February 2019! UPDATE.

HI! Some cool stuff happened and my stupid sense of humor… i guess it’s contagious?

  1. Most of you know that with the Alice design stuff i made a Onesie for the Rabbit goal for out Patron. well, the original rabbit that came from the first factory came out… Orange. So i laughed about it in some of the artworks…
yes i’m a troll.

American joked on his stream and said that (because i make Alice take selfies) i should make her Dabbing- because it’s the next horrible steps. AKA “Martin don’t give Omri ideas” And this Orange thing came out as an Emoji and people laughed their asses about it

it was even laughingly Cosplayed!

Now you probably wonder why i’m sharing so much about my “Humor”. the reason is that my mom for AGES is telling me that my sense of humor is poor and i’m as funny as a brick wall. so HA MOM! HA!

This is what i thought about a Mini-Goal for the Patreon thing. i think it’s cool, it’s a different image from the RARE one that i made for American for his birthday. That one will not be replicated unless it’s directly from me.

BTW some guy from the forum asked me to send him this image for print with a “Pretty please” and that he will only print it for himself and i told him “NO” of course. 1. It’s a commissioned piece 2. WTF man asking for free art? 3. Not cool. as a response he said i was “Generous” and (i think) blocked me. wtf man.

Some more art from this month:

So happy American liked this version (:
I think he can be a good companion on the water world/level I wish i could explore Wonderland randomly as well!
I think there should be a dress for each “Powerup” but i don’t know if this will be the powerup mechanics
We are working on new designs, but i really want an Ice wand shirt

2. i got some new art! NEW DOLLS! new sketches! i’m working on my new photography series- But i won’t show it just yet as it’s being built and conceptualized as i’m working. BUT i can show you the dolls!

Her name is Lily. I made a few black dolls, i don’t make a lot of dark girls because- mainly i can’t figure out how to make the paint stick and not get scratched. if i’ll figure that out… i could make tons of colors. Honestly i want to make blue dolls. The next one is Almost done but she doesn’t have a base yet, the machine got screwed /:

i never made two toned hair, i think i’ll make more of these, she doesn’t have a name yet. Only when they are done it hits me. i hope that i’ll be able to finish her on time (until the 8th) for the exhibition! I got another exhibition at the 12th.

3. MEN. i paint a lot of women, i’m good with painting women. Men? Nope. i just paint porn. I’m struggling to paint men in an interesting way, i’m (obviously *hair flip*) not attracted to women so what i find interesting in them is the clothes, hair, makeup. it allows me to play with designs, dress them up. I find women inviting, warm, interesting. Men i find like large eggplants- and i prefer them nude. I like my men stereotypical Masculine and my women delicate and refined. so when i sketch ideas for men it comes out bad like:

It’s just SO BAD. I wanted to capture the “Ebony fantasy” i think everyone has a fantasy to go black or albino or blue or whatever. i want it super-sexualized but not pornographic and not… well dumb like this is. This is my process. I usually make a few concepts before i’m doing anything, and with men i’m exceptionally bad. so i wanted to show you that not everything i do is good. everything takes practice, even studying anatomy took me forever and i’m still learning. I tried to make a “Tom of Finland” Tribute and it came out Meh

wtf man. it’s ALMOST 80’s which 1. isn’t the correct era 2. it’s not even Enough 80’s anyway. i’m still figuring out how to paint men in a very, obviously, GAY way. Keep it sexy but High-brow, Fine-art. something that isn’t just tits and balls.

I can paint women all day long but this is after i “Majored” in painting women. i understand how i see them so i can paint them. with men.. i’ll save you from the awful sketches but it will take some time until i’ll figure it out.

Thank you for reading my updates! if you got this far please spread the word about this blog. i love sharing my artistic process! and if you want to comment, just write me back directly to this email- the system is still down /: