so hello again my dear followers i got some news for you, i got a DD in Deviantart and it’s so FUCKING RAD i loved getting those it’s my sixth! that’s a lot!

today i uploaded a video with some of my more popular work to Utube

i’ve been working my ass off at Uni, i’m at the middle of the third year my god help me to get this over with so i can go have sex.. i mean go have a…gallery, yes gallery with my paintings on the walls and sell it to get rich and famous! MUHAHAH! and i got some boring stuff to show you, most of what i’m working on is NOT finished but i thought i’d share those that are More interesting and finished, i’ll soon upload all the boring stuff in a different entry,

well here you go! the first my T-shirts for print class 3 out of five

all modeled by moi, when i’ll get a better camera i’ll take new photos of everything, left one is Cheshire but the camera isn’t good enough to capture it good, the second from my Graphic novel to be and the right one is “Enlightened” from VTM:Bloodlines

Oil painting, it’s kinda big, i think 100×80 CM and it’s finished! i got another one going and several stuff going on at the same time!

i fixed this one, those of you who already know how this one looks like can compare, the image is somewhere in this blog and as well you can see a glimpse of my studio and that dirty square over there is an exercise me and my teacher call “Obsession” i’ll show it when the project completes.

so FOR NOW this is it, i can hardly breath! the end of the fucking goddamn semester and i want to kill somebody! AGHGHHHH!!

i gotta go glue some kinky-porno stuff together! and no that wasn’t metaphorically!

5 thoughts on “OMG LIFE”

  1. Woah, i think i spend at least an hour watching your stuff
    – i'm impressed *-*
    you have so much welldone detailed works!

    the woman in the youtubevideo (first) is my favorite painting! i'm so jelous..
    – because you paint "a little bit" MUCH better than me XD
    – and: i WANT THOSE LIPPS *-*

    I read that a guy send you a picture of him – and you are going to paint him?
    hmm……… can you paint me tooo? *-*

    you are genious – i like you
    best wishes

  2. @Katzenhaiweibchen if you are extremely beautiful (face) than that's a possibility, and i already painted him, Jason

    @Chris HEY! you'll probably Will see it in the future, i don't do it often but i do.

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