How did my book,”Nuerva” Began? I’ll tell you!


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NOW for today’s topic, How this book happened + weekly art.

The dream:

When i was 24 or 23, i had this Really long dream, ridiculously long. I was at some kind of park, just sitting there with a book, don’t know which one but i was really focused on it. There was someone there saying there’s some sort of Killer out there, something very strange. Screams came from a far and i was taken suddenly to a slave ship. You know that there’s a lot of weird unexplained things in dreams? so yea it was like that, like strange cut-scenes.

So this “killer” was a slave trader, i stood in a line with all of them, shackled. The captain just sat on a big chair on the deck, i eyed him and he took me as a personal slave. We got to a city, a Black circular roof above it, inside a pier with brown docks and small hotels/restaurants/pubs. Everything almost in total darkness with tiny orange lights.

Taken to his apartment, I saw it was odd like the outside, it was dark, creepy, everything was black, after a while i met a cleaning lady who helped me escape. I met a man with a metallic melted smiley mask on his face. I met a woman named Amanda who was some sort of a trap for people who tried to escape.

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(Who would you rather? Don’t really care about the outcome, just trying to make some noise online)

I ran on the main street of the city, i saw that on it’s edge there was sunlight, i ran towards it. I saw a bridge, three kids were running with me to get the hell out of there. There were soldiers standing at the edge of the bridge, they shot those kids down and when they were about to shoot me, i woke up. I honestly don’t know IF they shot me, i think i woke up because i was so stressed out, not because of the gun.

what i did

It really is MUCH LONGER than this, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Somewhere in the middle of this dream I realized that i was dreaming but i was so fascinated by the story i just decided to ignore that. I woke up at like 4am got to my computer, wrote down EVERYTHING i could think of, kinda came out stupid for not sketching out the schematics of the place and buildings so i don’t remember EXACTLY how they looked like. But i remember more or less.

how, Nuerva, omri koresh, painting, digital

(The Journals of Raymond Brooks, by Amit Bobrov. Amazing book, really. with my art.)


I decided to write it, create for it some art, nothing big. Gave some people to read it and they honestly really liked it! They wanted more, they told me it’s too short. Eventually, I met a good friend, Amit Bobrov, who pushed me into turning this into a book! I re-created the part of the dream and after some more feedback from friends. They told me that it’s still too short.

Amit gave me some writing lessons, techniques, how to build a character properly, how to create action schemes. So, i added 2 more parts, and i’m looking at the book in “Volumes” because each art piece is a thousand words!

So this is a BOOK BOOK. a lot of people think this is just art, NOPE it’s a BOOK BOOK with ART ART.

This thing became a monster, I wish this Campaign will be a success, i wish every one of you will want a book!

I need 500 orders to make this happen.

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