Alice HD 2020 mod and LIFE

HI! i’m so tired! this month was hectic but i did manage to finish some projects. One of them of course is the Alice HD 2020. i hears some morons complain about how we should of done the maps and that the models look bad and that we fucked up the gameplay. Nope.

DECIDED TO MOVE TO NEXUSMODS.COM i prefer their platform.

we are trying to upgrade Alice herself but honestly the game just won’t allow us to import her back into the game. it’s like it doesn’t like us! but we will figure it out eventually, maybe, hopefully. honestly this game Needs a redo. like my dream right now is that we’ll get a greenlight on Alice Asylum and then we’ll get somehow a deal to remake the original Alice. this can be so awesome.

don’t get me wrong, it’s not like my brain will stop thinking on how to mess and maximize this pack, it’s STILL ON. but it needs a total redo from scratch with a new engine. otherwise it will NEVER look good. as i understood the maps are not actual 3d models so they literally can’t be upgraded like a 3d model that you can extract and use.

Other things? i got a big, local publisher here asking me if i’m available for commission and i did 3 covers for “Old Man’s War by John Scalzi” i’m attaching crops, not the full image because i’m not doing the graphics and in books you need to keep spaces with “nothing” so the text will be readable.

i have never really painted in this style and i never got a chance to paint landscape! so it’s refreshing and i could apply all the stuff i learned from Marco Bucci’s courses, it really paid off! HA! Also i redesigned Lani Lenore’s Nevermor covers and created another cover for her “Needle Eye”

i told her i hate painting curls (which it 100% true) and that because she’s white she thinks curls are beautiful because all my life only white people told me my natural hair is beautiful and it’s not and if there was an injection to make me blonde i would- she didn’t laugh! i’m not racist goddamit lol. i’m just really pro wigs. if i could wear wigs all the time i would. it was so hard to paint the hair i had to merge in stock images, i just couldn’t figure it out but i like how it came out.

why do i do memes? first reason is because my brain works in Memes, like “Karen” “Chad” “Shaniqua” “Becky” “Cat that says no” all of these horrifying Memed characters, i can relate, i also don’t see a Karen as white, i see her as a personality, a man can be a Karen. i have met Gays who were Karens. I met women who are Chads, i have met white ladies who are shaniquas. we are ALL the cat that says no. All of us. Memes are Personalities, not color. Please insult each other equally. fyi “Boomers” are just Downers, not actually people who are 70.

Also it’s hella funny.

COMIC! i got a model to fit the last part, the “Leader” for those who read the book. so i’m merging him in the comic, i’ll finish it soon, this corona business put a hold on everything. i’m studying Anatomy, properly, for the first time in my life and it’s boring like hell BUT i started to apply what i’m learning and it’s really awesome. AUDIO BOOK is coming for Nuerva, i want to learn animation to make clips too. i’m going to get surgery on ly left arm on the 17th and it’s With general anesthesia and i want to get this over with already. you probably saw that i’m wearing a cast in all the videos, it hurts all the time. i wish that after this surgery it will stop hurting. Also i’m on a diet, i got to lose some weight. agh.

so i’m really swamped, really tired and i need a vacay. so i’m going to close Commissions for a while, i haven’t done that for YEARS. i’ll rest and play “outer worlds” more. Thanks for listening to my babble! I hope this corona thing didn’t screw you over, LOVE (: