You can see her funeral here.

What do you think? i mean these are ART objects, sculpture, not a playable doll for stores and stuff, if i’ll give them a small booklet with them, will that make them seem like a Cheap store-bought object or will it be cute and they’ll sell? I love these girls but i want them to be displayed and loved, right now they are just collecting dust in storage.