Animations, story and new art

Hey! so i’m going to do this one short. If you notice this isn’t Saturday. We are at week 4/10 and i only now finally finished the cover + book spine.

nuerva, book cover, omri koresh, digital art, painting

took me a few days to get the gold right and the face. But i’m super happy with the outcome. I’ll create the back later on. I made a small animation with cool narration from my friend Aviv Gavra. She’s a british singer and has a deep blues voice. She recorded herself in a minute on her phone, she just nailed it. Watch it here or embedded ON SITE

Did you like the video? give me your opinions, tell me what you think about this campaign. 

There will be four more, Let me show you 2 images that will have it.

nuerva, book cover, omri koresh, digital art, painting

She is the mother of the protagonist, It’s also my literal mom. I painted her! But the main difference is that he.she is reminiscence her.his mom because she actually died in the story. (Mine is Alive and kicking!) I’ll write about the scene later on. Second imagenuerva, book cover, omri koresh, digital art, painting

after being seduced. Waking up finding the main woman in the story smoking while leaning on a pillar of crystals. I think this might be one of the posters i want for this book- But censored. this is the full Butt Image.

I’m getting in contact with Amazon about delivery stuff and Amazon UK is giving me trouble. I think i might go with the more expensive delivery “blackbox” they are the creators of Cards Against Humanity, which is the best game. Ever. I prefer to get things DONE instead of being yelled at by amazon.

Thanks for reading! this is week 4/10 you can comment back directly to this email OR On Site here