Attraction, Photography, Nuerva + Commisioned


Hey! this week i had Tons of work, let’s start with yesterday. Me and Guy finally had our Shoot with 2 models. They are not the original models I wanted to photograph- the original two cancelled because they realized- suddenly- that it’s on Friday and they WORK! wtf? i asked them at the very beginning if they are available! well, it came out even better because we got even better models! Oleg and Vika “attraction” models.

Project: Attraction (pending)

attraction, guy danieli, ShadowSkropsI love russian beauty. I acted as the Art-Director for the shoot. if it’s controling the makeup, style, poses etc. But i think i bounced off ideas well from guy and the Makeup artist, Shirel Bubis. OH btw, I bought a fabric to create 2 leotards for the models and we got a designer to actually sew them, it came out so crappy we bought in the morning 2 new ones. So we wasted a lot of money and time over this leotard thing. OH! i sewed the granny pants.

attraction, guy danieli, ShadowSkrops

In the Image, Shirel and one of her works with Guy. In the middle f the day she asked if i could make a small video for a friend of her to send her, apparently i have another fan! well, sign her to the blog! LOL. I have no idea what kind of filter she used on our photo on top but it looks Super strange, doesn’t it? kind of too plastic. Anyway, Shirel is a really good makeup artist, she did EXACTLY what i wanted, which is always hard. i’m dying to show you the photos but Guy will kill me. Our project “Attraction” will look Amazing at the end, i saw the proofs.

attraction, guy danieli, ShadowSkrops

This is the final look, i wanted it to resemble A-sexuality and i wanted them to look very much like each other. i think it came out great. the leotard make their chests flat and very… un-sexy, the large underwear and the socks (up to their knees) made the bottom part masculine. The wig is modern art kind of, i think the combination of the whole thing made them look very doll-ish and unattractive. It’s great!


there’s this Youtuber named Morat, he commisioned me to do his art for his channel (avatar and banner) you can see his channel HERE he has some cool videos in Hebrew! and we actually made a video when he came by, i told him, “promote me goddammit!” i need the exposure. He said sure and it was a lot of fun!

attraction, guy danieli, ShadowSkrops

I got the sketch for the avatar done, i’m going to paint it probably today or in the next few days- tomorrow i got another shoot with a local tiny celeb- i’ll update you next week if this will actually happen.

attraction, guy danieli, ShadowSkrops

he wanted the Good side and the Bad side and i wanted to chop off his double chin. He said i can go for it, i wonder how well i can render this one, I don’t have a lot of experience in creating Gore. but i want it sharp! and i’m recording the video for him to insert into the clip.

Nuerva update

This book will drive me one day over the edge. I FINALLY found a Fantastic proof editor (?) i call her the “Grammar Lady” because i don’t actually know and neither does she, on How to credit her correctly. Her name is Stephanie, she’s super nice, Super professional, didn’t cost me a fortune and was was to talk to. A lot of people tried to fix things in the story that were supposed to be written Wrong like- one of my characters has an accent. It’s suppose to be written Wrong to Sound like the accent. And she Got the story, the world, she accommodated it well. So now i got a Perfect Copy! i have to do the ART. Paint Omri Paint!!

The idea overall is to focus on Oil paintings and Nuerva so now i’m finishing projects and Not (hopefully) adding new ones in to be able to do that, I need this book to work and i want enough art to be able to show you guys and get some feedback.

Thanks for tuning in for my weekly babble, I appreciate you so much.

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