Updates! Small but important things!


Hey!! I’m Back! there are a lot of Small updates so let’s cover them!

  1. I sold another one of my girls!! this is sale number 3 from Orly Dvir Gallery

updates, orly dvir gallery, Omri koresh

I actually have only one image of her because i made her back in 2015 for my solo exhibition at Hankin Gallery, and i never got around to photographing her. I tried to fix her up in photoshop as much as i could so- this is it.

2. My vacation was Amazing with the hubby, Amsterdam was Boring as hell which was great for us, we are Busy bees, it forced us to relax.

updates, orly dvir gallery, Omri koresh

We walked so much my back really hurt and his feet really hurt and we ate like two cows and i gained a bit of weight (goddammit) but it was worth it, i’ll just go cry in the shower every time i eat something sweet.

3. Art Taipei just closed and unfortunately i didn’t sell anything but i got 2 pictures of my paintings being exhibited

updates, orly dvir gallery, Omri koresh updates, orly dvir gallery, Omri koresh

but it’s like WTF man? put them NEXT TO EACH OTHER! and those two images don’t go well….. don’t know who the curator is, this looks like shit. Anyway they are rolled and shipped back to me! so let’s hope it will get here soon.

4. Obsessions – New Oil painting series, I finally got a title! and a concept! I’m creating sketches for the series, it’s still in the development and composition stage. But it looks kinda cute, i have no idea if This:

updates, orly dvir gallery, Omri koresh

tells you anything but it will be Jesus floating on Water but the water is a cross shaped floty-thing in a pool. This is the latest designs, i got some more who are not religious or a parody, but this one, i have a feeling that if i’ll be able to pull it off, it will be beautiful but not ridicules.

5. Freaks like me, i’m at 50%

updates, orly dvir gallery, Omri koresh

Again, i can’t show you shit- this can’t be online but this is a crop from Topaz Arbell’s image. This is a shirt!… kind of a shirt.

6. Gallery- Orly Dvir has 2 separate locations for her galleries, i helped her with the second location last week. we need to finish putting everything in place at the second gallery, i’ll photograph everything when i’ll get there next time! but it looks really beautiful.

7. My workplace is closing it’s doors, so now i’m out of a job! i’ll take May off work and focus on Studio work and Gallery sales.

  • If i’ll be able to sell work and live off that, i won’t need a job.
  • If i won’t at June i’ll have to find a job, i need around 5000Nis which is 1300$ monthly to be able to live properly.

So Of course i’ll keep you updated, tons of updates i know! but this will be interesting, I wonder what will come next.

If you want you can write me back directly to this email OR On Site. Thanks for listening to this journey on “let’s make Omri Famous”