Black City Novel & Uni Work

Uni work again, wanted to share some of it, i kinda like it actually, which doesn’t happen very often,
so, these Prints were made from a dream i had which i called later “Black City” anywhoo here are the two prints, one black/gray and one in color

i also made a print on a T-Shirt! so here it is! as well, me modeling it with my newly partly bleached bottom hair to platinum (:
don’t forget you can enlarge every picture by clicking on it.

and here’s a painting i did, it’s not photographed properly, when i’ll get a normal picture of it, i’ll upload it to DA,

so i was thinking, i want to make a short story out of my “Black City” dream, so i asked a good friend of mine Ido Freedman to start writing my story, i gave him all the details, and now i decided that i want to make it like “The Plucker” of Brom, a graphic novel, if you don’t know it.. well… then you should.

so i’ll paint and direct and edit, and Ido will write the whole shit, should be interesting this collab, i will release an “Episode” every time with a painting, i’ll show our process here as well i might release it as a PDF at the end. so tell me what do you think of this whole business, leave a comment plz (:

Sighing out.