Updates, Computer was in the shop and new Exhibition

updates, HEY! I didn’t update for two weeks, as my computer was in the shop! sorry for that But you know.. it’s my baby so it shouldn’t have problems ever.

SO WHAT IS UP? lots. I got so much stuff to write about i’m basically watering down everything.

GOOD NEWS, Updates

  1. I got a new small exhibition on the 23rd.
  2. My 25 minutes interview was recorded but they are having problems giving me the materials.
  3. I was invited to be a guest in a Panel of people who talk about gender equality in society, I was the “art side” of course. AGAIN, VIDEO…. Sometime later.
  4. I just had a small interview on my new exhibition on the 23rd, and i’ll start focusing on my DOLLS.
  5. My “Amir Guttman” Painting became a facebook sensation

updates, amir guttman

For my readers who are not from Israel i’ll explain who and what he was. He was a successful singer, dancer and choreograph gay man living in Israel with his children and husband, he died from drowning because he was actually saving his niece from drowning (stupid human error) and WHILE this was happening my country tried to ban Gay couples from adopting on the notion that we are SICK.

That’s the true face of Israel folks, where trans people can’t write their “new” gender on their ID, where two “dads” can’t be DADS on the child’s birth certificate, where Gay/lesbian people can’t LEGALLY get married. don’t let people tell you otherwise, this is directly from the horse’s mouth.

More Updates, AMAZING news!

The Great “Michal Sadan” who, i’ll remind you, is a Big shot in the local art scene is backing me up as a new upcoming artist. We sat down at a gallery exhibition she had and we talked about What my future should be. She said i should focus on my Dolls and create DOLLS, not anything else, D-O-L-L-S. So i said OK and that’s what i’m doing.


I got some fabrics i want to sew into dresses so i’m preparing the dresses beforehand for all of them, next one will be black (:

August Sale

it’s actually working! HERE


In the pic my fav piece (strange for me it wasn’t sold)

BOOK: Nuerva

But the book IS COMING, it doesn’t matter that i’m focusing on my dolls, i’m doing it still! I got around 23 paintings to finish the art section and after that i’ll need to layout the book itself and see if it works. Probably remove and change some of the frames… I’ll need BETA TESTERS, If any of you is interested, drop me a comment! but it will take a while, i’ll write you when it’s relevant although you’ll get updates here always.


Also…. I know this is so sad… i started to write the second book. i just had like the first paragraph down and i couldn’t stop writing, i’m pretty much at the middle of the basic story line. In the pic, one of the design layouts i thought for the logo and concept.

Story Time: Annoying people are annoying.
WARNING: This is kind of a rant, you can skip to the bottom if you want to.
I’m also considering doing this a weekly spot, i got lots of annoying people. Thoughts?

One of the models’s mom bought her print of the exhibition, which is a great compliment for an artist to be bought! but she bought the image from the gallery and TOOK IT OFF THE WALL. in the middle of the exhibition. Now that can happen, people can get confused and what not, it’s fine, it’s the gallery’s responsibility to make sure things like that don’t happen.

Anyway, so afterwards i wasn’t mad, i told the model just to drop by my place to i’ll be able to give her a certificate for the work and to sign it… you know, it’s a work of art… that’s how you evaluate the work… she said she’ll drop by. After a while she said she won’t and call her mother. I wrote to her mum like “Hey, this is the artist, when can you drop by the studio?” and also i mentioned that the gallery should of told her to wait with taking the artwork.

The bitch started ranting on about how Unprofessional i am and how RUDE i am for accusing HER for taking the art away… although i wrote “Gallery owner” not her. So I wrote to the crazy bitch that she’s rude and good luck and clarified that it’s, again, NOT her fault, it’s the gallery’s responsibility.

I talked to the model and told her her mom is a bit crazy and if she wants to drop by for a cup of coffee she can welcome-ly. She went nuts! i told her like her mum, it’s not her fault, it’s the gallery… “Would you take a painting off a wall in a museum?!” i literally asked her that. She told me i was being rude and not aware of myself and ignored the question.


right before she blocked me she said that they are not interested in the painting…. like i care… so i blocked her from everywhere and replaced her face.

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now she has a strange face but i’m so attracted to it…. she’s wonderfully strange.

Thanks for tuning in this week! i got SO MUCH UPDATES TO COVER. it’s ridicules.

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