“Workaholic” isn’t a bad word.

What? Me a workaholic that doesn’t know how to stop and actually do nothing for a change? SURPRISED? i hope not otherwise it means you weren’t paying attention. But i have to say i LOVE my job, it’s amazing. i literally get to doodle stuff and make creepy things for money!

You know it’s not only that, it’s ALICE centered AND i get to coordinate everyone on the team! which i love doing because i’m a control freak! so it’s like this is the job for me. You know i hope that one day i’ll have enough resume that the gaming industry in israel will be forced to hire me and i’ll have a HUGE salary. Right now they tell me that i don’t have enough experience and i hope that after Alice… in 3 years? i donno… I’ll be king.

First i want to show you some of the new stuff i made for Alice, you can check out American’s Wiki this will be our “Blueprints” for Asylum.

Alice in Slumber

When i talked to him we got this idea on how to build it. We will do a first run on the realms and THEN on the Sub-Realms. After that the second run will be like a second layer, making more specific art for stuff. like let’s say walls or gameplay.

liddell House in Slumber and Shock

I imagine that we will have like a huge clock or huge wall that is a picture of the family, burning. so specific stuff like that.

Shock Atmosphere

We agreed on the White and Cyan because i told him, we need to stay away from Warmth. IF Alice is in shock it’s like she’s frozen and unable to comprehend what’s actually happening. and i imagine her moving crawling and doing stuff. what i missed most with Madness returns is that her movements were kinda limited.

Bunny Onsie

Besides i’m really having fun and i have so much stuff to do that it’s ridicules. But i’m finally getting the time to actually paint in oils. i hope i’ll finish my next image soon so i’ll be able to show it off.


I tried to make a storyboard but for the life of me i can’t do comics and i’m not a natural illustrator. I had so many people over the years asking me to create strips, comics, illustrations. I’m a classic painter/artist. YES my brain sees everyone as stick figures. Probably if this idea of the Mines will go forward Joey will revamp and totally recreate the storyboard.

Shock, Family portrait

the bitch is so talented. she always thinks outside the box, sometimes it takes a baseball bat to her head to keep her inside of it but it’s totally worth it.

Besides that my life is really great, me and the hubby are celebrating 8 years in August, I’m finally so close to save up money to get something I’ve been dreaming of for 10 + years… don’t laugh at me. a hair transplant! all of my pictures since i was 18 are PHOTOSHOPPED, that is not my hairline, i got a large forehead. i got a nose job, my glasses removed and this is the last Big thing. Probably when i’ll turn 40 i’ll get lipo on the pouch that is my stomach but until then… i got time. But not a lot! 7 years. I might look good but my back and arms and legs and everything is been hurting for the last 4 months, doctors can’t find why. I’ll try swimming soon, after the hair thing (: perhaps working out will help.

“Soft” still wip!

OH last thing, i decided a while back that i really don’t want to be in front of the camera unless it’s like for my own personal stuff. Not exhibitions but stupid Facebook profiles and stuff. Well, a good friend of mine convinced me to actually model for a clothing line. there are two more guys that looks SO much better than me and i’m afraid that i’ll look like a twat next to them. OR… or feel like the short and fat person that i am, which is never sexy. i’ll show you guys a picture or two next month if it will be possible.

Thank you for your support! Omri.