Nuerva – Artbook Beta listing, L.i.f.e & Family

nuerva beta listing

I KNOW it’s not “Beta” as it’s a book and not a program but an art book, BUT I DON’T CARE

Nuerva Beta Listing, IS OPEN 5/20.

nuerva beta listing

IF you want to sign up to my Beta (Proof reading)

write me directly to this email OR ON SITE HERE

what this includes?

  • You’ll be able to read/see the art fully in a PDF format.
  • I’ll need 2 weeks answer tops.
  • you’ll qualify IF you ARE A READER of fantasy books!
  • other stuff will be listed but this is it mostly.

Write me goddamit, make me feel not alone. I have 5/20 slots. (Hero and Zach you are already in, thanks for the comments)

I got about a month or two to wrap the art and the designs for commentary, after that it’s a journey to wrap up the art to become perfect.

About the Family!

One of the images i can show you now actually:

nuerva beta listing

This picture is my mom holding my older sister as a baby. My dad took this photo of them, I got the my artist from him, obviously.  I’m actually including this image inside the book, Repainting it. My main character is based on elements from my personal experience and world and like me- i’m a mama’s boy. The mother in the story is different from mine but my mom is actually painted as the mother in the story. I really love this image, she should be about 26, i think, my mum had me when she was 35-36, and me and my sis have 10 years apart. BTW i have an older brother too, 16 years apart.

I love this image so much but it’s stupid- we lost the original, this is actually a scan of a print of the image, not a scan of the original photo image. it’s good enough, it’s not like it’s DH, this was taken almost 40 years ago.

I’m so excited for this book, and i’d love if you will want to hear about it and help me with letting people know that this will be amazing. We are at 153, we need to get to 300 eventually, i need your guys support (and money, duh) to create a successful kickstart campaign. Honestly, i feel so fucking blessed right now.


If you didn’t know @beautiful Bizarre Magazine published one of my works! I’m attaching an image below, and after it an Embedded version of the Instagram post ( i don’t know if That will work on an email platform)

nuerva beta listing

Loving @omrikoreshart’s new photography series “I’m Not A Doll” that explores body image, sexuality and control.

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I have no idea how they found my work but it’s cool! i got like 100 people on my Instagram that day, i’m so honored! besides me and the hubby celebrated 6 years together. My sister got a HUGE makeover by ME. You actually don’t know this, but she’s a singer, she’s a GREAT singer actually. I’m embedding a video below of a cover that they made of “Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang” OR Click here

She wants me to create some kind of Video for this song, maybe an animation? i have no idea how to animate though. Maybe i’ll learn!

Besides that i’m kinda relaxing at the moment, it’s very unnatural for me but a TON of work is going to come soon… i’ll get the 3D printer soon and you’ll get a flood of dolls!

I thought on making tiny booklets and stories for them- like in Bad Apple dolls, but i’m still undecided.



Omri (: