About: Censorship

did you know that DA (deviantart.com) have a policy that hard cocks and spread pussies are forbidden as “Art” if you didn’t, you should, because i saw myself some spread pussies that could fit the world inside of them. i didn’t see hard cocks though.

and i have to say that i saw incredible art in the REAL art world that has cock and pussies doing what god intended for us to do but i understand perfectly DA because it’s a site that has a lot of Teens and Teens are horny like fuck and if they won’t forbid it it will turn into a porn site.

up until now i painted three images who are very naughty, like Paris Hilton only with good taste.

OH YOU WANT TO SEE? (of course you do, you pervs)

SO!! first up Collin Farrel & Francois Sagat the Sagat is my favorite porn star, he can take it up the ass like a real champ, so i searched the internet for a picture of Sagat getting it up the ass so i found a very photogenic photo here is the original on the left, i loved the composition and their skin is so shiny and pretty although i prefer white pale pale pale blond bleached blond gaga blond guys with huge muscles and chest hair. love albinos.

this was actually separated by 6 square each 25×25 CM the exercise was to paint a paint in parts, so together it’s 75×50 CM i merged it with photoshop and it’s acrylics on cardboard and when i presented it to the class i separated the parts by 15 CM to each side, it came out very pretty so here’s my paint

when i painted that my family freaked especially my mother. such hypocrites! there is so much nude arts of women and literally porn painted pictures that are in important galleries and people buy them just like any other art! sex is a part of life!

second one, Poison Ivy, i just knew i had to paint my Ivy perfectly! i found a reference and copied her anatomy and the rest is made up look!

so i didn’t spread all that much her pussy it’s mainly color, i gave it a texture of a wild flower, and her nipples i gave them a touch of flower shape and some pink juice, a face that resembles a china doll, a baby face, Large eyes! and that pretty pretty red hair, too bad it can’t be a natural hair! and some animals in the background, and if you can notice Batty over there.

i put time and effort in designing her and i still think her pussy isn’t all that wide, i saw worse things on DA, oh btw i hate painting boobs, i just suck at that, they always come out as squares, i don’t look at them so i don’t really paint them (:

next up!! LUCIFER!! the devil!

i always wanted to paint a large hard cock, just once because i didn’t have one on my gallery, i think diversity is key to have an interesting gallery and uniquenessess, so i thought “Hmm, if i would paint the devil, how can i make him look like”
so of course he had to be gay, hot, sweaty & kinky & popart related so i mixed up my favorite things, white hair, muscles, fire, tattoos blood and sweat. OH! and shit load of piercings on his cocksicle.

so this was about censure, i hope you enjoyed it, until next time that i’ll paint something that’s M rated.