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Hey! you know that i talked about immigration to the USA, i talked about it for several, well, years. After i finished my first degree i couldn’t find myself here in israel. People LOVE my work but the right people, AKA Gallery owners etc look at my work as “Eclectic” and “not focused” and “is that a poster?”. Literally people asked me if i print my work and paint on it and i’m like “It’s oil paintings” and they don’t believe me.

life, art, painting, photography

You know what i’m a good painter. i’m a really Good painter and no i can’t take that as a “compliment” because my art deserves it’s recognition and a good platform for publicity. It’s really pissing me off- but you know what, that’s life on the other hand.

life, art, painting, photography

More life

I found a lawyer firm in NY that specializes in immigration to the US. me and the hubby are suppose to talk to them and see what is going to be with that. We need to listen to our options and what it includes from us. I wonder if this will actually be. I don’t know what HE wants in the future but i want that stupid white fence with some stupid kids and a stupid 2 floor house with jersey shore hair.

Somewhere approximately near NY, so i’ll be close to the city but not inside of it. That’s the Company i don’t know if they are Good or not but they said a consultation is 350$ for a meet via Skype, (kinda steep no?) but i heard from a friend on FB that they are EXCELLENT.

Is it too expensive? it will deduct from the overall price if we decide to go with them. i’ll update you! of course.

Freaks like me, Update.

I had a photo shoot with number 17 yesterday, she’s a bodybuilder. Her name is Olga, she has a Cool strong frame and a face like a doll.

life, art, painting, photography, freaks like me

The combination of her face and her body is so odd. It’s almost like someone glued her head in. She’s very awesome, very fun and her body is so rocking that i’ll never take a photo of myself shirtless next to her!

Today i’m supposed to photograph number 18 and next week 19 and then myself as 20 and i’m DONE. I’ll be done with Phase 1 of course… because i have to edit/paint all of the 20 frames. I won’t be able to show you any of the progress because if i’ll want a magazine to publish them, i have to keep it a secret. UNLESS i’ll talk to Conart again and Ester (the editor) will approve it.

NEW VIDEO- How to recieve and give Criticism

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The video is by one of the earlier posts/articles that i wrote for my blog. I thought video is the best way to go.


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