My Corona!

Hi! how’s the corona? are you going slightly mad? here everything is strange. on the one hand the government said that now people can meet but on the other hand people seem to think that there’s no more corona! it’s like the Joey Speaks french Meme but with Corona. these idiots will kill us all.

Alice asylum, alice 3

the latest art that i made took me almost a month and i’m taking a break from making those. usually this kind of art goes through 3 artists. a 3d artist, one that makes the back and another one for the characters. usually some parts are made in 3d and everything is merged… i did this alone but Norman helped me with the animals and Alice and Cheshire’s pose.

some other stuff happened, i finally took 3 courses. 2 from Marco Bucci and one anatomy course which i’ll start in two weeks probably. i took “Illustrating Children’s books” and i took “Painting Digital 3” and with those i finally learned how the hell to paint expressions

alice asylum, the moon, denial

I never EVER could paint expressions like this, i’m so happy i took the course, it fixed some issued i had with drawing. the problem is that with my Degree they didn’t explain how things worked and told me basically “painting well is bad, it’s boring, make shit. shit is good, shit is wonderful. poop. poooppp. popopopopoooo.”

alice’s Room in denial

it helped me with sketching out ideas quickly and understanding where things go exactly. it’s not like i didn’t know or was a bad illustrator but i had issues that were never really resolved. even my mom didn’t have anything bad to say- that’s saying something! i’m hoping that when i’ll finish the anatomy course i’ll be able to draw people much easier directly from my head. I USE MODELS. i call one up S.he comes and i take photos of all the poses i need.

The black city of Nuerva, Duarte

and i pose them, take pics, integrate it, paint over the images, etc. i hope that i’ll need that Less and i can improve on that. when i paint people from my head it’s still Not there. it doesn’t look right, i need help with that. above is the comic i’m working on! it’s a prelude of the actual book. small stories combined with one element. it will be only on digital tho. Oh and if i haven’t mentioned it, i sold all the physical copies of Nuerva and i’m not sure on how to promote it yet. i’ll figure that one out.

Our upgrade on AMA is continuing, we have some technical problems but we have good news, perhaps we found a way to upgrade Alice herself. Maybe- we have problems with the programs. i’ll let you know, Also she’ll be the Only model that will be upgraded, we don’t have time or need to update anything else.

I’m going bald. i’m taking the bald people’s pill now. it’s been like that for the last 4 months, i’m shedding hair like a dog. my left hand will probably need surgery to fix stuff there and i can’t seem to be able to ditch some pounds i’m struggling with. WTF i hate getting older. 34 isn’t fun. i saw on Thursday this 40 year old guy who looked… bad and he was referring to my cousin and I as “young kids” like, i know i look young, my cousin is 10 years younger than me, but like… am i suppose to look like him when i hit 40? wtf.

it reminded me- i had my eyebrows micro-bladed and now they look Always like i do them when i do my makeup but Very natural! i’m extremely happy with his work. i drove an hour and a half just to get to him. Israel- top to bottom is 4 hours, so comparing to the country- it’s a lot. that’s why i saw my cousins… they live at that city.

Besides i’m so over this corona thing but at least now i’m setting up dates and see friends and give them the goddamn book copy they ordered! I really wish you guys will like this comic. it’s an experiment and i think 60 pages. when i’ll finish it i’ll need testers so i’m counting on you.

Long Time No update! So let’s get to it

HI! So much stuff happened since i last wrote here so i’ll try to make it not all over the place as a i can!

1. First you all know, i work with American McGee on the Alice: Asylum project. i have to say i’m so surprised i actually get to work on something so grand, i REALLY hope i’ll get an actual job overseas from this. Having a stamp that says “This guy worked with EA Games/American McGee” Is a Big Deal!

The dresses were a HIT! now i’m doing other stuff i can’t show you until American publishes them himself. BTW he invited me to go sailing with him in Thailand, like i have the money to pack up and leave, still a sweet offer!


2. I’m making new girls! AND i’m exhibiting the dolls again in the same place i exhibited several years ago, Comme Il Faut in Tel-Aviv.

These are the girls that are Now there, i really hope they will sell well, i need the money AND i need assurances to know WTF i’m doing. honestly, i just want to sew dresses without the dolls, i love making the outfits. BTW they are now semi-articulated. I moved from molds to 3d print and i keep improving their designs to, hopefully get to total articulation!


3. PAINTING! finally. So i got some new sketches and new ideas and i feel like i finally know what i want to paint and how and color schemes and what-not. Now everything clicks. You probably know i create a digital sketch and then paint it in oils:

My hand always creates this unrealistic sharp styling and it’s always a bit illustrative, i like it, do you?

My next one is “Dreaming” (digital sketch)

i just made the base so there’s still nothing to see. This is, hopefully, how it will come out eventually. I think i’ll go a bit more Bunny than fox on those Fennecs, i think i’ll decide when and what when i’ll paint it. I also want to learn classic painting techniques, i’m serious when i say that i’m still technically not good enough, there shouldn’t be a reason why i can paint digitally like that and not in oils.

4. I signed a contract with a hotel in Tel-Aviv called “The Diaghilev” which i can’t find a proper picture of the hotel so i’m putting an Alice one. but it’s a boutique hotel and my paints will be merged with the rooms and lobby. it can potentially be a good income OR NOT.


5. Nuerva, My art book didn’t happen this time around but it’s OK. now i’m trying to fish out a publishing company, hopefully one of them will say yes and i’ll get a book deal. If not i’ll self-publish it myself BUT i’ll separate it into 3 parts and make it a lot more modest size-wise and probably hire someone professional beforehand. So this is definitely going to happen, it’s just a matter of When and How. my book is fucking amazing and i can, potentially add even more art to it if i have the time, or make revisions, whatever.


6. Randoms: i had two projects that were suppose to happen but got cancelled. the first was to create a lobby in Barcelona for an israeli company that makes Escape rooms, the deal was off once i heard the words “Volunteer” and “Exposure”. The second was a mobile game i wrote a while ago, the other guy as much as i love him just didn’t put the hours. But i AM helping in a project for/with a friend i wrote about, Nona Chalant. It’s called Club Kids, i can’t say more than that right now but it’s Nona’s project, i’ll be able to show stuff from it When i’ll get an OK, we are 4 people on this.

7. this site has been Revamped. Comments are now connected to Facebook! But you can always write me directly to this email. I got a STORE! i got a proper HireMe page and PDFs that show my best work for galleries etc. A grown-up site! HA! and i’m considering to update once a month, i think it’s legit. I always have so much to talk about but i don’t think necessarily you guys want me to spam your email. So unless you say otherwise- i think once a month is cool, i’ll put my new work up, show you some progress and stupid stuff.

So remember or Write me directly to this email OR CLICK HERE and leave me a comment using your facebook!

Vacation to Amsterdam, faceapp and Gallery updates


Hey! next week there won’t be an update because i’m going to Amsterdam with the Hubby! a vacation! this will be the first time we are going abroad together, we are together for 6 years and going strong. He’s an amazing partner and one day in order to marry we Will need to fly over to… somewhere.. perhaps Copenhagen to get Married Legit. We are married but because Israel is too primitive and religious it’s not Legal here. Fun. There will be Someone In the house- if anyone thought of breaking in! and two frightening cats!

vacation, bad apple, doll

(pic me, pre-nosejob and Pedro) Last time i was on a plane was when i traveled to London, I met a friend of mine, Pedro, which we Surprisingly didn’t have sex and just traveled around London and bought shit we didn’t need! I bought my first AppleDoll there, Lanua

vacation, bad apple, doll

Eventually i started modifying her until she basically broke and I decided to bury her in the forest.

If you want to see the Videoart that came out of it CLICK HERE Or Go on site and see the Emmebed version HERE:

A friend of mine helped me with the project, it was extremely funny and YES she’s actually Buried in a near-by forest. One day, someone, somewhere will find that small coffin and wonder WTF. Hopefully my Cross symbol will be so recognized that it will be sold by the millions LOL.

Do you know #faceapp ? I can’t stop laughing.

vacation, faceapp

this is so disturbing and funny at the same time!

vacation, faceapp

I can’t stop laughing from looking at my paintings and dolls smiling like idiots. I wish i was their app’s spokesman or something, i could do this All day. This is so funny!! and horrifying!!

Also I had a small exhibition at the gallery

Basically the space/gallery was empty! so she said “let’s do an exhibition” because why not?! we had 5 days, so we just went for it. It’s called a “pick up” exhibition because it’s super short, but it’s mightly cool because it’s still going to my resume! which is always a good thing… I got 2 more exhibitions coming, i’m thinking on getting my video camera and record everything, like some sort of host. i don’t know if it will work but of course i’ll keep you updated.

Hopefully i’ll have some good news about more Selling art, my workplace actually closed it’s doors so now i need to search for a new job and I really wish Orly will be able to sell my art so i won’t have to get a regular job. it’s not easy to work two jobs…

Thanks for reading! you can always write back to me directly to this email OR On site!



Attraction, Yet Another PROJECT! (Please Someone make me stop working so much)


HEY! Remember i talked about Guy Danieli, the AMAZING photographer:

attraction, photography, Guy Danieli attraction, photography, Guy Danieli attraction, photography, Guy Danieli

Well, the man can Shoot. If you remember i talked about doing a project with him, you probably remember.

I call this project “Attraction” for now

Anyway this is really happening, we talked to two stunning models, Anna and Erika. He’s tall and skinny (fuck him) and she’s beautiful and petite…. and they look like:

attraction, photography

I’m looking at them and i’m SO JEALOUS. They are so goddamn skinny, WHY DO I LOVE FOOD?! I need to go to some sort of facility so they’ll brainwash me into hating to eat. Anyway, they, hopefully, be perfect for what we had planned. We thought about creating some sort of story between a man and a woman, both androgynous, Un-sexsualized and both wear the same clothing and wig.

attraction, photography

this is the layout for their design, the wig will be a bob style and obviously black. We both had a blast brainstorming the idea over a bottle of wine…. or two. So wish us Luck, the shoot will be on Friday the 7th (next week) I hope i’ll manage to do a small video for the shoot. It will be fun.

Freaks like me update

I photographed the last guy, my Alpha, he’s called Saar. A very hot 19 year old boy that will hopefully look like Thor when i’m done editing him. A VERY good model i might add, it was fairly easy to move him to look Exactly how i wanted him to look like. Some of the models i work with get the fingers wrong and don’t have good posture or move too much. I prefer to have more control… and have pretty people in my studio of course!

attraction, photography

Now i can start editing. I know i said i started but i couldn’t really commit to it- i just now finished the Circus project so now i can concentrate on a different style and really devote to it, i have NO IDEA what or How this will come out and i can’t show it online but cross your fingers that a real Magazine will pick it up for display and if not- Boredpanda.

Thanks for tuning in! If you want you can comment back to this email Or on the site itself. Also if you have a question for me or just want to say Hi, you know where i am!!!…. (working in my studio because sleep is overrated)

love love love kiss kiss kiss



Nocturnal Designz, New video, Q&A Get ready with me

Nocturnal Designz,

who are nocturnal Designz?

HEY! so the site of Nocturnal Designz is finally UP! and I BUILT IT.  They are a small company in LA of my friend’s KC (she’s also signed up to this blog, hello) and they sell / make cool FX makeup stuff. She painted me several times and we have a blast when she comes to Israel.


IF you don’t know KC Mussman’s work and Nucturnal Designz’s work (look at the fish above) than GO HERE and check out the SITE I BUILT! took forever to sort all the portfolio but it was worth it, you can even give me feedback on it. i’m going to open a store there and than copy the whole code for this site, maybe, finally, i’ll have my own store to sell shit at! it can be so much fun! and profitable! i’m really proud of that site and that i actually learned a bit of CSS because of it.

i want to show you some more amazing stuff they make, i picked one from ever genre:

nocturnal designz

i’m very very proud.

Of the site that I built.


i’m turning this about talking about me.

it’s much funnier that way.

but really, they are amazing, i’m dying to work with KC again in December and she has no choice but go on a video with me.

NEW VIDEO: Q&A + Get Ready With Me

**DRUMROLL** You asked! I ANSWERED! or tried to answer while doing my makeup. if you are on the site you can see the Embed video down here or if you are getting this through your subscription you can Click HERE

in this video you’ll see me smearing makeup with my fingers all over my face and starting out with how my REAL hair looks like before i stick on the extensions to make you all go “your hair looks amazeballs”.

I’m thinking about doing like a Cintique review and maybe talk about the tools to use for photoshop, i’m also thinking of creating new video content (besides seeing me paint), if you have an idea- spit it out!

Circus project Update

Remember Con-Art? (Unfinished image on purpose)


I finished the Project! i just need Sharon to give me the last feedback but it’s basically done. NOPE i can’t upload it online but trust me, it’s awesome.

ALSO  “Freaks Like Me” I was about to photograph the last model- the Alpha Male (instead of the earlier model that his agent gave me the face), he cancelled ):

so i’m looking AGAIN for a new Alpha. So stay tuned.

thank you so much for signing in this Blog. I wish that next week i’ll be able to give you a new painting! Please someone trow a bag of money next to my feet so i won’t need a day job.

Thank you very very much. If you want you can comment back to this Email or Directly to this post On site.


Birthday, 31, Freaks like me, Life, video


HEY! i know i didn’t update last week, i was sick, again. I love winter, i love storms and rain and thunders and the fact that it’s freezing, i really love it. This winter though i get sick constantly! and i’m not one of those people that are sick often. So i took a week off doing promotional and i focused on “Freaks like me” (FLM) and i picked the Winning images. Finally there are 18 images that i’ll do, not 20. i still have to photograph Ivan Bobrikov for the last frame but we are waiting for his new tattoo to heal. (below Ivan before tattoos)I'm Not A Doll: Ivan Bobrikov

Yes i have a birthday! i’m 31 years old.

Usually i get a lot of traffic on my birthday so i tried to push myself into making a new video. Doing portraits is popular and quite cool, i was bored with the earlier one anyway, although i still got a cold (my voice is a bit lower than usual because of it) i made a cool video, hopefully it’s FUN. i really like the way it came out.


you can watch the video HERE if you are getting this through Email.

or Embedded if you are on the Site:



Me and the hubby are looking for a Lawyer to know what are out options are for immigration OR for me to get an artist Visa to work in the US. I keep working on my projects and i still need a manager because i SUCK at doing business. Other things i can do fluently, i think i present myself well and know some promotional stuff but i don’t know to WHO to approach and to do certain stuff.

My thoughts for 31? I need to know where i’m going in the future, what will happen. Some kind of plan to know how my art can evolve. I feel like i’m stuck and it’s my fault because i’m missing something. Maybe i need to sign up to more contests or sign up for “art residencies” (although i don’t like them). it’s like the “art” world is foreign to me and i have no idea where is my place in it. I need an answer in a year on “What’s the plan” i don’t want to be one of those people when they hit 40 they break apart.

BUT i’m working with Con-art magazine on 2 projects (remember the Circus), FLM, Painting in oils. Nuerva is going SLOW but i work on it. i’m planning to finish FLM and to focus more on painting and my book. Also I might be “presenter” of some sort at Con-art Mag lunch event.

Well this is it really! If you want you can comment back to this email (or on site). I’ll update you again in a week!

LIFE. freaks like me, photography, New video!


Hey! you know that i talked about immigration to the USA, i talked about it for several, well, years. After i finished my first degree i couldn’t find myself here in israel. People LOVE my work but the right people, AKA Gallery owners etc look at my work as “Eclectic” and “not focused” and “is that a poster?”. Literally people asked me if i print my work and paint on it and i’m like “It’s oil paintings” and they don’t believe me.

life, art, painting, photography

You know what i’m a good painter. i’m a really Good painter and no i can’t take that as a “compliment” because my art deserves it’s recognition and a good platform for publicity. It’s really pissing me off- but you know what, that’s life on the other hand.

life, art, painting, photography

More life

I found a lawyer firm in NY that specializes in immigration to the US. me and the hubby are suppose to talk to them and see what is going to be with that. We need to listen to our options and what it includes from us. I wonder if this will actually be. I don’t know what HE wants in the future but i want that stupid white fence with some stupid kids and a stupid 2 floor house with jersey shore hair.

Somewhere approximately near NY, so i’ll be close to the city but not inside of it. That’s the Company i don’t know if they are Good or not but they said a consultation is 350$ for a meet via Skype, (kinda steep no?) but i heard from a friend on FB that they are EXCELLENT.

Is it too expensive? it will deduct from the overall price if we decide to go with them. i’ll update you! of course.

Freaks like me, Update.

I had a photo shoot with number 17 yesterday, she’s a bodybuilder. Her name is Olga, she has a Cool strong frame and a face like a doll.

life, art, painting, photography, freaks like me

The combination of her face and her body is so odd. It’s almost like someone glued her head in. She’s very awesome, very fun and her body is so rocking that i’ll never take a photo of myself shirtless next to her!

Today i’m supposed to photograph number 18 and next week 19 and then myself as 20 and i’m DONE. I’ll be done with Phase 1 of course… because i have to edit/paint all of the 20 frames. I won’t be able to show you any of the progress because if i’ll want a magazine to publish them, i have to keep it a secret. UNLESS i’ll talk to Conart again and Ester (the editor) will approve it.

NEW VIDEO- How to recieve and give Criticism

when i’m Embedding the video you don’t get it directly to your email, it just doesn’t work so go to this link

The video is by one of the earlier posts/articles that i wrote for my blog. I thought video is the best way to go.


Thanks for watching! you can write back to this email (:



Life, work, health and just keep working


Remember that i told you last week that i’ll have a meeting about a collaboration with a cool editor for a Magazine?

Well, didn’t happen. why? I was sick with 39° fever and I felt so bad I just slept for a whole day. Thank the goddess the hubby works from home too, so he took care of me. I didn’t have an appetite so i lost a bit of weight- which is, actually, always good. Especially with this winter that i just can’t stop eating!

life sometimes suck- But that’s the fun of it.

At one point i even passed out on the floor of our bathroom, making the hubby (understandably) kinda panic but thankfully i’m OK. This shit-storm passed, i had to push the appointment to TWO more weeks *Cynical Yay in the background*. This is bullshit. Being sick is bullshit, i really hate it, i can’t get things done and it’s ruining my goals. i want to declare a new project and to showcase you more stuff.

It’s like Karma! The last time i was this sick it was when i was a student, (that’s 5+ years ago!) and they thought i was bluffing because missing a class is a BIG NO-NO. they talked to me like i was a baby that couldn’t COPE with Adulthood. like, really? OK stopping with the rant.

Good stuff

I managed to finish a commission for a client! 3 cute girls.

life adelia evelyn lana

I really like them, i had a blast doing them. you know that i’m not a big fan of tons of rich colors but this was a lot of fun.

life Omri koresh for andrew santana

life Omri koresh for andrew santana


I’m not sure on if i should do these next 3 images in oils or not, what do you think?

my mom’s like, “It’s so violent” and “Everyone paints hands!! it’s overdone”

is it? is she right? i like the hands, i find them sexual but not pornographic and i like that. What do you think?

You can write directly to this email,

Hopefully i’ll have some cool news next week! thanks for listing! (:



Art, Omri Koresh – My life, Painting, and Art Book.

HEY! i haven’t written anything since 2014! So much art since then! If you remember, when i was a student, I shared everything, i thought it’s a good way to really have some kind of journal of my art (painting, photography, digital, oils…). That way it will document my process and also i think it’s a good way to express myself. I got so much stuff to update you guys that i’m a bit confused on where to start so right now i’ll just do a small “refresh” and write what pops up… this will be LONG (:


As you know, (or not) i’m a 31 yo israeli artist, i’m “married” (gay marriage is prohibited in Israel) to the most wonderful man ever created. i’m stuck in this country, i work and do art all the time, but unfortunately i don’t have a realistic option to develop an art career in Israel- i also don’t exhibit in Israel because there’s no place that shows my kind of art. I got a clue on what i CAN do, i need to immigrate to the US (Or Canada) and try and work in the art scene. the problem? money and international recognition- they only give out visas to artists if they got an award of some kind and stuff in similarity to that.

Why it’s so hard here?

In Israel people approach me with a lot of love and support but people in the art industry that have a voice- they look at my art as something boring or plastic. Not like I actually think and work and CREATE but like i went to google and downloaded images (sometimes literally telling me that). i’m not insulted i’m just… i don’t think the word is”Depressed” but it’s something at those lines. even when i was a student teachers would talk to me like i’m a moron and i was held back a year because i got so depressed i just couldn’t cope with coming to Uni and i missed an “important” class that was all about the ego of the teachers. i know i’m a good artist, i know i’m intelligent.. perhaps i’m not Perfect but you know!! who-the-fuck-is?!

on good news i got into the exhibition “Taipei 2017” it’s my second year! i’ll exhibit these:

We Are Human, 2015 ART Taipei 2017

i used to work with an israeli art dealer that nothing came out of, galleries here literally tell me that my art isn’t Israeli enough- told the same by an art dealer in LA that specifically sells Israeli art. the israeli artist, Nir Hod;

Nir Hod

FLED Israel, FLED! just because of these stupid reasons.. now he’s one of the top artist in the WORLD. i really hate this place… Israel doesn’t support the arts at all, i never got anything for free, all my education was from my own pocket- BUT the plus size is that the general first degrees in Israel are quite cheap! so at least i didn’t need to get a stupid huge loan from the bank for that.


you saw my I’m Not A Doll series, i’m creating a new one “Freaks like me”

Freaks Like Me, 2017, Photography, omri koresh

it’s going to be different, instead of capturing the face i’m going to focus more on the body, i have no idea how it will look like in the end but i’m just going to roll with it. this is a disclaimer- this will be my last Large photography project, i’m ditching the platform. i’ll do like portraits and perhaps some collabs like i did with amazingly talented KC Mussman:

KC Mussman, Topaz Arbell, omri koresh, Nocturnal Designez

but i’m not going to continue on doing solo projects. I want to paint, i miss painting, i miss oils, i miss simplicity. I’m old! I don’t get social media, i also don’t care as much as i should.
But I will be making videos though. Videos are cool,  i like showing processes of painting and stuff like that and talking to the camera. The big brother house in israel talked to me about maybe participating in the show but i’m honestly kinda scared and i’m not sure it will even help me with art at all.

Would you go on the show if you were me?

just  a video:


Got solid and good sketches, got canvases and i even traced them; BUT i need to get my boss’s camera to capture the painting. This day and age if you don’t record it- it didn’t happen! As for digital painting, honestly i always did it because it’s good money. I’m still making a bit of money here and there. I work as a wed designer ( i built my own site) so digital painting is good income from the side. The Process of it is boring when it’s random.

let me explain it by mentioning my last project that’s a BIG DEAL for me; Nuerva, Art Book, Digital medium (bit of details below) this very very cool project is being built slowly. This is the biggest project i have EVER made. In this case when i got a full world to draw from digital painting becomes FUN. I got enough materials for a specific style so it’s a lot of fun to create digital paintings.

Nuerva PreviewNUERVA, Art Book, Digital Medium.

I had a dream, (literally), i wrote it. Then got two friends of mine who work as book editors, they helped me, now working on the art. I’ll write about it in my next post- next week. this project really deserves it’s own post.
Generally, this is where i’m at. I’m a bit lost, a bit tired but i’ll march on.


HEY! good news, i opened my blog again!

I Have some AMAZING projects on the way, a Graphic novel, photography projects and oil paintings and i’m starting to make some more video tutorials and stuff.

I took your emails from FeedBurner, you were already registered to my content, if any of you want to unsubscribe you can! but don’t!

I hope this email will look normal!

This is going to be so much fun to start writing again, i got so much stuff to pour out it’s not even funny.

and to remind you what good a painter i am…

Issac's Binding. Original

Issac’s Binding. Original

Dark Wonderland, Alice madness returns, American Mcgee's alice

Dark Wonderland, Alice madness returns, American Mcgee’s alice

Cheshire cat, OriginalCheshire cat, Original

alicia vikander as lara croft, Fanart

alicia vikander as lara croft, Fanart