April 2019

UPDATES, so many updates. stuff have been going on, personal stuff, profession stuff and Some artistic blocks that needs resolving. Obviously i’ll start with Alice updates and some cool news.

1A. Alice.

omri artist, orit fux

I made some promotional stuff, it’s so cool we got talented people on board. i SWEAR i didn’t need to retouch anything with her body makeup, it was Flawless. I did however changed the bottom to a skirt and the top a bit. but i didn’t need to thin her out or change anything she did, it was kind of a relief. Usually i got to do a LOT.

sacrifice your queen, chess pieces, alice, shadow alice

IF you didn’t know “Sacrifice your queen” What is wrong with you? i have worked on it for 3 weeks, a fucking complex art piece. usually in a company 2-3 people work on this kind of thing. usually merging 3d assets into the poster and merging it with paint and stuff. well.. this almost killed me. i have an idea to create Alice with the Jabberwock, Riding him or having her “Face” him but in a more artistic abstract way… haven’t figured that one out yet but, you know, let it bubble.

norman felchle, alice, queen of hearts, jabberwocky, snark

norman felchle , mad hatter

Norman Felchle. Goddamit Norman! you make me look bad! i talked to American about having him on board and he said something in the lines that he was thinking about it. it’s kinda funny we were oddly on the same page. I think that Norman’s line of design is so ugly and pretty at the same time. He IS the design master behind the original characters From American Mcgee’s Alice. He should redesign/Design more characters in the new game. I loved Ken Wong’s vision for Madness returns but i think we can totally dial it down into something more dark and Western.

I also though that Norman’s version of the Queen (right top corner) is wonderful, he made a head, i tired to design the body… Nope. i couldn’t copy his style so i just made one from My personal take

alice asylum, alice 3, queen of hearts

I think His queen design is better and more fitting, he designed her and i colored her. I can’t show it yet, as American has to have first privilege. but i have to say that i think classical screaming queen is BEST. My idea for my Q. was that we will always see her from a far, she’ll talk to a servant softly behind the fan, hiding her mouth. and she’ll look beautiful but afterwards she can turn into a “monster” when you’ll actually see her face move, think of those parts not like porcelain, more like parts of robotic plates. it can be interesting to see a queen that looks like a twisted beautiful version of Alice.

cheshire cat, Plushy design, omri koresh

CAT. the problem with designing this guy as a plushy is that he doesn’t actually fit to BE a plush. his head is huge, his body is too small and thin and having a metal frame inside of him will make him so un… cuddly so what’s the point? this is the last version that American showed. He already went though more changes but he said something right, the factory needs to create a sample to see wtf will come out of him. Perhaps in ORANGE?

1B. Alice2, The GREAT news is that now i’m a full pledged employee for American, Asylum. up until now i was 50% but now i actually had to turn clients away, it’s ridicules, iv’e been looking for a steady job for the last 6 months and a moment after i signed with American for a full time… i got like 3 offers for a full time gig. wtf. where were you?

1C. Alice3, I pray. Well, i don’t pray as there’s no god but i.. wanna say… pretend to pray? for the lack of a better term. I’ll be able to nail the gig for an Art Director. American doesn’t have one in mind right now, Personally yes, Ken wong can come back and blow our minds again BUT i think i can pull it off- and not barely. I wish i can be actually considered for the job. i want asylum dark but not gore. Not bloody and childish, i want it DARK. I don’t know what or if that’s possible but it’s So far away, even if it’s possible, i’m just sharing with you guys my blah blah like i always do.

trains people, trains.

last but not least, i’m going to design some trains, logistics, maps, fast travel things for the game. i have no idea how large the game will be and of what scale… but this will be fun so make sure to keep your eyes opened by large metal things like in clockwork orange.

vampire bloodlines 2, malkavian

2. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2. I’m a HUGE fan of the original game, i have made some fanart from the original game but i haven’t made much. i’m also a Lara fan but again, not painted her a lot. but i did make some fanart because the new game is Coming!!

Denis richards, vampire
wtf clan is this? bruah?
Nina Naurielle, Ventrue

Nina Narurielle did a makeup test for the Ventrue look (left). it’s pretty awesome, i painted on top of the image. I really wish that their new characters won’t look like they got stuck in 1992 in a dark episode of friends, drinking a pepsi and playing Atari listening to Vengaboys. I mean my childhood was the 90’s and the fashion was terrible with butt ugly makeup. Please make them a kardashian. give them actual taste.

3. Personal stuff. Lately like a half a year lately, i felt like i’m stuck. in every way. financially, finally after a drought of 6 months i feel so much better now that i got a proper job with American. so i know the bank won’t kill me anytime soon. But artistically, i couldn’t concentrate on my personal work. i’m working on a photography project, i photograph people and turn them into other people, specifically Celebs. it’s a play on identities as all the final outcomes of those people will be total failures and will not actually look like the celeb they try to imitate.

so i’m booking models, looking for specific people (not showing anything right now from the project) and i’m aiming to 10 sets of 3 images each. 3×10= 30 images. Also i HAVE finished sketching out my oil paintings digitally but i’m finding myself not wanting to touch the canvas, it’s stupid. i’m a good painter, i know how to work a brush and when i can get into it… literally a full day can go by and i will forget to eat, i NEVER forget to eat. My earlier boss knew, never ever make me wait for food, EVER.

talking about food- i gained a LOT of weight, 10KG, 22P, over the course of this year, i got a stupid injury in my left knee that pretty much left me not being able to do any kind of aerobics. BUT apparently i can swim, and i was a good swimmer as a kid! so i will go for it, i need to exercise, it keeps my brain balanced and i’m not a naturally thin person.

i’m also planning something i have been saving up for the longest time… this is going to sound so vapid but i don’t care. Hair transplant. No i’m not going bald, my hairline is actually very high… every single picture that i upload is retouched. that is NOT my hairline. i had some “modifications” in the past, so i’m not new to be under the knife… Not the lips actually. so i actually might do that first and i think i’ll need to wait for 2 months to go into a pool. i think it can be a good excuse to let the knees really rest.

so now i’m balancing out my diet, my bank account, trying to get to the bottom of the oddest reason why i can’t touch a canvas. i mean the first layer is there

but stop looking at me like that, i WILL paint you eventually. perhaps the stress from the last 6 months had left some kind of block i need to remove. dunno.

thanks you for reading my blog, i so appreciate it. i’m really excited for this new chapter and making the game as best as i can. hopefully i can cover a lot of the ground work before production. <3