how’s it going? Got updates and personal experiences.


I’m going to create a list specifically for people who want to know when the book is launched. (April) So i’m adding you to the list.


hey! i’m trying to create interesting ideas to promote the book, next week i’ll have a simple animation to try out. My hubby will do some narration as he has a soft voice. I really wish to get some exposure for this project. This is the image for the animation:

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Also it’s been decided, I’m going to use Indiegogo¬†for the campaign.

Kickstarter only work for people who are on their specific list, which is the same list as Amazon. I’m still hopeful that i’ll manage to pass the threshold for minimum of 500 books. I think it will be around 12k of a campaign /: that’s a lot.

how, omri koresh. nuerva, art, book, painting, digital art

Personal experience in writing

I wanted to share with you my experience as a writer this week. It’s not something that came to me very naturally, I talk and tell stories about my life etc, but never thought that i could write a book!

I told you last week, my friend Amit Bobrov, sat with me and literally gave me lessons in writing. He said that there are techniques, like giving your main characters a list of attributes and things i didn’t know about. At the beginning i was, not scared but embarrassed. I know it doesn’t make sense but being embarrassed that i don’t know how to do something or to do it well, i think it’s universal. But you know, i worked on it for a few years. It went through another literary editor after Amit, Tom Berco. She was great, she understood What i needed to push scenes and adding more volume to the characters. It’s like, i almost finished the book but then she told me like “wtf man, i know nothing of your narrator” I had this tendency not to write how i imagine.

how, omri koresh. nuerva, art, book, painting, digital art

So i had that dream i told you last week, i wrote it at 4am really fast, i wrote from that like 10 pages. Amit taught me and we turned it into a book and then, i started my BFA. So for 5 years i didn’t touch it after i got my degree I added two more parts to the story and took writing lessons from Amit. now i’m pretty happy with it, it’s not perfect but i’m cool with it. Even if people will tell me it’s shit i’m totally fine with it. I know this is my story and it’s all cool.

We are at week, 3/10 and if you want to unsubscribe please write me directly. I just now saw that there’s a technical problem with it, i’ll have to do it manually.

Thanks for reading, if you got a clue on how to promote this book, write me!