Nuerva Updates, Campaign schedule and Promotional Photos of me!


FIRST: Kickstart Goals

Hey! i’m still building it but I got a question, IF you’ll get the book from Kickstart

Would you mind paying extra for a Postcard or a Bookmark? you need to pick one.

General updates

Listen this week i finally focused and wrote down everything i want/need for the campaign. i was a bit burned out for a week, i couldn’t do anything or think of anything, i’m juggling so much stuff at the same time i’m just constantly tired. I took a bit of a time out, recharged my energy and now i’m SO ready to go full on with my art-book campaign.

Ok you probably know this but last week i said i want it on the 2nd of April. So WE have 10 weeks until then, i’ll try my very best to get the word out and get people to put interest in the book. So each week i’ll publish HERE 2 images from the book, you’ll get the First, and on their own week, i’ll publish them.


first, nuerva updates


Luz thanks for the feedback on the font and Elad, It didn’t work, but great feedback!

I still have to actually Paint it, the whole frame, gold it and make it perfect but this is the final design, Personally i love it. I’ll make a mockup of it, like a book on a table.

Most of the art isn’t actually done, i still have to render it Fully, let me give you an example, (this is a crop from the image of last week)

first, nuerva updates

So i got 3 weeks to fully render everything, i’m not creating Everything sharp, just the parts that i want to pop out, i like the “paint” feel.

Next week i’m planning to promote two images! The picture of My Captain from the story

first, nuerva updates

and one of the darker themed / dramatic images from Vol1 (separated to 3 parts)

first, nuerva updates

Of course i still need to render everything but it’s there, i really love the outcome of both.

Last Thursday

i had a photoshoot with Tali Bakum, she’s a really good photographer. We did promotional pictures of me holding a cake, holding the N book, Holding a book i really like (the book of nod) that i’ll transform into Nuevra and the actual letter “N”. i still don’t have the images but i’m suppose to get them tonight or tomorrow.

that woman is a riot, she’s hysterically funny and we had a blast. She looks 17 but she’s 35! Smokes like a, a… in hebrew we say a “train” but a lot anyway.

We Got 10 weeks to make Nuerva Happen, I’ll also do simple animations and stuff, i’ll show you of course.

So, we are at 177, week 1/10

You can write me back directly to this email OR ON SITE HERE