Attraction, Yet Another PROJECT! (Please Someone make me stop working so much)


HEY! Remember i talked about Guy Danieli, the AMAZING photographer:

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Well, the man can Shoot. If you remember i talked about doing a project with him, you probably remember.

I call this project “Attraction” for now

Anyway this is really happening, we talked to two stunning models, Anna and Erika. He’s tall and skinny (fuck him) and she’s beautiful and petite…. and they look like:

attraction, photography

I’m looking at them and i’m SO JEALOUS. They are so goddamn skinny, WHY DO I LOVE FOOD?! I need to go to some sort of facility so they’ll brainwash me into hating to eat. Anyway, they, hopefully, be perfect for what we had planned. We thought about creating some sort of story between a man and a woman, both androgynous, Un-sexsualized and both wear the same clothing and wig.

attraction, photography

this is the layout for their design, the wig will be a bob style and obviously black. We both had a blast brainstorming the idea over a bottle of wine…. or two. So wish us Luck, the shoot will be on Friday the 7th (next week) I hope i’ll manage to do a small video for the shoot. It will be fun.

Freaks like me update

I photographed the last guy, my Alpha, he’s called Saar. A very hot 19 year old boy that will hopefully look like Thor when i’m done editing him. A VERY good model i might add, it was fairly easy to move him to look Exactly how i wanted him to look like. Some of the models i work with get the fingers wrong and don’t have good posture or move too much. I prefer to have more control… and have pretty people in my studio of course!

attraction, photography

Now i can start editing. I know i said i started but i couldn’t really commit to it- i just now finished the Circus project so now i can concentrate on a different style and really devote to it, i have NO IDEA what or How this will come out and i can’t show it online but cross your fingers that a real Magazine will pick it up for display and if not- Boredpanda.

Thanks for tuning in! If you want you can comment back to this email Or on the site itself. Also if you have a question for me or just want to say Hi, you know where i am!!!…. (working in my studio because sleep is overrated)

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