Andreja Pejic ‘s sense of humor and NUEVRA!

Andreja Pejic,

Andreja Pejic Presents: Sauna, the slutty perfume

I’m watching Andreja Pejic on Instagram and i saw she uploaded THIS:

Andreja Pejic,

and I LOVED the image and as i was looking at it, you can see my comments to her, i just blurted out that it looks like a cheap ad for a cheap perfume. It’s awesome she noticed me and found it funny!

So, i just painted it! i wanted to try to paint an image that the skin tone is actually NOT THERE, and i never tried to do something so magenta, so i thought why not. it’s good practice and it’s pretty funny!

Andreja Pejic,

this is with the graphics, and I modeled the perfume bottle like a sex-toy. it’s ridicules, i love it.

Andreja Pejic,although i want to pat myself on the back! i think it’s a good painting! it didn’t take me that long but it’s not bad! what do you think?

I knew Andreja Pejic since she was Andrej Pejic, she’s the first Transgendered model that walked the runway as a male and a female, i was suprised that she turned into a “she” i originally thought that she’s just a pretty boy.

ALSO, I have a video of the process, HERE or embed below if you are ON SITE.

NUERVA (btw It’s vocalized Noo-Err-Va)

I’m outlaying the book for review by my Beta Group. If you are interested PLEASE WRITE ME, Unless you’ll write ME you won’t get in. Back to this email OR ON SITE

i did the full layout of Vol1 (it’s parted to 3 parts) and it took me about 5-6 hours, so i believe that eventually i’ll do 6+6+6+(fixes)6=24 hours in total for creating the basic layout. i wish i could get How to translate it to hebrew, for my mum.

i want to give her a translated version- i thought of using google translate and just give it to her. No clue if it will work though, it might turn gibberish.

So this week i’ve been working none-stop on this book, i finished the art and i’m super excited for your feedbacks!!

AH, go see IT (2017) it scared the shit out of me, it was awesome.

If you want to be in my Beta, write me to this email OR write me ON SITE

Thanks for tuning in this week!